After I uploaded my newest sideshow to YT, someone reported it to the censors.
Why? "Nudity". YT deleted that video 2 hours later.
Dear prudish retarded-assed right-wing idiots, I've got news for you:
If you find that nudity is offensive, just do NOT watch private videos!

Thank Goddess our (nude) Vince is safe on blogger's planet :)

And here comes "the shocker"


  1. Thank goodness you saved it!!! I was horrified when I went over to YouTube and saw that it had been deleted! Fantastic slide show, my dear! I don't think the man knows how to make love "badly." LOL

  2. WTF does "buffered" mean??

    Is this the video you emailed me??

  3. Thank You! I like Snark was horrified to find the video was deleted before I got to view it! It's exquisite!! Lovely!!

  4. thank you artist and snark!
    i used the cap of gavin where he lay alone in the bed, because i thought it's one of your faves.

    kim, i guess it means "loading". yep, mailed it to you over on yt.

  5. So so pleased you found another way of so glad I'm alone right now too :-D


  6. Oh jaz,
    what's there left to say about this V-D-O (read it like VI-DE-OH) (I'm a clever or what??!!!)than *OHbaby,yes,righthere,rightnow,comeonandlayme!*

  7. very cool eliza :)

    guiding light, the "tuesday cleverness prize" goes to you (and you don't even needed to cook the perfect dinner for that, see!)

  8. Offensive???? That's pure poetry!!!!! Thank you soooooo much to save it!!!!!

  9. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I can only assume some people undress themselves in the pitch dark, unable to cope with the sight of anyone's bare flesh, including their own!

    Glorious video of a man who certainly knows EXACTLY what he's doing *slurp*

  10. WOOHOO!!!! Really luv this vid!! I think i need to find Household saints because everytime i see cap of this movie i melt!!!!!
    Thanks Jazzy you're the best!!!

  11. Geez, I'd hate to be "the prud's" significant other. Only missionary, half dressed, in the dark, just a duty......


    Seriously, could you email it to me. I want to save this beautiful creation.

  12. He has had a LOT of sex in his movies, I'm VERY glad to say.

    I think I've been very lucky so far on YouTube, with the only thing deleted being the soundtrack of my last video.

    (Oh, I shouldn't have said that, should I?)

  13. Fabulous Jazzy :))

    What very sad people they must be over there, I've just noticed that I don't seem to be getting any subscription alerts from YT and also just noticed that Lieke's (LielieS) account has been suspended ???

  14. I'm sorry, but I'd like to make a complaint - there's not enough nudity here, in my opinion! And you know what I'm talking about!

    Seriously, I love, love, love the video. Thank you for sharing it with us. How can anyone think this beautiful man, this body that's a work of art, is offensive?

  15. jersey, let's write a complaint letter to vince - more nudity in his films wanted! be sure i will co-sign!

    viv, what happened to lieke is a shame; she always did good videos.

    nice to meet you, roxy

  16. Wonderful slides. Now I just need to remember to breath

  17. Thank you jazzy!!! Nice to meet you too!!!
    I love this site....great job!!!!

  18. Jazzy the music to this, is that Lisa Stansfield singing? If it is I love her music. Great rendition of the song.

  19. sorry artist, i forgot to mention it's "never, never gonna give you up", a remake of barry white's 1973 hit.