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Just to let everyone who reads this blog know - I have unfortunately found it necessary to delete guest posts and comments from two people. This is because of a serious dispute between them and me over some material they posted on several public sites, which they claimed was footage of Vincent D'Onofrio's genitalia.

I apologise to all fellow Vixens and to the team members for any inconvenience this may cause. Further I apologize for my colorful language that is following now:

How fucking sad are these people?!? Honestly - look at their profiles ... they are all in their early twenties and yet on line they are, sat in front of a screen drooling - or worse? - over faked pictures and nasty clips and manipulated videos of a man, instead of doing what most kids their age should be doing on a Friday night ...... I know I certainly did.

These trolls have crossed a line that they better should not have crossed!

I DO believe that it is not right to post manipulated videos and photomontages of Vincent, that wonderful man who is beloved and RESPECTED by so many great people.
What these trolls are doing is without ANY respect - against his wife, his kids, friends and against of all of his true fans! Do these nasty trolls even KNOW the meaning of RESPECT??? I seriously doubt!

Thanks for listening!


  1. Bravo Jazzy! And, yes indeed these people are sad. I thought I'd seen every dirty trick in VDOland, but this was a new low...

  2. thank you tess!

  3. Jeez, when did all of this happen? Some people got way too much time on their hands...

  4. Go ahead, TJara, you and your poor friend HughmanWhatever! Go ahead telling dirty lies about Vincent and his films! Go ahead reporting all of my vids to YouTube! You know what??
    I can make new videos, I can create new accounts when ever I want to.
    I even can take a look at my mirror with head up high!
    Can you???????

  5. How sad and pathetic. Good riddance to bad fake video rubbish ...

  6. What can I say? Trolling is unpleasant for everyone. That's why I love most of the Vincent blogs they are so positive & respectful. Let's try to keep it that way.

  7. Way to go, Jazzy!

    I wasn't aware this was happening, since I only go to a few VDO blogs. But anyone who would do something as despicable as that is a hypocrite and not a true fan of Vincent.

    Yes, we all drool about 'things we haven't seen' regarding this beautiful, sexy man. But to manipulate pics, lie that it's him and then post it for the world to see is - you are right - totally disrespectful to a wonderful man and his wife and children.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Team 13! I love going to a site where I don't have to see any crap from trolls!

  8. Anonymous7:26 AM

    OK, I totally missed what is happening here and agree with Snark - good riddance!

    Yeah, lots of the world can Photoshop I even have it now but come on people!

    I knew it was a matter of time before they got around to him. I'm surprised that it hasn't happened sooner. Still such a shame. He really is a sweet guy and does not deserve this at all.

    Even though I have not seen what you are talking about Jazzy, I trust your opinion of the bad rubbish completely!

  9. Here, here Jazzy. I have been working a lot and missed the comments (thank goodness, it seems)...but from what you say I am happy you removed it and wish some people would pull their heads out...'nuff said.

  10. Yes, Bravo Jazzy! Thank you for this blog and from turning into a site where we have lost all respect for the man that we admire as an actor and a human being. I was unaware of what happened but by your post, I can tell it was certainly offensive and thank you for having the class to stand up for what is right! Again, bravo!

  11. I missed exactly what happened, but have no boubt it was something offensive to everyone who genuinely admires VDO.

    Unfortunately, it's happened before and in all likelyhood it'll happen again.Thats why I only visit sites I trust, where I know the 'owners' feel the same way as me. Makes for a lot less heartache.

    Well done for taking a stand Jazzy!!

  12. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Way to go Jazzy!!! I'd thought we'd plumbed the depths of trolling, but this shit reached a brand new low. Seems trolls think we're as dumb as they are and can't 'see the join'or the distortion on their doctored videos/photos. I wonder how they'd feel if there were pictures of THEM wearing someone elses genitals posted on the Net??!!!! Let's hope they find a new hobby soon.....

  13. It's too sad that people get their fun out of humiliating someone that others like.
    It happened before with other stars,and it will unfortunately happen again,because after all such people will always try to make themselves bigger/feeling better by humble somebody else!

    Jazzy,I just want you to know that I read your and some other VDOsides everyday!
    You're doing a great job and there won't be anybody who can discredit THE MAN unless we let them!!!!!!!

  14. sorry to hear about this jazzy. i was unaware of any of this but it sounds horrid. anyway my dear don't let it upset you and please keep putting your FAB. pics on your blog. they are such fun to see and for lazy people like me they are a godsend.x

  15. Jazzy I am sorry to hear about this, the crap people do to a) spoil the fandom and b) cause trouble amongst the fans. I think someone has been using a bloggers name Jazzy the only way to find that out is their IP address and you can fake a profile too ( because you can pretend on web)so whoever used Tjara's name is trying to cause trouble. Take care and watch your backs if their is an imposter troll out there.

  16. I'm glad you all agree; thank you a lot for that!

    Some trolls say we are hypocrites because we "use" Vincent as sex object.
    Oh Lord!
    How could anyone of us teach trolls what their parents obviously missed to teach them?

    So, listen trolls:
    go out to get life experiences and lessons! But please not here on this place that was created for fellows and friends who know what matters!

  17. Bravo jazzy! God bless you for these words!!!!

  18. Well, I'm kind of glad I missed all the kerfuffle, but I'm not surprised to hear about this type of thing. It happens to most celebs at some point. But Jazzy, you're advice is perfect.
    Trolls: Get yourselves out in the world and have a great time. Why are you being mean and hurtful to someone you don't know. Cause if you think that's fun, you really do need to walk out your front doors.

  19. Good, good, and thrice good.

    I'm sorry that as a result of your moral stand, you were victimised by these stupid little girls, Jazzy. I also feel pity for them - they evidently have very little intellectual capacity because if they did, they would have stopped and thought for a while before going to all the trouble of getting you a temporary YouTube ban.

    If they had two brain cells to rub together, they might have realised how futile such pettiness really is.

    We all love to have a laugh and a joke about Vincent and the huge variety of different bits of his body that have given us sooo much pleasure over the years. But when he said his favourite part of his body was his cock, he wasn't being arrogant - he was reminding us that that part of him is HIS and his alone. He never hesitates to give us 110% of himself when he is working, so I believe he is entitled to keep one part of himself very much to himself.

    Any REAL Vincent D'Onofrio fan would have known that and respected it.

  20. WOW! I totally missed all these goings on. But Bravo Jazzy.
    That generation is a strange generation of "entitlement" - I run into with work all the time. Their value system is so different than anything the rest of us were raised with.
    The true fans of Vincent support what you did, as well as him. Knowing that what we feel about him and how we feel about him is with genuine respect, admiration, and yes love.

  21. Well done Jazzy!!! We're all very proud of you and I for one am honored to know you.

  22. So having failed to trick you into posting, they found another route, Jazzy?

    May they rot in hell. And power to your elbow.

  23. Jazzy, Vincent is very fortunate (as are we) to have you as one of his faithful, diehard fans. And I'm sure Bobby would like to thank you in person...privately!

  24. jersey, lol!
    i'm sure team 13 and all vixens would take bobbys' "thanks" with pleasure. just afraid that man would need a few days off after an "expression of thanks marathon".

  25. Honey, its your blog. Block whomever you want. We know you allow only tasteful VINCENT DROOLING HERE.

    There is a site that comes up on my GOOGlE ALERT regularly offering porno pictures of Vincent.

    That anyone would believe them, either are young and naive or trolls who know better.

    Good for you.

  26. Awww. Jazzy - {{{{hugs}}}}

    It's sad that some folk see the need to do things like this and think that they can get away with it.

    As BASRIC said - it's your blog and you do whatever you want. We all love it, that's why we come here.

  27. It wasn't me!! I swear!!! LOL
    I don't know what this girls have done but i've never think Jazzy could be this pissed off!!!
    You're right Jazzy even if i've myself cross the line on the forum sometimes i don't even imagine to make videomontage or photoshop it's so sad and pitying...if they have nothing better to do!!

  28. thank you for all the encouraging comments :)
    the team appreciates your support a lot!

  29. jazzy, ich bitte dich höflich darum den 1. kommentar vom 30.05.09 zu löschen. es ist schon schlimm genug, dass du mich persönlich beleidigt hast und mir eine lüge unterstellt hast. dass du aber dann auch noch meinen namen öffentlich erwähnst und auch noch in verunstalteter form ist eine unverschämtheit. sollte dies nicht innerhalb von 24 stunden erfolgt sein, gibt's ärger, und das ist keine drohung sondern ein versprechen!

  30. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Very loosely translated: "The first comment from March 5, 2009 was deleted and I have no idea why you couldn't have been more courteous. You have insulted me and called me a liar. You have the nerve to publicly "blemish" my name. I want you to promise to rectify this within 24 hours and that's not a threat!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. correct translation:
    "Jazzy, i ask you nicely to delete the first comment of 05/30/09. It was bad enough that you insulted me personally and called me a liar. But it is a impertinence that you publicly mention my name and that even incorrect. i give you 24 hours to delete that comment or there will be big trouble. and that is not a threat it's a promise!"

  33. Anonymous9:06 PM

    More: "You could have come to me before you deleted everything. It's too late, you made it worse and you had no reason at all. You took it personally and you are a woman who is quick to assume and to insult."

  34. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Correction in my first post, that's May 30th not March, sorry

  35. HughmanNetworks
    "...or there will be big trouble. and that is not a threat it's a promise!"

    what will you do, report a further vid? well, do it if you have nothing better to do! do you think that would be the end of days for me? see, i have gone through - BY FAR - worse shit like that in "real life". though i'm still alive, see! do you really think you can hurt me by pettinesses like that?

    you offended vincent and the team members, now that is something i never tolerate!

  36. Jazzy, is there some elixir out there that we can feed these ugly, smelly trolls - something that will turn them into decent human beings?

    Before the Internet, troll-like people would just stay at home watching TV, because they didn't have any friends to go out with. Now they sit at their computers day and night, stink up the Internet, and they call that a 'life'!

  37. Well said Jazzy!!
    There so many sad,sad pathetic stupid people there,why should get a life and stop doing nasty things and use dirty tricks against good people!!
    What can I say..just be your wonderfulself,and to the nasty trolls out there..*@%!*@,they better run and hide,becauze they should have picked a fight and messed with the VDO vixens!!;):);)

  38. Truly, this is a slap-up bitch-fest worthy of the late, great Danny LaRue. :-D

  39. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I see we've reached the point where the trolls are forgetting which identity they're using - it's always so funny when that happens. Can't someone give them some toys to play with until they grow up?!

    Just delete their comments. This is NOT their blog.

  40. Maybe we should go to TJara's blog and harrass her, seeing as she sicced this Huge Anus or whatever his name is on us.

  41. ~falls off perch laughing at "Huge Anus"~

  42. Val, you win for Best Comment All Year! Love it!

  43. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Wow, 42 posts on this thread alone! Certainly is dying a slow death.

    Personally I think we should stop talking about them and just ignore them (they don't deserve any more minutes of fame), congratulate Jazzy on doing the right thing, and get back to focusing on VDO.

    Ok, sorry now I have made it 43!

  44. Geez, what did I miss when I was on vacation???? Would someone mind emailing me the history?

    I trust jazzy, team13 and the "faithful" vixens. I'm glad you put your foot down and gave the trolls the finger. If Mr. D is being attack, what is the world coming to? Having fun, enjoying the talent of the man and being respectful is what we are about. Dirty tricks, bashing and "dissing" will not be tolerated by those of us who admire the man and his craftsmanship.

    I'll get off my soapbox now....

  45. P.S.

    As Eames said, "Can they print a hand gesture?"