Your Own Personal Dr. Feelgood ?

Guest Post from Coyoteondrake

Jazzy asked me to write a guest post and I immediately had one of our fellow vixens in mind who is currently a little under the weather. You know who you are doll and this is for you!

Like it or not we have all at one time or another needed the services of a doctor. Since we use our minds to personalize things and create unique memories and passions I thought we could put them to use on this ... exercise in imagination. It’s simple really - create your own personal
Dr. Feelgood using a character Vincent has so lovingly provided for us. Yes, you can blend them if that’s what best meets the doctor of your desires.

First, a few words from Motley Crew to let you know the powers of a Dr. Feelgood:
He's the one that makes ya feel all right

I've got one thing you'll understand
(Dr. Feelgood)

Let him soothe your soul, just take his hand

(Dr. Feelgood)

Let him introduce himself real good

(Dr. Feelgood)

Okay, for those of you who know me (coyoteondrake) I’m sure you’ve guessed my Dr. Feelgood. If not, don’t worry, I’ll share him with you just to get you in the mood so to speak. I entrust my personal care to none other than Dr. Bob Howard - Feelgood.

Here’s a photo (courtesy of Jazzy - isn't she wonderful) of him caring for me now:


Why him? I’d look into his intense, soulful eyes and try to resist touching the curls gently falling across his forehead. He would call me girl in that sweet, sensual, southern gentleman voice as he explains the personal treatment plan he has developed for me which required all the intense imagination and fierce passion he could muster.
Obviously my Dr. Feelgood is like no physician I or anyone else has ever had. ...But that’s the point of the exercise isn’t it?

Perhaps you need a different type of doctor than I do. Well - no worries - thanks to Vincent and his diverse and engaging characters I am sure you won’t have to look far to find one. Perhaps Dr. Gavin, Dr. Guy, Dr. Elton, Dr. Valentino, or one Sam or the other are more to your liking. I am sure Dr. Robert Goren would gladly serve and protect you like no other patient he has ever had. Maybe you need a team of physicians. Here are some that come highly recommended:

The Italians: Dr.’s Romano & Santangelo

The Edgy Ones: Dr.’s Max & Blue

The Enforcement Ones: Dr.’s Tony Randozza & Burton Steckler

As you can see I haven’t scratched the surface.

So who’s your - Own Personal Dr. Feelgood?

Btw FT: I hope this helps and Dr. Bob and I both say, “Make Sure You Take Care Now, Girl!”.

Oh yeah - and Vincent - thank you - we already feel better just thinking about it!


  1. Wow, Coyote....thank you for the honor AND the kind thoughts!! HUGS :0)!!

    I think Dr. "Ole" would be kinda fun......everything in braille. Talk about Dr. "Feel"good.......

  2. Very nice post, love the picture. I'd like my own Dr, Feelgood - about 6'4", size 13 shoe with big brown eyes and a killer smile.

  3. I'd settle for any of them, but Bobby or Olee would be top of my list.

  4. Anonymous7:57 PM

    First of all, speedy recovery wishes to everyone feeling unwell at the moment.

    My 'Dr Feelgood' would be called Robert, and one of that ilk already has a white coat he used in Season 5. Now, if I could 'borrow' the one Eames wore, we could play 'Doctors and Nurses'.... *BIG smile*

  5. i would take "The Enforcement Ones" first!
    then elton, cholo and so on; that would be a busy time! lol, just hope one of them is physiotherapist.

  6. I agree with what Diane just wrote,but since I'm a nurse in real life,I just take my own cute little nurse dress and make him examine my body.
    So shirts up,mouth widely open for Dr Bobby G

  7. Bobby is my Dr Feelgood!

    I hope you feel better soon fuzzytweetie :)

  8. Ohhhh ... it HAS to be Dr. Tony Randozza for me! I already know where I would like to put his very special stethoscope! And perhaps his mother's down-home Italian cooking would do me good, as well!

  9. Anonymous3:45 PM

    As I thought no one had any trouble deciding at all. Isn't it nice of Vincent to give us so many characters we can ... play doctor with??

    And Jazzy, I am sorry that you are so under the weather that you need SO MANY doctors. Seems like you practically have a clinical staff of them competing over you. I'll just leave you with that picture!

    Tess: Hope, you're feeling better as well. Just remember Dr. Bob does make house calls ..........anywhere in the whole wide world.

  10. witness, first i would like to say thank you for your guest post!
    and thank you for leaving me with THAT picture... will stuck in my head till the end of time.

  11. I think Whit would be top of my list...he has such a gentle nature that I'm sure he'd be good at looking after me..and when I feel better I can look after him :-D

  12. I would have to choose Dr. Goren, because he's extremely 'thorough' in his examinations...

  13. lol! jersey, VERY good argument!