In this week's brand new episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent... When a devout, celebrity doctor is murdered, Goren and Eames enter the unexpectedly steamy world behind the pulpit.

Ah, my favorite night of the week - just me, a glass of wine and Bobby Goren. Turn off the ringer on the phone, don't answer the door and snuggle in for a night of pleasure. Speaking of pleasure tonight's episodes focuses on the deadly sin of LUST. Before you make a mad dash to the TV screen the person lusting unfortunately is not Bobby.

Of the seven deadly sins I wonder if Bobby considers lust (adultery) to be a lesser sin? The show certainly had enough of it as well as a healthy dose of desire. And then there's the always sexy Bobby and more clues to his mysterious past.

So he has a niece - really? How?
Did Frank have a child we don't know about or is it a child from Brady's side of the family?

Was anyone able to zoom in on the letter?

I'm dying to know what it said, aren't you? I have to admit I had a hard time concentrating on the plot and not focusing on those gorgeous curls and his beard. He looks so hot and his personality (Bobby's that is) seems much more subdued and in control. And is it just me or does he have a new and better apartment? (jazzy says: sorry for being late with the screen caps... overslept and then daydreamed about Bobby)

So Vixens what's your take on last night's episode and the mysterious niece?


  1. I loved last night's epi!!! I really like the fact that Bobby may have family without any of the drama of his past.

    As for my thoughts on his neice, Artist, we discussed all the possibilities last night and as you know they are endless.

    The epi was actually well written. Yes we knew right off the bat the reverand was the one screwing the widow, and the acolite was the killer, and the wife had a hand in the murder. But what I wasn't expecting was how she threw suspesion off herself and onto the widow.

    They probably should have opened the season with this one; but if they plan on making Bobby's family a small part of the on-going story line leaving the reveal, so to speak, until the end of the season is a good idea. Build up our suspense.

  2. Dear Robert,

    It was nice having you at our home. I hope you can visit us soon. I'm sending you some pictures to remember us by.

    Love Molly

  3. "Butter beans?" Cuteeeeeee!!!

    Liked the eppy a lot, but most of all I enjoyed the 'cold open' and the ending scene. He looked so happy!
    (And hot of course)

  4. oh, and he's open necked now WOOF!

  5. Once again there are folks who are slamming this episode. I know Everyone is entitled to their opinion but...The show has a new group of writers, they're just getting to know Goren and Eames. I think they're doing quite well. (I just had to say that because I couldn't write an episode if my life depended on it)

    The best part for me (besides 'the curls of lust') Bobby seemed happy and peaceful.

  6. I know jazzy!!!

    Open neck shirts!!!!

    This means we might get to see the other "curls of lust". You know the ones we won't be arrested for trying to sneak a peak at...

  7. The last cap, he's looking at ME!! (I know it's the camera, but hey, a girl can fantasize ;0) )

    Curls of lust.....north AND south of the equator!!!!!

    VDOnSD, damn you're good! How about the addresses on the envelope?!

  8. Robert Goren
    210 Mather Street
    Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222

    793 Penn Brook Rd.
    Lebanon MI , 97091 – which happens to be an Oregon zip code.

  9. VDOnSD thank for the info! VDO'O nice summary of the show and yes there's lots of possiblities. Tess - I find it amazing that anyone who has been a fan could slam the show. I know you agree with me. Bobby has grown emotionally because of his painful experiences and he has changed. For the better I think. Thanks everyone for your input. Jazzy beautiful caps & slide show thank you!

  10. I think our "Bobby" is the cutest "butter bean" of all!

  11. Despite everything said, Snarkangel has the best summeray of the show... He IS the cutest butterbean of all!!!!

  12. Did you notice that Bobby's niece has a cute little button nose just like her uncle's?

    I loved this episode - especially his smile of contentment at the end! (oh, the smile I could give him if just given the chance!)

  13. I would like to know..but..I don't really care much,as long as it bring a smile to Bobby's face;and brings some happynes..a ray of sunshine in Bobby's life!!:)))

  14. Apparently USA website say that he was visiting his grand aunt Connie so Molly must be his cousin but with the age difference she call him Uncle Bobby!! My youngest cousin is 6 month older that my niece so he calls me Aunt too because he don't understand why he can't and my niece can!! Just a theory!! I really enjoy the first and last scene he seems so happy to have a family and in the last scene you can see MY home!! ok let me dream!!!

  15. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Loved the curls and still morning over the loss of hair we will see in the future episodes.

    I will probably save some screen caps of this which is the Bobby I like to see; happy (he smiled in several scenes), curly headed (I would not have been able to control myself if I had seen him in person with his hair like this - so I guess I should be glad he cut his hair), and throwing out the I know what you're doing lines ("so do you think adultery is one of the lesser sins?")

    I'm looking forward to next week and the hope that VDO is out there somewhere where there is no barber!

  16. It was one of the better written episodes and I love the fact that we are seeing a little more into Bobby's personal life. I agree the possiblities of Bobby's niece are endless and all I know is that his face showed the most joyous of expressions ever -well, other than when he gets that look when he has solved a crime - but he had a soft, loving look..ahh! Yes, ladies, he is sizzling hot! And the beard and curls...well..;)

  17. Don't know if anyone cared what Bobby's email address was

    Molly was

    Just if anyone cared.

  18. m'kay VDOnSD, your question is a rhetorical one, isn't it???
    although i really doubt that ANYONE replies to our e-mails.

  19. P.S.
    jointaccess, aha! But since it is Bobby's addy it should be called
    "JOY access".

  20. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I am unble to explain how I 'missed' this post *hangs head in shame*

    I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. It was so nice to see Bobby relaxed and looking fairly at peace with himself. He certainly seemed to be in a 'different place' emotionally to how he was in 'Playing Dead' so I think I understand why USA decided to show that one first, although obviously his time off was kind of inexplicable 2 episodes in. Perhaps they should have added a line in 'Faithfully' that he was just coming back from vacation time he was owed or something. Then again, I know nothing, and am just ALWAYS happy to see him :0)

    I also think some people will only be happy when the show doesn't get renewed......which hopefully won't be anytime soon!

  21. Diane - it is nice to see him at peace and some what happier.

    I agree people who bash the show are not real fans they just want to stir the pot and make trouble. So far I love the new season and hope it goes on forever.