Bah! Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge

Like Ebenezer Scrooge, Bobby has frequently been visited by ghosts from his past. Harbingers of ill will and a burden he had to bear. Within the past two seasons these ghosts have been banished leaving the door wide open for new possibilities.

He has lost his schizophrenic mother, his serial killer father, his dead beat, drug addicted brother, his Nemesis Nicole Wallace and his mentor Declan Gage - tucked safely away in his cell (probably padded). Whew, nothing like shaking up the old family tree.

So the question is will Bobby rise from the fiery ashes like a Phoenix
or will he simply muddle through?
Wouldn't it be nice to see the old Bobby back?

Once freed of the past and faced with a bleak future Ebenezer Scrooge had an epiphany
and when Christmas morning arrived he awoke a new man,
light hearted, gay and happy to be alive.

"I am in the presence of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come", said Scrooge.

Bobby is free of his past, now what does the future hold for him?
Any guesses?


  1. I hope he rises from the ashes and gets back on his "A" game and personality. (Mind you, his "C" game is better than ANY other detectives'!)
    It's reasonable to assume it will take a while for him to be "lighter", but the wait will be worth it and one hell of a ride.

    He'll never be the Bobby of old because of what's happened in his personal and profession life the last 8 years. But then, Eames is different, too. Her face looks "harsher". She's been through the mill, too.

    I still love them both!!! ;0)

  2. "light hearted, gay and happy to be alive..." well, I, for one, could certainly handle the "gay" part! LOL

  3. I was going to say, "He's gay?" (excuse me while my heart breaks...)

    But I'm so happy for you, SnarkAngel!

  4. You know, I think it's about time for an off-screen girlfriend ;-)

    I sure hope he rises like a Phoenix from the Ashes, I'd like to have the funny, quirky Robert Goren back, but since USA is schuffling the eps around, we will be bouncing forth between healed and healing... In my book, I decided that the events of Playing Dead take place after Identity Crisis. It just makes more sense.

    Then fuzzy is right, he won't be the old Bobby again because of what's happened, but I'd still be happy if we saw glimpses of a happier Bobby.

    On a sidenote, I hope that "Faithfully" will be a little lighter in tone than PD and IC. Both were so bleak, we need something easier to digest...

  5. Anonymous12:18 PM

    *Sees old heart-in-a-box & screams 'Aaaargh, my eyes, my eyes!!*

    I know Vincent has said he'll be more the old crime-solving Bobby this season, but, given all that's happened to him over the years, I think we can still see his scar-tissue forming. I read an article last week where someone in the media was wondering where the FIRST episode of S8 was, the one she'd seen that kind of picked up Bobby's story from the end of S7. USA told her they were showing it at the end of May. I have NO idea why they're messing about with the running order this time, especially if there's stuff that's kind of a continuation thread. However, 'Amends' wasn't the first episode of S7 they filmed either.

  6. Hey Diane,

    I think we have to distinguish between two different things here.

    1)Sometimes eps are filmed out of order for location reasons, or because an actor is only available at a certain time... etc.
    This was the case when "Depths" was shot before "Amends". There's little doubt that "Amends" is the episode that was written to take place right after "Endgame".
    Another example would be "Crazy", which was the second ep they filmed but only aired as episode 1x13.

    2) Then there's what we got this year, and that's USA suffeling around eps on purpose. I don't understand that, especially since "Faithfully" was written to continue "Frame". I wish they brought the timecards back. They'd have a possibility of establishing chronology without actually airing the eps in order.

  7. I agree that we'll never quite get the "old" Bobby back. While I hope we get little glimpses of humor and playfulness from Bobby (I LOVE THAT) Vincent has said many times that he is playing Bobby as if he is slowy losing his mind and spiraling downward. He also said that at the end of the series, we'll find out exactly what his illness is that causes all of the quirks, socially inappropriate behavior and other issues that we all love so much.

    Let's face it, Vincent is so incredible that he makes even bad things look good. Smoking? Looks good on him. Extra weight gain? Still looks hot as hell. Doesn't shave? Still sexy. Playing a possibly-mentally-ill cop? Still incredibly f* many men could pull that off?

  8. How about a return of Donny? Or maybe even a mystery child for Bobby? An ex from his army days who bore him a child he didn't know about.

  9. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Ours is not to wonder how the 'minds'(??!) at USA work, after all this IS the network that gave us a start date...and then took it away ;0)

  10. After all that's happened to him, I'm just glad he's still standing. My Poor Baby :(

  11. I would love a return to the Bobby of old, but too much has gone on for that to happen...glimpse of the old Bobby will do for me.

    I'd like to see something resolved about Donny.It's highly unlikely that the Bobby we know and love would just forget him.

    On a happier note I'd love to see Lewis again too..Bobby needs a friend he can go and get drunk with

  12. I agree that when one experiences profound grief they are never quite the same. Obviously there are many stages to grief and the healing process. Often the person who eventually morphs from the cocoon of grief is very different from the one who entered. However, there are basic fundamental parts of our personality that remain intact and will forever be part of our genetic imprint. Bobby has retained his mannerisms & his quirks and I hope and believe that he will once again find his “joy” and his wry sense of humor. There’s nothing more beautiful then when he smiles and no music as lovely as his laugh. My thought for the day. LOL.

  13. geez Susan, you just rained on my little parade!LOL

    I really hope that what you said is NOT going to happen. When the show does stop, I hope they give us fans AND Bobby and reasonably "happy" ending. Why does he have to go into a nose dive?? Why not just let him retire and advis3e or work for another agency. Teach even? I really hope Vincent won't do that to another one of his characters. I hope he (and the writers) realize how many people actually love the character. Let's have a favorable ending for a D'Onofrio character for happens so rarely....

  14. Bobby need a break!!Those writers should stop torchering'mon Bobby had enaf pain;they should give him happyines!!Bobby needs some kind of fresh start!!;)

  15. Sorry Fuzzy...I didn't mean to bring you down! Just repeating what our Beloved One has said. I don't *want* a sad ending...I want happy, healthy, sexy (well, he will be no matter what) Bobby. But Vincent says that's not where the character is headed...and I think he would brace yourself!

    I hope he and Dick Wolf change their minds and Bobby has some measure of happiness after everything he's been one deserves it more. I'm gonna prepare myself for the worst, though, 'cause I have a feeling VDO's mind is made up.

  16. First time I'm ever said this about VDO.......DAMN HIM. Give Bobby, but must importantly, his fans (of both VDO and Bobby) something to be happy about, some hope. Enough with the death/downfall/"crash and burn" of most of his characters!)

    Sorry for the rant, but, please Mr. D, give us some hope for Bobby!

  17. P.S. Maybe we can start a campaign to give Bobby a "hopeful" end.

    P.S.S. Whatever happened to the threat of the actors' strike???