What do You notice First on a guy?

What do you notice on a guy first?
Is it hands...?
Please do tell....


  1. I notice the package!!! the Bulge..the pants..yes,I am shallow and I dont care!! lmao
    I do look for nice eyes and mouth.
    Oh yeah..I check out hair and I have a thing for hands too,long fingers! I am soo messed up..but its soo much fun! ;) heehee..

  2. Eyes probably, personality, how they speak, manners including at the table.

  3. Of course if the guy is a jerk, then the rest doesnt matter.He could be georgeous..but if he doesnt have a good personality, he can keep his looks and be lonely. So, I agree w/you there. :)

  4. Depends what part of him first comes into view. I'd have to say height. But with Vincent, the complete package (no, not "package", though yes, that as well..) is totally mesmerising.

  5. Val..you just admitted you like the "package" as well..see..with some guys,(like VDO) we cant help ourselves! lol

  6. Well mannered in public – that is a turn on. Men who forget any manners in bed – over the top!

  7. So true Jazzy! So true! hehehe

  8. Anonymous8:36 PM

    haha, good question...and yes i notice the package, too. lots of women say it doesn't matter, but i say: IT DOES!
    but my eyes are also searching for some big hands and wide shoulders, u know? he has to look like a REAL man, not just like a man.
    so that's what i check out first: package, hands, shoulders..in that order :) haha..
    if he has all those necessary qualifications we'll have some fun in the first hours..and later if i find out that he has a good personality it's okay, too..

  9. Good answer Emma! hehe LOL

  10. I start with the hair and then look at what he is wearing on his feet.

    Of course, in the journey between the two, my eyes make many unscheduled stops.

    With Vincent, I first noticed the HAIR on his face - he was doing acrobatics with his eyebrows alone and he had a day or so's worth of beard. I instantly found myself wondering what the rest of his body hair was like. *sigh*

  11. Well, Real36b, you don't live in a lonely world because if those circumstances you like are messed up, count me in as well! What about the tush, they have to have a good tush. It's very crucial!

    Also, I agree with most people here, they have to be mannered. An unmannered guy is.. really a turn down :p

  12. package for sure. i'm VERY picky about that.

    must meet my demands. lol


  13. Well,hmmm..that is not easy to say!!I notice everything,including brain power!!To be very precise,hmmm..is the eyes+hands!!

  14. umm id say the eyes and hair..lol
    he must also carry a nice "gift"..hahalol

  15. Anonymous5:08 AM

    "nice gift" that cracks me up :)))