Playing Dead, Airdate 04/19/09 Ep 08X01

guest post from
Susan Barnett

1. First and foremost, and of course most obvious, it was just so good to have Bobby and Alex together again. It has been so unbelievably long and torturous waiting for so many months to see them on the same screen. Even now, I admit that I still hold a grudge against USA for the long wait. It was great to see that their chemistry together is still as dynamic as ever. I love watching Vincent and Kate play off of each other, especially those little looks of "checking" with each other when the other characters are talking. Every time they make eye contact with each other, I get a little thrill. Probably because I want to be the one making eye contact (and some other types of contact) with Vincent. Sadly, I have to live vicariously through Kate Erbe on Sunday nights.
The two of them are so good together that Vincent and Kate could pick out linoleium samples at a flooring store and I would stand and watch... riveted in place by their chemistry.

2. Bobby's back to his clean-shaven self.
Personally, I prefer less-hirsute Vincent. I realize this is just a personal preference, but I can't help thinking how scratchy that beard from last season would be when Vincent and I are making out. Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to make the sacrifice, of course. I am not one of those vapid, shallow posters who whine about the facial hair or the weight. I'm willing to not only overlook the beard, but I'm willing to be on top. I'm flexible (so to speak).
However, It was still very thoughtful of him to shave just for me this season. Just goes to show you what a sensitive, gracious, kind lover he truly is. But then, we all already knew that, right?

3. I also loved that we got to see Vincent's wounded puppy-dog look.
The scenes in the hospital with the abuse victim are Bobby Goren at his empathetic, "
I-know-what-you're going- through-and-I- share- your- pain" best. When he speaks about his "bad childhood" I want to reach through the screen and scoop him up (yes, all 6 feet 4 inches of him) and hug and kiss away all the hurt.
This is a testament to me of what a truly gifted actor Vincent is because my reactions to Bobby Goren are very different from my reactions to Vincent D'Onofrio. I want to hug and kiss Bobby and make him a home-cooked meal and draw him a bath and make him feel better about all the crap his mother and brother and father(s) have put him through. I want to make him smile because he seems so sad. I want to take care of Bobby.

With Vincent, I just want to f*ck until our brains fall out, and even then, I'm gonna keep right on going.

It's interesting to me that Vincent is so convincing as an actor that even my hormones know the difference between Vincent and Bobby.

4. Another selling-point for this ep is Bobby's "french" accent. Any episode where Vincent affects any type of accent, dialect or foreign language makes me hug myself and jump up and down in excitement. When he speaks German or Chinese or even affects a stronger Brooklyn accent (like in "Badge" when he's acting like an ass to the female cop) it does unspeakable things to my body. I'm not sure why. I think it may have something to do with role playing... hmmm...
Because as soon as I heard that little french accent I thought, "I wonder if I still have that french maid costume in the closet?"

5. I also loved seeing Bobby back in the interrogation room. These scenes are always Vincent at his alpha-male, angry-hot best. At one point, Bobby gives the perp that look that says "your ass is mine, buddy." I LOVE THAT LOOK!!! It usually makes the perp quiver. It makes me quiver, too, but not exactly with fear...with something less definable. And probably less post-able.

All in all, it was a good episode.
I found the plot a little predictable, but it still moved along well and I thought Kathy Baker was excellent.
But I have to admit that I'm a little sad in having one episode "in the bag" already.
That means only seven more of Vincent's eps to go.

- Susan Barnett -


  1. Susan what a great and insightful post. I agree with you on everything, but I must admit I love the beard. I've always have been attracted to men with beards.

  2. Wonderful post Susan. The thing I will always love about Bobby, he will always have compassion for people who have been abused. Even those who don't deserve compassion (AKA Nicole. *sorry for mentioning the evil witch*) because he knows what it means to be abandoned and let down.

    The scenes in the interrogation rooom were classic Bobby....'Mamma, Mamma, please save me'. God I loved that!

  3. Uh...That should be 'room'. See, Bobby gets me all flustered ;)

  4. Great Post, Susan!!

    I have to warn you, the beard will be back, as this was orignally scheduled to be ep. 8x09 and therefore was filmed sometime this winter. I do prefer clean-shaven, but I do love the curls, too. So there's a highlight and a downside (if such a thing exists with Vincent) in both looks for me.

    I usually tend to seperate Vincent and Bobby completey - it's like there are two people, you know? It may sound stupid, but that's the way I feel, honestly.

  5. Tjara--like I said, the beard's okay with me. I just like a "smoother" I don't get all scratched up when we're going at it like bunny rabbits.

    Also, thanks to everyone for your kind comments on my post.

    Thanks especially to Jazzy for posting for me and for fixing my pic issues. You're the best, Jazzy!

  6. Great post Susan. And just to put your mind at rest, beards don't so much scratch as tickle.

    Now the stubble is a different matter, and I just LONG to feel that scratch!

  7. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Like I've said before, Vincent is SO convincing, it's difficult to remember that Detective Robert Goren only exists on TV!

    Funnily enough, my first thought this morning was 'Oh dear, only 7 more episodes to go....'

  8. DIANE! Don't make me cry - only 7 more episodes to go. I can't bear the thought.

  9. Maybe we can start a campaign for G/E epis only. But, so neither Mr. D or Ms. E gets too tired, have the season 12 epis, like In Plain Sight and Burn Notice. The best of both worlds for all involved!

  10. I'd support that idea/proposition, Fuzzy!! Lovely post, Susan!

  11. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Nice post Susan.

    I also seem to separate him VDO from Bobby as well as his other characters. It's because he comes to every role with his game face on and makes us believe that he is that character not an actor playing the character.

    Although sometimes I do see some crossover in some of them. My personal favorite is the open-mouth-toss-his-head-back-laugh thing he does (often silent) and then goes to a really straight face. He did as REH and as Bobby (at least once) when talking to the fire bug. For some reason I think that is just the sexist thing!

    If I would have to pick my four it would be playing with the gun, the mamma save me routine, the part where he figures it out when her BP goes up and tell the step dad to leave, and how he plays with his hands in the interrogation room.

    I'm with Artist and also a fan of the beard - just past the scruff stage.

  12. Witness!! 100% agree!! It's so fascinating how he endows each character with his own set of gestures and facial expression. Sometimes there are similarities, yet it's different from other actors who will use a similiar body language in every role they play.

    There was one (and only one!) point in FMJ, when the M. Modine character is buttoning Pyle's shirt, and Pyle does this kinda head tilt to meet the other guys eyes - I was like: "Hello Bobby!"

  13. role play, eh? lol!
    yes, his accent is hot. but to me, it's even hotter when he uses german words with a very strong american accent. that happens - thank goddess - very often.

    Susan, thanks a lot for such an entertaining post. please make us happy and post many more!

  14. As Jazzy said, if your posts are going to be like this, please post many times :-)

    You raise some interesting points..and while I agree with you about the accent..I LOVE THE BEARD :-D

  15. @Jazzy

    The first time I watched "Art" I didn't even get that he was talking German... only, all of a sudden I didn't understand anything anymore! LOL! When I realized he was talking German I could understand him just fine. I think his pronouciation is acutally quite good.

  16. i can't understand one word of what he said in "german" (in "art"). it makes me think he was speaking klingon. LOL!
    on the other hand, in 5 minutes mr welles, his german was superb and flawless!!! obviously he took some lessons. lord, i wish i have been his teacher!

  17. Yeah, we know what you want to teach Vincent, Jazzy...and it's *not* German. Who do you think you're kidding? I can (just barely) imagine what types of "lessons" you'd want to give Mr. D'Onofrio. (Can *I* help? Can I, huh? Can I at least *watch* for God's sake?)

  18. susan, at least he wouldn't cut a lecture. btw in the german version of "art" he speaks french... french maid costume, here we go!

  19. @Jazzy

    Of course you couldn't understand. He wasn't exactly speaking Bavarian German, LOL!!! *ducks and covers*

  20. LOL, tjara!
    Touché! Or, as we Bavarians say, sssauber!

  21. I was just so happy to finally see Law and Order come back; VDO could have done cartwheels for an hour and I would have been happy! And, the beard is back next week - I have a weakness for facial hair!

    I have a question, if anyone knows, I am travelling to NY in June, around the 16th - the 18th. Are they done shooting at that point? I may just go to Chelsea Pier to look around if I can, but if anyone has any inside scoop, please let this crazed woman know! Much appreciated.

    By the way, the premiere was all that it should be; I loved his sympathy for the young girl and the interrogation room scene - I agree was classic Goren. Ah, I missed him so. Even though we had two weeks of LOCI marathons..just the new episodes are something to be desired...just him - not Goldblum. I never watched Noth..sorry if anyone liked him but he did not have what VDO brings...

  22. Drl59,
    Yes, they've finished shooting LOCI for the season. They wrapped about two weeks ago. That's why Vincent has been "elsewhere" like at the Nashville Film Fest and in California for business (NBC press day, looking for distributors for Don't Go in the Woods and funding for his new movie, the one with the "father-daughter relationship") You won't see him at Chelsea Peir, but maybe you'll see him on the streets in NY..give him a kiss for me if you do!