Do you wanna go Party?

It's drl59's birthday party, and Mr. Wonderful sings a song for her!


But there are so many more guys a Vixen could also invite to a party...

Leon Wolf - Oh yes, he could leave his hat on.

Bad boys are so irresistable, how about a celebratory cigar with Moriarty?


A wet Party would be fun as well


Guy is dashing for a quick shower before the fun begins, although a slow shower with Guy would be devilishly fun.

Elton offered to COME over in his Birthday Suit to celebrate with you...

...and what's a party without some music to dance & swoon to?

Later you can slip away from the party for a midnight rendezvous with Gavin.


But hey, don't stay away too long; Valentino has planned a special Birthday Kiss for you lucky girl!

Ah, and Bobby has a one-of-a-kind gift for you

Happpy Birthday drl59!

Sooo many men, so little time.
Now this question goes to everyone:
What guy do you think is the perfect date for a night out?


  1. Happy Birthday, drl59!!

    You know, I wouldn't mind dating any one of them, but I sorta have a thing for Bobby... well-mannered, empathetic but yet also a "tough guy", romtantic... and yeah, good looking, too!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY drl59!!!!! What a great birthday present to wake up too...

    As for which one I'd want. ALL OF THEM!!! I'm very selfish when it comes to him.

    I'd break out the ibuprofen for any soar muscles and lock myself away with the boys for a few days.

  3. Happy Birthday drl59, what a lovely gift. I'll take all the boys for the obvious reasons, but I'll spend extra time with Bobby and the stranger from Hotel Paradise!

  4. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Um....I'd be contemplating a night IN :0)

    I think I'd chose Detective Goren in the 'Hotel Paradise' bath.

  5. Happy Birthday drl59!

    My perfect Birthday date would be BOBBY :) Although a roof top dance with Abbie would we wonderful too...

  6. Oooohhh! I am in Vincent heaven now! That was the most wonderful birthday gift ever! I don't know who to pick...I'll be greedy and take em all! Bobby, of course, does curl my toes! Thank you my darling friends!!! I wish we could all get together and celebrate my birthday just talking about VDO - I think I am just going to stare at these photo's all day and forget about work!! ha ha! You are the best! Thanks for the present..I'll keep the unwrapped VDO hidden in my closet...omg - my heart is racing!!!

  7. I will take Bobby!
    A night out with him will be as interesting as it can be,just because you can talk with him about almost anything,because he KNOWS almost everything.
    And since I love a little challenge in my life:it will be a hard time talking him into my bed.But I'm sure it's worth the time!!!!!!!!!

    And yeah Happy Birthday und "alles Gute zum Geburtstag" as we say in Germany to you drl59...

  8. Wow.....What a beautiful present!!!! tell the truth the choise is hard.....I'd want all of them!!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY drl59!!!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday, drl59.

    I know Bobby better, so as I'm shy with strangers, I'd better pick him.

  10. Happy birthday, drl59! I know this special post had to make so! I ADORE the selections ... of the ones offered, I think I would have to go with the intense and passionate Gavin. But among ALL of them, I think my heart still belongs to Tony Randozza. We could celebrate with a dinner at h is mom's!

  11. Happy Birthday!!

    How are we supposed to choose just one?? I'll take all of them thank you..with a bit of Whit too :-D

  12. Happy Birthday, drl59!!

    ~~fans self~~

    Wishing it was MY birthday now! and we HAVE to pick just one? I want them all..and Vincent besides!

    Greedy thing aren't I?!

  13. It’s hard to narrow it down to one, but I think I would pick Sam Deed from “Happy Accidents.” He’s so cute and innocent, and every time he smiles, it just makes me want to pinch him.

  14. @ John
    Sure you can. What site do you have?