Sadly, Bobby & Eames won't be on until next week, so I thought a post about their last episode might be appropriate. I have watched "Faithfully" too many times already, but in doing so I have come away with some more questions, insights and the always "OMG I love that scene" experiences that I would like to share with my fellow Vixens.

So let's start with a question. In the opening scene; Goren's niece Molly says the pray and is the only one at the table to say "Amen" with a 'hard A' sound similar to a New York State accent. Everyone else (except Bobby - I don't think he says Amen) says Amen with the 'Ah" sound or a soft 'A' in other words with a mid-western accent. Makes one wonder doesn't it? Is she his niece or his daughter?

Scenes I love, too many of course but here are a few that make me giddy: when Goren whispers in Alison's ear "I think that qualifies as very respectful" - thud! Whisper in my ear please! Then there's the batman statement - hilarious and timed so nicely. And as Diane so lovingly illustrated in her blog, his hand on the motorcycle's hot engine - luscious.

Which leads me to some insights such as - are they or is he reading our blogs? For example: the camera zooming in on his hands several times in this episode. The blatant python shot when he walks over and get a chair for Alison - I damn near fainted. The clever reference to the 'Seven Deadly Sins' - is my pulse racing? Clearly someone knows what we want.

And finally my favorite scene which encompasses all three of my opening statement: a question, an insight and an OMG moment. He opens the door to his home, walks in and throws his keys on the table ( chink), tosses his leather bond notepad on the table (thud) and places his gun (clack) on another smaller table (or chopping block). I can't explain it but those three sounds make my heart skip a beat - my OMG moment.

He walks over to the counter and opens his mail and reads the endearing letter from Molly. He walks over turns on the light and looks through the pictures.

My personal insight and I may be wrong but that smile is one of pride and love, the kind of love a parent expresses when looking at their child.

The question: what is that a picture of hanging on the wall behind his head - or is that too nosey?

When I watch this scene all I can think of is that song
"You'd be so nice to come home to".

Wouldn't you love to have him come home to you?


  1. I'm addicted to Faithfully too! But I also think if Bobby had a child, that child would be front and center in his life...He wouldn't/couldn't let someone else raise it.

    I think after all he's been through he's just desperate to have a 'normal' connection to someone...Someone who won't hurt him...A child.

  2. I agree with your assessment. However there is another possibilty. Since he was the main caregiver and advocte for his physically & mentally ill mother and given his demanding career he may have felt that another environment might be a better & safer option for Molly. Or I could be way off base.

  3. Interesting theory, Artist. Bobby has ALWAYS, in episode after episode, been ever so sensitive to the feelings of the children involved in his cases ... getting close ... but never getting too close. Perhaps the ones he loves the most are the ones with whom he feels the need to protect most from himself??? The writers definitely fed us something to "chew on."

  4. Anonymous4:46 AM

    I am almost positive there will be more to that one scene in the future. Something will come out and I think it will be interesting to see what does and why Eames didn't ask him anything about her - my niece - she knows Frank was his only sibling!

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  5. Anonymous9:47 AM

    I think Molly has Goren-family genes, but personally, I don't think they're Bobby's. He's not likely to have had a 9 year old daughter he's had NO contact with, who lives with another family and calls him Robert (not even 'Bobby'!) Just my opinion of course.

  6. i got the strong suspicion that the writers will surprise us, soon.

  7. P.S.
    the fact that molly calls him robert instead of bobby doesn't mean that she is NOT his daughter. many kids call their parents by their "correct" first name. of course that isn't a proof that molly is his daughter; though it makes me wonder.
    mystery oh mystery! lol

  8. The possibilties surrounding Molly are endless. BTW - I have nieces & nephews who call their parents by their full first name. Go figure.

    Was anyone able to zoom in on the picture on the wall? Or maybe no one cares. I must admit everything about his place fascinates me. Pathetic isn't it?

  9. Anonymous4:40 PM

    OK, just for you Artist when I get home tonight I will toss it into Photoshop and see what I can come up with.

  10. Thank you Witness, you're a peach!

  11. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Um...didn't Bobby say something to Frank about Donny, along the lines that Mom Goren would have loved to know she had a grandchild? Hardly something he'd comment on if he knew he was a daddy. Sorry to keep raining on your parade, but the 'Molly' thing might never develop either - if there is anything to 'develop' that is. Vincent has already said they're back to procedural, not 'personal' stuff this season.

    OK, you have your fantasies, I have mine...and in mine, there's just Bobby (and me!)

  12. Damnit!!! The only theater close to me playing the movie is 247.49 miles away!!!!!

    Okay, has anyone considered the possibilty that Frank has another child?? Bobby could have found out about her while trying to find Donnie or while clearing out Frank's things after his death.

    Donnie not only betrayed Bobby, but he's MIA right now. If there was a possibility Frank had another kid Bobby would reach out to it.

    Then you have to consider that on the USA board they describe the scene as Bobby was visiting a great aunt, it could very simply be a kid belonging to a cousin that he is/was close too.

    Of course in considering this, we have to remember that USA lies when it come to CI. Half the time I don't even think they know what the hell they're doing.

  13. While I love the idea of Bobby having a child, I can't bear the thought that he might not have had much to do with her while she grew up, so I'll stick to Molly being his 'niece'.

    The way things are with USA I doubt we'll find out much more about her relationship to Bobby anyway.

  14. Diane - that why I put the question out there to get different opinions. It's interesting to see what other people think. Honestly, I hope Molly's not his child, but it does make one wonder. It should be an interesting season.

  15. I seem to remember SWMNBN saying she and Bobby aren't meant to be parents, and he said, "Well don't count me out yet" which seems to indicate he has no kids bout would like some.

    I don't think Donnie betrayed Bobby. He feigned appendicitis so he could excape and alert Frank about Bobby's plight, but Frank did nothing. He was the betrayer.

    I agree that Molly will turn out to be a Goren (therefore no blood relation) but like one of you said (can't find it!) she is probably the daughter of a cousin.

  16. Molly and her family could be related to Bobby's real father, stepfather or his mother.

    After the pain of losing his brother and mother, I'm sure Bobby was feeling all alone in the world. He still wasn't married, had no children, and at his age he would be feeling it might never happen for him. We could see the sadness in his eyes and the change in his personality.

    I think Bobby's smile of contentment at the end stems from the knowledge that he's no longer all alone in the world, that he does have family - and family that cares about him. And a niece who looks up to him and wants to have a continuing relationship with her uncle would give him great joy.

    Anyway, that's my take on it...

  17. Jersey - I have basically the same theory. She is a blood relative, but not his own. And, I don't think Bobby would father a child and not want to see the child or be part of it's life. He is so sensitive to feelings of children -just watching older episodes, you see him engage himself in conversations with children, knowing how to preoccupy a child, etc. I personally have rewatched this episodes over and over just to watch the peace on his face. And as always, in Goren style, (where he always has the last line of commentary) his face and smile alone was the perfect ending. I think this is one of my favorite VDO moments...

  18. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Molly is not his but wouldn't it be interesting if they are the relatives of Mark Ford Brady. I think he would find a personal sense of contentment in that they were not all evil and maybe only "Uncle Mark" was the one with challenges.

    Now that everyone close is gone reaching out to Brady's family may not seem that strange to him.

  19. Bobby is so awsome with kids...and YES I love the hands shots,amoung the others*gigles*;I know there will be more interesting scenes related to this epi..Jazzy why would want to go with Bobby at his home!!;)))*eeeehhh..*

  20. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Sorry Artist,

    I played with this pic for a long time and couldn't get a good resolution on it. It appears to be a walkover between two buildings to me.

  21. Witness - you are a dear for trying. Thanks for going to all the trouble for me.

  22. my first impression: it resembles the ponte dei sospiri at venice. d'onofrio-touch at bobbys's home perhaps?

  23. Thanks, Polly. I'll check it out.