*banging head against calendar*

Noooooo, it's not Sunday yet!!!!

Treatment of 'bobby withdrawal syndrome' can be managed with various medications including Life and Vincent,
The Valentine Cats, The Velocity of Vincent, the team 13 projects and a few more.
Certain vitamins such as VDO-DVD's and LO:CI reruns are also an important part of the management of BWS - bobby
withdrawal syndrome.
I for one sooooo need a 13 sized dose now!


  1. *hands aspirin to jazzy*
    I think you might need that for the huge headache you're going to have...

    But I'm sorry to say that for me that treatment is a failure - it only enhances my addiction! (not that I really mind...)

  2. For some reason I'm very calm, no withdrawl, I figure we've waited this long what's a few more days?!

    Now...You might want to check in with me on Sunday, No doubt I'll be climbing the walls!

  3. Oh, that scene form Jones is just one of the best ever.

    Not to mention, the inspiration behind this blog's name...

  4. I'm not feeling too bad at the moment..no withdrawls, although that might be because I've been rewatching S3...ask how I feel Monday morning and you might get a different answer, especially if I wake up in the wee small hours and have to wait for a download :-)

  5. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I feel so desperately 'starved' of him now, I may spontaneously burst into tears of joy when I - finally! - get to see him.

  6. I think I want to lick his shoe ... of course, I wouldn't stop there!

  7. It's like waiting for Christmas morning, the build up, the sleepless nights, the excitement and then the day arrives and ends all too soon, leaving you straving for more. I know I'll be suffering with Monday morning withdrawal; I'll need a healthy dose of "d'onofing" to cure my headache.