We all know that lots of videos have been blocked by YT. A few of mine, too, they got me (and many, many others) for copyright issues. Since we aren't making money with viding, this whole thing is ridiculous.

But it gets worse!

The day ago I wanted to watch a few videos about recent political events. I pressed the Play-button, and then it said: "This video is not available in your country". How "funny" - these are videos about German politics, uploaded by German users, which would be viewed by a German.

Guess what - yep, it gets worse!

Today, I got a notification via e-mail, saying a Canadian YT-user has sent me a message. Well, I was waiting for that message for a while, so I logged on my channel and tried to open that message and what did I read?
"This CHANNEL is not available in your country" --

-- Excuse me WHAT???


Turn a light on, Bobby. Make me see the sense of that all!


  1. Good Luck figuring it out!!! Five of my vids so far have been completely blocked, one has just been blocked in some countries...makes no sense to me either :-(

    YouTube went downhill after Google took it over, imho anyway..

    The stupid thing is, they block me for copyright issues, but go and look and there are hundreds of vids still up with the same music..guess we're special LOL

  2. This one may be too complicated and senseless for even our Bobby to figure out!

  3. "This video is not available in your country" has been happening to me for a while when I was trying to watch the CBS promos for CSI, even the girls in Canada say they can't watch them??? It doesn't make a great deal of sense cause isn't that what these videos are for - for people to watch ???

  4. I'm getting mine muted for copyright on songs and stuff. two and counting as of right now. I just don't understand because other people are uploading entire episodes and movies on there and they are staying at youtube. You can't tell me they don't know they are there. All you have to do is type the name of the show or movie into the search video box and voila...the show/movie comes up with several (sometimes hundreds) things.

  5. It's weird, isn't it?
    Some examples of copyrighted content are:
    TV shows, sitcoms, sports broadcasts, news broadcasts, comedy shows, cartoons, dramas, network and cable TV, pay-per-view and on-demand TV, music videos, live concerts, even if you captured the video yourself.
    Movies and movie trailers, commercials, slide shows,
    blah, blah, blah...

    That means, we are allowed to upload NOTHING!

    But that YT blocks complete CHANNELS is the top of nonsense, and a new sort of censorship.
    Actually not really new... reminds me somehow of certain times in the past, when you were not allowed to listen to foreign radio channels.

  6. Wow YT is gonna be fun: make your own movie, your music and put a copyright on it!!!
    My next video could be ready on aprox. 2 years if i've nothing better to do!!!!

  7. lol, ginie!
    can i make the soundtrack for your vid, please? of course you'll keep the copyrights. i promise!!

  8. You expect sense from an administrator? You know that old saying they all need to have a window placed in their abdomen do they can tell when their head is up their ass.

    You'd think since nonprofit is the goal and spreading the love of VDO and LOCI they'd look at it as free Advertising.

  9. i make the first video without copyright at all!! it'll be boring!!!

  10. TOO Boring!!!! Impossible to make something next time maybe!!!

  11. "Free Advertising" - right. Those music labels MUST be stupid!

  12. I haven't checked mine for a while, must head over. I did have one removeda few weeks ago, though they didn't notify me. I did get a copyright infringement notice once, but it added that the owner of the copyright didn't object, so they left it alone.