The God of Love

a guest post from Fuzzytweetie

The God of Love

Why? What makes VDO so handsome? My mother asked me one day (while I made her watch LOCI) what I saw in Him. I gave her the "are you kidding me look" and said "You're joking, right?" Wrong. She said "He's no Paul Newman or Cary Grant." Alas, that's true ----- He's better!! I'm not one for the "pretty" boys. I've never cared for the "Brat Pack".

Is it his face with those eyebrows, that button nose, those chocolate eyes, the full lips, the tongue of delight? Is it the scruff (or lately, the beard) and, OMG, the hair?! And I melt looking at that smile. The neck (I'm getting moist) .....


Is it his chest with that patch of beautiful fluffy fur topped off with 2 cute, edible nipples (ahem)? Maybe it's his long torso with that cute little belly button that's engulfed in a trail of fuzz?

Is it those long arms that you could get lost in in an embrace?
Or the hands with the long elegant fingers (very suckable)?
Is it his shoulders and broad back?
I could massage those shoulders and that back for hours.
They're also very kissable AND lickable.

Is it those long legs and the size 13s?
The muscular thighs, the calves, the feet?

Imagine yourself running your hands (and tongue) along those legs and thighs.....

Is it the ever elusive Python? Face it Vixens,
we all want to do some things with IT.
I just KNOW that IT would be lickable, kissable, suckable.....

(each of you can take it from there.....LOL)

For me, it's the WHOLE package. I don't care what weight he is, what length his hair or whether he has a beard or not. What does it for me is, that he's a gentleman and a gentle man. He's charitable. He's gracious and kind.


.....excuse me, I need to change my panties.LOL

So, what does it for you, fellow vixens???


  1. Vince as God? oh jesuschrist!! well, if i wasn't such an atheist i had one religious experience after an other!

    (btw i like cary grant movies)

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I think I would have to agree with you Fuzzy. It is all about everything that makes up the man. The raw looks, the voice, the presence that is Vincent D'Onofrio.

    The ability to become his characters and convince you of their reality, their vulnerability, and their psyche.

    He makes people not only cry for him, or laugh with him, but want to get to know him (his characters).

  3. One thing.... Amen!!!!

  4. Anonymous2:58 PM

    For me, he just has 'IT' by the bucketload. It's the whole package; his personal magnetism, the fact that he has both his size 13s firmly planted on the ground, that by all reports, he's a genuinely NICE guy; it's his shyness, and his sex appeal, that I think he's beautiful both outside AND inside; that his presence in my life brings me joy and sometimes tears; that he's introduced me to so many lovely friends, even if he doesn't know it. It's simple really - he's Vincent D'Onofrio - and I love him to bits *sighs*

  5. He's got something ... not sure if it can be defined. It just "is". lol

    He has a sense of sexuality ... it's just there oozing. Altho all that stuff you said about the python ... and those photos. :) Making me smile :)

  6. i believe, what ever he's got is divine.

    ok, i will regret this question, but what is a B.O.B.?

  7. It's just him, the whole package, no doubt at all about that. I couldn't just pick one or two things even if I wanted to :-)

    Jazzy: I may regret the fact that I know this, but B.O.B = Battery Operated Boyfriend :-D

  8. Yep, I'm with all of you, it's the man in his totality. All the parts are glorious, but Vincent is so much more than the sum of his parts.

    B.O.B is battery operated something, but I'm not sure what!

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  10. Photos 1, 2, and 6 REALLY light my fire! I'm convinced! He IS a GOD!!! And no B.O.B. will do! LOL

  11. Well; my fellow vixens described his virtures so eloquently, there little one can add to this list of attributes. He indeed oozes a sensuality in everything he does; from toying with a pen in his long, lean fingers to smacking his hand down on a desk. He is one big turn-on!


  12. Love this post! Had me smiling and nodding my head through the whole damn thing!

  13. The man is gorgeous. No he's not a pretty boy, though he once was, but a richer cultivated taste. A rare aged wine, a rich Warming brandy that warms your mind, heart and other areas.

  14. There's too many factors for me to pick just one attribute. The whole package is close but it just doesn't sum it up either. The man is just well... He puts you in touch with your sexuality!