(by Artistonthehudson & Jazzy)

The hustle & bustle of Christmas is upon us and we are all feverishly looking for that special gift that will make our loved ones happy or at least not miserable. During this season we celebrate our diversity and acknowledge that we each celebrate this time of giving in a different way with different customs and rituals.

As the snow falls, the wind blows and we bundle up and start on our merry way to fulfill everyone’s holiday wish we ponder about our favorite subject VINCENT.

We know that Vincent has a lot of fans, admirers and of course he also has us -- the Vixens.

We come from all over the world; different time-zones, different nations, different religions. Some of us are going to celebrate Christmas, some of us do not, and some will celebrate a similar holiday.

However, we all love ThaMan!

So we are sure you have a wish list already, right? If not, it's time to make one!
Our bet is your wish has something to do with YouKnowWhoWeMean.

.... a holiday with a romantic theme; you & Vincent snuggling by a fireplace?

A hot holiday on a tropical island?

Maybe a Big Brass Bed, some handcuffs, a little massage oil, well you know where this is going! Oh, make sure you put the "do not disturb for ANYthing" sign on the door.



What's on your wish list for Xmas?


  1. Vincent has been on the top of my list for a while now. ;-)

  2. Oh vincent is the list, lol.

    Love the first photo, in his hat, which us Canadian's call a touque. He's so sweet!

  3. Hi folks;

    I read your interesting posts regularly; but don't make as many comments.

    Well said; Christmas is certainly in the air; for the "haves" and the "not haves"; though not qiute in the same way.

    Some people, like our dear Vincent and Toni, realize this, all so well.

    Check out the news:


    • Movie and television actor Vincent D'Onofrio, who stars in "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," will appear in American Fork on Thursday at Rib City Grill, 648 E. State St., to sign autographs and meet the public. The actor's sister, Toni Jorgensen, owns Rib City. She has agreed to donate Thursday's and Friday's proceeds, after the cost of the food, to the "Cops and Kids Sharing" effort with the American Fork Police Department, a program that helps underprivileged local children do Christmas shopping. For more information, call Rib City Grill at 492-1744."...

    Now tell me, is Vincent really fabuleous, or is Vincent really fabuleous...??

    Don't know about you; but I feel honored to have had the chance of ever knowing this man.

    God bless him in everything he does;



    Dear Lozzie Cap;

    Thanks for your graceful idea of "Our Favorite Actor" award.

    I've tried to gain access to make a doation inside US; but unfotunately, it's not possible for "where I live"...!!

    I might end up doing it here, after all -guess Vincent himself would've told me that it's the thought behinde the deed that counts....

    Have a nice time, folks...!!

  4. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Sadly, for some considerable time now, Santa has seriously and repeatedly let me down with my Christmas wish, so the fantasy is STILL - a cabin in snowy woods, a roaring log fire, me 'n' Vincent on the floor....

  5. Thanks Saghy 2 - looks like you and I cross-posted!

  6. Oops....!!

    We must've both gotten the "Google Alert" at the same time....!!

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  8. What a good family they have......the care for their fellow man is obvious. Mama did a good job raising them and instilling good values.

    Enough with the serious stuff......look at where those bottles are!!

  9. i will burn in hell for my wish list, and there isn't even a bed on my list...

  10. Why would you even need a bed, Jazzy? Surely you'd never even make it upstairs?

  11. 'Twas the night before Christmas;
    When all through the house
    Not a creature was stirring,
    Not even a mouse ...

    The stockings were hung ...
    like D'Onofrio ... with care;
    In hopes that St. Vincent
    Soon would be there ...

    The vixens were nestled ...
    All snug in their beds
    As visions of nude Vincent
    Danced in their heads!

    Jazzy in her kerchief,
    And I in my jockstrap,
    Had just settled down
    For a long winter's nap!

    When out on the lawn,
    Their rose such a clatter
    Lozzie sprang from her bed
    To see what was the matter

    Away to the window
    We flew like a flash!
    Val tore open the shutters
    Jazzy threw up the sash!

    The moon on the breast
    Of the nude D'Onofrio
    Gave the lustre of midday
    To the sex toys below!

    When what ... to my
    wandering eyes should appear
    But our dear darling Vincent
    wearing only a grin … a snear

    With his love monster at attention
    So lively - not reticent!
    We knew in a moment
    It must be Saint Vincent!

    More rapid than eagles
    His babymakers came ...
    And he whistled and shouted
    and called them by name!

    Now Basric! SnarkAngel!
    Now Diane! Now Jazzy!
    Now Fuzzie, Now Artist!
    Now Jojo! And Lozzie!

    To the top of the porch!
    To the top of the walls!
    He shot and he shot
    His load from his balls!

    A smirk came as quickly
    Across his sweet face
    As he slowly wound down
    Nearly stopping the pace

    Dear Vixens, and Snark!
    I come not in a dream …
    But to you in reality
    With this delivery of cream

    Now brace yourselves fully
    For you’re about to receive
    The greatest gift ever …
    D’Onofrio … that’s me!

  12. Snark, you made my day!
    Oh wait, scratch what I've said.
    In fact you made my Xmas!!!

    I need a waterproof mascara before I can read your poem again. LOL!

  13. I bow to you ,oh Snark, the Great One!!!!

  14. P.S. did you mean "cum" LOL

  15. I have tears running down my face which is followed by a coughing fit from laughing so hard. What a lovely Christmas story, this will certainly give the Vixens something to dream about on those long winter naps.Oh, Fuzzy you crack me up.

    BTW – I read the new poll and just thought I’d let you know that nothing we discuss about Vincent offends me as long as no one is bashing our dear man. I love this site.

  16. My Christmas Wish is a tall bottle of Champagne, a tall man with his tall euphuism trapped in the Plaza Hotel for days by a raging blizzard. Oh heavens, all I have to wear is my silk under garments and poor Vincent’s clothes have seemed to disappeared all together. Oh goodness what will we do to occupy our time? Order in room service. Play chess (or chest?)? I guess we will have to improvise.

  17. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Snarkangel, I'm having your poem framed - Bravo, a D'Onofrio-Poet-Laureate :0)

  18. I'm huble..just a burning fireplace..soft and big bed+me and Vincent in a santa suit..and for treats..handcuffs-cooled coca-cola(many Liters),strawberrys and melted chocolate!!:)));)))

  19. I missed this post yesterday, in the hurry to read the Rib City one.

    Little did I know Shakespeare's great grandson was among us.

    My Christmas wish? Vincent on toast. Or toasty-hot Vincent. I'm not fussy.

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  21. Sorry that was me..~coughs~`
    Snark i just about choked to death laughing! Freakin' hilarious!

    oh and on the top of my wish be on the top of...well, you get the idea.