Kissing Debate

On my list of "Best VDO Kisses" (as if there were any others), Elton/Claire is ranking at # two. And therefore absolutely worth a Sunday Post.

#1 Valentino
#2 Elton
#3 Bob Howard
#4 Abbie Hoffman

Sometimes, I ask myself what if the order of my list is wrong?!? What if Mike Cobb's kisses taste better than Abbie's? And how's about Guy, Sam and also Tony? It's not easy to decide. See, that's why one needed to sample Vincent's goods. ALL of his goods!

Have a hot Sunday, Vixens


  1. As if I wasn't HOT enough already!

  2. I think the solution is to have Vincent dress as each character and kiss you in character, then you could be certain. I'd volunteer FOR WE ARE THE TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS but I don't want a divorce after 35 years, I have him trained already.

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    My theory is he's the best kisser on the planet. Naturally, I need to 'prove' this theory....

    I don't have a favourite kiss really, they all look spectacular, although I'm very fond of Valentino's 'rage-reducer' when Mary-Carmen starts going off at him *sighs*

  4. DUHHH..Valentino first!!pssst..of course Jazzy Vincent is NO.1 in my book;)))!!;)))

  5. Yes, Valentino certainly is a hot kisser.

    But then Vincent, as a method actor, created him from his own experience.

    Could I have the benefit of experiencing Vincent please. Kissing or...

  6. All of them look to have the lose your clothes capabilities but as you all have mentioned to do a proper experiment we need to test the theory with hours and hours of research!

  7. His kisses are what dreams are made of – his luscious tongue entering your mouth, his soft lips on yours, and his long elegant fingers caressing your face. OMG I’m turning beet red just contemplating the moment. All his characters are magnificent kissers because they all embody the passion of one unique man – Vincent OMG D’Onofrio! It’s so hot in here one would never know it was winter.

  8. basric's "training argument" is a good one. on the other hand, after 35 yrs you know exactly how to do "things" without your man finds out.

  9. Jazzy, that is why I am still married after 35 years. You resist temptation. But you can fantasize.

    Anyway today is YOUR day so Vincent is Yours for the day. Enjoy

  10. I think this proves that tongue size counts and is another measure of "The Python".

  11. Anonymous10:07 AM