sexual content

This post is dedicated to the Censor of Photobucket - a guy who wanks under the desk and can not handle the thought of how horny she (he? it?) is to Vincent.

Dear wank- errr censor,
thank you so much for keeping jazzy's albums clean - a hard job, indeed !


  1. They need microscopes to see their penises. They are inadequate males who have sex with computers. No wman could delete these pictures.

  2. Oh least I can thank the wan...I mean the censor for inspiring you to make this to share with us. ;)

  3. And Val, no self-respecting gay man could delete these pictures, either. My poor Jazzy. A "cleansed" Jazzy is a sad Jazzy ... LOL

  4. **runs upstairs to demand M.O.T and 20,000 mile service from Old Man**

    Nice piccies dear!!

  5. poor jazzy needs days to de-clean albums AND herself; at least the latter makes fun ;)

    20,000 miles oh my!