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Sherlock had a famous one, MacGyver had a relentless one, Bobby had one of the few female ones. What did they all have in common? A Nemesis. That person who doggedly plagues them and eludes capture through cunning, intelligence and expert gamesmanship. Sherlock Holmes’ Nemesis was Professor Moriarty, even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle couldn’t kill him off although he did try – Reichenbach Falls sound familiar?

Professor Moriarty

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson


MacGyver had Murdoc the psychopath who wanted to control the world and was always up to some diabolical plot. Every time MacGyver thought Murdoc was dead he’d reappear like a bad penny. Some psychopaths just won’t die! Freddie Cruger being one of them!

How appropriate that Detective Goren should have a female nemesis. The sexual tension between them was titillating and undeniable. Nicole the beautiful temptress, the lovely spider who kills her victims with poison just like all good spiders. She was sharp witted, sharp tongued, cunning, intelligent, beguiling, belligerent and devious. How could Detective Goren find her anything other than fascinating, complex and a challenge, someone who had to be put in her place, a worthy opponent for our brilliant detective.

At times it seemed as though Bobby wanted to reform her and discover “the promise of that sparkling little girl” that girl who died years ago at the abusive hands of her father. It was exciting to watch them match wits with one another, like watching an intricate chess game played by two equally brilliant opponents.
But alas, Nicole is gone, a heart in a box, never to return.
I for one will miss the cat & mouse game between them. The sexual innuendo, the teasing and tempting one another was enticing. Each one trying to lure the other into their web, Bobby’s web was a jail cell, Nicole’s web was a coffin.
Gone but not forgotten OR like so many other Nemeses is she destined to return?


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    *screams: my eyes, my eyes*

    Despite the fact I loathe the ground under which she burrowed, or the box in which a seemingly vital organ rested, I....(and I beg forgiveness) STILL wish she'd kept going forward in that picture and KISSED him. I would have just LOVED to see his reaction - and would have been on hand to give him his anti-venom shot afterwards ;0)

    Although concerned at the lack of the rest of her corpse showing up in 'Frame', I think (hope!) she's gone now. With new writers on board, LOCI needs to move forward, not backwards....just my opinion of course.

  2. What a wonderful post. I also loved the sparing between Nicole and Goren and a part of me will miss it. I'm also a little sad that we didn't get one last taste of it in her final appearance.

    But I also don't really want her to reappear. It would be too much, though I do think she is one of the great villians who have appeared on TV.

  3. i hope she has gone forever.

  4. 'Tell Bobby he was the only man I ever loved'....I believe that, in her own sick twisted way.

  5. This is a superb post. I adored Wallace because she was such an UNUSUAL nemesis for Goren. Women - be it Eames, his mother, or whoever, aer always the ones who get the better of him. With men he is always always confident and self-assured, even if they remind him of his father (ESPECIALLY if they remind him of his father!!), but women can play around with him in a way that he won't let men do.

    I can understand why so many Goren fans hated Nicole Wallace, but I thought that her scenes with Bobby made for some of the best dramatic tv scenes I've watched for AGES. I never get tired of watching episodes with her in them.

  6. Lozzie,

    You hit the proverbial nail on the head with your comment.

    His nemesis had to be a woman and had to be a damaged woman at that. One he could never give in to no matter how much tension built between them. I most like some of the scenes where Nicole is not present but we can tell Bobby is thinking about her and gets that "far off' look. You can see that he is fighting his inner demons that make him crave her even though he hates her. He has a need for her, doesn't understand that need, and he is engaged in a mental battle to against it.

  7. I think it is quite possible that Goren will continue to be tormented by Nicole Wallace, even if she never does appear in person again.

    For a start, Goren - no matter how unhinged he was feeling at the time - is still not quite 100% sure that she is dead. He's probably weighing up a hundred-and-one different pros and cons, trying to figure out if Gage could have been lying to him about her death and the manner of it.

    Dead or alive, she's stuck there forever inside his head (cue dramatic music, LOL)

  8. Truly, IMHO, she was one of the great television nemeses of all time. I am not surprised that they "wrapped up" that whole storyline at the end of season 7, but I AM going to miss her terribly. She was AMAZING! Kudos to Olivia D'Abo for doing such a stellar job!

  9. She was great for the first two episodes and after that became just plain annoying. By the time Grow came about, I was finding her pathetic at best.

    She's dead. I hope they leave her that way. If you want to see the sexual tension and great give and take between them, watch the first two episodes. It's pretty much gone after that, IMO.

  10. I guess I'll join the minority, I kinda "liked" Nicole. She gave Bobby a run for his money that no man ever gave him. She is his white whale and I hope he doesn't have a break down because of it.

  11. joining the minority, too; any news??

  12. Well, to quote Bobby from the Frame episode "You can't kill Nicole she has nine lives." "Your wrong, you're all wrong." Interesting?

    I'm sure she's dead. Isn't she?

  13. oh surely she is! (says the woman who never won a bet)

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