Bobby's guests

A Tribute To Great Talents On LOCI

Liza - Masquerade

Roy Scheider - Endgame

Tatum O'neal & Francie Swift
Semi Detached

Griffin ~ The Eight ~ Dunne

Franny Drescher - War At Home

Appeared in Proud Flesh:
Malcolm Mc Dowell

Martha Plimpton - Blind Spot

Michael York as Bernard Femont

Theresa Russell - On Fire

The Serial killer in WANT
Neil Patrick Harris

Rita Moreno - Endgame, Brother's Keeper

The good child with John Shea

Olivia D'Abo

Brooke Shields - Siren Call

Corbin Bernsen
was a bad guy in prisoner

the unforgettable Dennis Christopher in Cherry Red

and "Max" - Privilege


  1. Some good pics there Jazzy, I don't recall Brooke being in Semi Detached though, I think she was just in Siren Call-still CI has seen some good guest stars some of them have been in other law and orders too.

  2. HAHAHA!
    I personally think Max was the best...

  3. One of the real strengths of LOCI is its guest cast. Vincent and Kate and the other regulars are superlative actors but sometimes even their performances are eclipsed by what the guest stars do. Just astonishing.

    Lots of the guest stars seem to have worked with Vincent before. Is that simply because he has been around the block a few times - acting-wise, of course - or do you think he has some influence with the casting director? I mean, didn't sort out getting Tony Goldwyn in as Goren's brother, after sitting next to Goldwyn on a plane?

  4. Rita Moreno was also in The War at Home with Drescher. Another of my favorites was Colm Meaney in "In the Wee Small Hours, Parts I and II." He worked with Vincent as another bad guy in Claire Dolan.

  5. I'm with you, Lozzie, he must be great to work with - look at SWMNBN's creator, with him in4 episodes, in VOG, and would have been in TWWW if she hadn't been pregnant. I also think he must request people he has worked with before, he's a loyal sort of a guy, it would seem.

    And yes, Goddessdster, I like Max best, too! "Play nice". With you, bobby? Of course!

  6. I love the Madi video It is great. I am suppossed to tell you I put a link to your blog from my blog now you can link to me.

  7. yep, there are many overcrossings (guessing this is the right word). it's always interesting finding out 'who acted with whom', i even search the net for such movie information - love that shit!

    meaney was also brill in 5 fingers (without MAX, however)

    acer, i know!

  8. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Jazzy is that autographed pic of Olivia from your own personal stock?

  9. Yes, Bev. I mailed her some years ago, asking for an autograph card (or just ANYthing). She was so very kind and send me this one. I felt so special. Although .... there are hundreds autographed pix from her out there. *sigh*