German TV shows S7

Dear German Vixens:
Don't miss season 7
Hey, and please leave comments - say Hi.

Daß ihr es bloß nicht verpaßt
Mi, VOX um 20:15Uhr kommt Staffel 7
Üüüübrigens, posted doch mal 'nen Comment
und sagt Hallo.

(German title: Schuld und Sühne)

He's totally hot in this epi!


  1. Gorgeous man, thanks for the screen caps! How can one man be that HOT all the time! Incredible!

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Hi Jazzy, das sind tolle Pics, wonderfull, lovely............
    I`m so happy to begin the new Season :-)

  3. lovely caps. very nice for a sunday morning. thanks.

  4. The good thing with VOX TV diffusion it's the fact every episodes is diffused two time in the same evening!!!! two time most pleisure!!
    I love the deutsche Bobbys voice but i prefer the original:most sweet the husky voice!

  5. I look forward to Sunday mornings, you always have something special posted for us. Love that face! Thanks, Jazzy.

  6. Its a pity he has to be dubbed why not subtitled instead, great caps.

  7. germans would never watch films with subtitles. 'we' think that subs are an antiquated technique. thx goddess bobby's dubbed voive is almost as good as the original - that actor did good job.
    but never watch the dubbed version of VoG; they haven't used mary carmen's accent, valentino's voice is icky and they even rewrote a lot of lines.

  8. Enjoy Season Seven, dear German Vixens!

  9. I don't like it,that voice dubbed..WHY..I like to hear the original voice of the acters!!With dubbed it is just not them!!
    Vincent is SOOO HOTTT and HUNKY in that epi.,I wanted to cry!!And scream;WHY THE HEACK Vincent you are so HOT and HUKY..THAMMM..YOU ARE driving me nuts..all over again!!WHY,WHY,WHY!!;)))
    I wachted that epi. my eyes poen wide,frozen and with a half open mouth,with drool on the eges!!;)))I look like a crazy goofy person!!My mom asked me where I have gone,and then saw VDO on the TV screen,and realized it!!She just mumbeld that VDO lookd old and fat..???..I just looked at her and smirked and waved,shaking my head!!Some women just don't get it!!

  10. Season 7 is just starting for Germany? We have to wait until November for season 8 to start I think.(here in the States) I think you'll really enjoy it! Tho never enough Goren! I love subtitled movies, I think it would be strange to hear a different voice come out of his mouth, but I'd watch Bobby even if the sound didn't work on my TV!