about men

The dictionary says about men:
1. An adult male person.
2. A human regardless of sex or age; a person.
3. Often used in combination (that cracks me up!).
4. A member of the genus Homo, family Hominidae, order Primates, class Mammalia, characterized by erect posture and an opposable thumb, especially a member of the only extant species, Homo sapiens, distinguished by a highly developed brain (sometimes I doubt about), the capacity for abstract reasoning (IMHO too abstract), and the ability to communicate by means of organized speech (sadly!)
5. A male lover or sweetheart (what more do we need to know?).

Here is an example of a man who knows how to use a thumb:


  1. Men....Love..hate em..cant live without em...lol
    men are NOT male adults..we just let them think they are..hehe
    The best part...a male lover or sweetheart..thats all we need to know!
    The thumb is okay..I want way more than a thumb!

  2. Hello Jazzy, I don't know much about men to answer your questions.

  3. And what a thumb!

  4. @jane
    we don't need to know much about men - we just need to love them

  5. Of course we do, well some of them anyway-if there were no men in the world or women for that matter there would be no human race.

    Everything about Vincent is sexy including his thumb LOL.

  6. Ahh..men!!So much to say!!A real great man-VDO!!Plus he has those thumbs-rrr..rrr!!