When the Vixens were on the phone with him...

he put 'it' in his pants, and took 'it' out again!

(S1 'Poison')


  1. I'd love to be in his pants! (Good luck trying to get me out) ;)

  2. He's such a tease. How many cell phones does he have any way? Or is the first one his private line to his Vixens? BTW - he looked amazing at the Nashville Film Festive and he knew it.

  3. private line, yeah! the second one is for dirty talk with bobby/jazzy ;)

  4. lol...I was gonna make a comment about phone sex with Bobby, but Jazzy beat me to it, of course!

  5. I should have known you'd have a direct line to Bobby.

  6. Anonymous7:28 AM

    So that's what keeps roaming around in those pants that we catch in those python hunts.

    Actually, I think he may have really deep pockets with holes in them and while the phone can get passed to the other side something is blocking it from falling down his trousers and out his pant leg.

    Next time someone sees Bobby on the street - reach in his pocket and test my theory!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist! ha, ha, ha!

  7. Anonymous7:37 AM

    OK, I had to post again the more I thought about my earlier comment. Watch it again keeping this in mind.

    Bobby: No I'm serious Eames every time I put my phone in one pocket it comes out of the other one after I take a few steps."

    Eames: Sure it does Bobby.

    Bobby: OK. there it goes. See look - here it is again!

    Eames: I'm not even going to ask what exercises you had to do to accomplish that!
    She walks away smiling.

  8. I'm sorry to interrupt your theories and phantasies - but isn't the one he puts away his cell-phone and the other one is his pager?
    Just had to ask ;-)

    Ok, go on theorizing now!

  9. You're right TJara,
    but actually that doesn't matter.Bobby just did that to let us get a beautiful climpse on his "Vixen's Wonderland"!

  10. Anonymous12:28 PM

    He certainly looks very pleased....I think the first one is his cell phone, the other is his beeper :0)

  11. Mmmh, I like that ep and the little guest thing with Jerry (I miss you so much) and Jessy...mhm another hot L&O Detective.

    Cutie Bear...no Cutie Bobby and please give me your number.

  12. hi havers
    *waves to berlin*

  13. waves back to bavaria, jazzy.

    tjara advised me for a few days and it's really nice here.
    But it's Vincent. Everything around him is amazing!

  14. I'd like to offer to check all his pockets to see exactly what's in them. Or near them...

  15. I bet you would Val - who wouldn't!

  16. I just wish I was small enough to ride around in those pockets all day long!