3 - 2 - 1 - GO !

no doubt, vincent is a talented actor. BUT i also love him for wearing big shoes.
size 13 = a titan missile, a space shuttle booster rocket, and it keeps going up!


  1. But we love the big ones more. And preferably biblically...

    What a hoot!

  2. I long for the days of classics like this.

  3. val sent me here... oh boy!

    that scene has me in hysterics anyway, but your adaptation had tears rolling down my face...

    although his point about small men and petite women isn't quite right. now a real tight fit is a petite woman (like moi) and a big man (like him)... makes my eyes water (as well as...) just thinking about it

  4. oh, this is just hilarious. i used your bib to alternately, wipe my eyes from laughing and wipe the drool from my mouth!

    oh, and val sent me!!!

    (is that the secret password??)

  5. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Utterly brilliant - LOL.
    He can park his size 13's under my bed whenever he wants to. I remain convinced he's perfectly in proportion in ALL areas, though, naturally, I would like to ascertain this for myself....

  6. Great vid, Jazzy! I'm still chuckling and will no doubt come back and watch it again when I need something to cheer me up.

  7. val pointed me here...luckily for me cos you changed your address just asfter I found you the first time!!

    That video is absolutely brilliant,made me laugh A LOT :-)

    BTW,I have to agree with Ann about her tight fit theory..I'm short too

  8. glad you followed the secret password!
    welcome you all to the "13 club"
    join us for a few meetings,
    it's a very crazy club but easy to join, only requirement:


    btw. short members can reach some body-bobby-parts easier than the large ones; not that bad either.

  9. I'm tall and can reach certain body parts, while the shorter vixens can concentrate on other body parts. Then how about we flip him over and start all over again, enjoying new parts!

    Val sent me here, and I'm so glad I checked you out. Great site! Fabulous video!

  10. ohh, god, good crack. haha
    ohh, btw, they also say that men who have a big nose have big...everything. but i live bobby's nose. very cute. lol


  11. Now ladies it doesn't matter what our height is - we can all have a nice tight fit - all we need to do is remember our pelvic floor exercises ... and LIFT! and two and three and four and BREATHE! and two and three and four and LIFT! and two and three and four and BREATHE! and two and three and four.

    Probably quite unnecessary with Vincent though. Even those of us who have fannies so flappy they have been known to give a round of applause afterwards.

  12. You all gal's are so funny!!Lozzie cap..you bad girl..ha,ha,ha!!
    That scene crack me up,evey time I see it!!
    Bobby come to me with your big 13 size shoe,and..your big missle;your are my perfect tigth fit,I'm a big and tall woman,(BIG,not a woman with too much waight)..so Bobby come next to me and let's compare and check out,our big size shoes,amoung other things!!:));))

  13. One of my fave Jazzy vids of all time!