Gimme some lovin'

(lyrics by G.Love And Special Sauce)
click here for the song)

Gimme some lovin’ early in the morning

I just woke up with this appetite
Gimme some love in the morning light

Some people like it late at night
I could wait that long but I don’t think I might
Give me some lovin' in the morning light

I’m gonna love you soft and love you sweet
I can feel your heart beat

I need your attention to get me started right

Open your eyes just a little bit
Good morning sunshine I can’t resist
Dreaming about you baby all through the night

I’m gonna wake you up with a kiss on the cheek
Come a little closer open up to me

Good morning babe, good morning babe

Have a hot Sunday, Vixens!


  1. Are you kidding me, what a POST. No wonder I suffer from sleepless nights. Larger than life visions of Vincent occupy my dreams day & night. Who can sleep when they know that this gorgeous man lives only a few miles away tuck snuggly in his warm and comfortable bed. OH Heavens!

  2. OH MY GOD!! I just want to trade places with his wife for one day! Just one would be enough for me, but OH WHAT A WORKOUT he would get that day!!!!

    Artist, have you ever seen him in person?

  3. Sadly, no. It's a big city and they are usually taping the show when I am at work. Although I have seen other actors & stars walking along the streets of New York.

  4. Now that's going to keep me up all night. LOL

  5. that last, so close.....damn her ass!!!!!!

  6. You're so lucky to live in NY! I'm coming up there this August. Hopefully they'll already be taping Season 9. I plan to hunt him down!! By any chance, do you know around what date they start or end taping?

  7. :-D

    I'd never heard the song before...but it's going to become a favourite after seeing the lyrics with those pictures..Happy Sunday indeed

  8. Couldn't hear the song, I was thinking of Gimme Some Lovin' byt the Spencer Davis Group, from 1970 or 71.

    As for the pictures - unable to think!

  9. Anonymous1:51 PM

    My Sunday just improved....!

  10. Good Morning Tricia. I have no idea when they start taping, but TheReelblog often has location sites listed. Let me know when your coming into the city maybe we can meet for lunch or something.

  11. No!!!!! Not again!!!!
    I've a hard night to find my sleep yesterday (not enough whisky!!!!) stop to torture me girls!!!!
    Plus, if he wants to wake me up I should be sleeping!!!!!!!

  12. linksss babesss

  13. Good afternoon Artist :)
    I'd love to meet for lunch! Maybe we can hunt VDO down together LOL.

    Jazzy, thank you so much for the On location link!! It has exactly what I was looking for. I found LO:CI taping locations starting as early as July, so I'll definitely plan my trip for Aug.

  14. Hi Tricia, sounds like fun. I'd love to go VDO hunting with you. Let me know when the date gets closer and I will send you my information.

  15. don't DARE to come back (will you come back, once you've found Vince???) without d.e.t.a.i.l.e.d. reports and photographs.

  16. What a way to heat up a chilly Sunday...or any day for that matter!
    Steamy stuff there...thank you for posting!

  17. Thee PERFECT post to end my day!

  18. OMG! What I wouldn't give to wake up to some of that.