Dirty Thoughts: This Is My Story

This is my goofy story that I couldn’t help but share with you. It’s quite amusing in my opinion. I just hope it’s not one of those ‘you had to be there’ kind of stories.

So, I’m just going to get right to the point. I was lying on a hospital bed a couple weeks ago. I was hooked up to all the fun stuff that you need to be hooked up to when you’re about to be put out. As the anesthesiologist started to inject the anesthetic into my IV line, she said, “Relax and think good thoughts.”

Being put out has never bothered me – I’ve been put out more times than I can count so the idea of having good thoughts never crossed my mind before. However, the idea being planted into my mind by her words immediately had me thinking good thoughts…

Can you guess what my good thoughts were about? Here's a little PG-13 rated preview:

Of course I had to think of him and Criminal Intent.

And maybe an interview of him about Criminal Intent.

And then to that sexy hair and smile of his.

Then to him smoking....

And smoking....

And to him and his smokin' hot ass that I just want to grab!

Not a second after she said that, my thoughts immediately drifted to several different images of Vincent D’Onofrio. Most were definitely rated mature, so just use your imagination. How fitting, right? And, of course, about two seconds later I forced the dirty images in my head to stop and my thoughts literally changed to (not joking and excuse the language): Oh, fuck, I’m going to start thinking of him and then my blood pressure is going to rise!

I think I actually began to redden slightly. Then she looked at me and asked if I could feel the anesthetic yet. I simply stated ‘yes’ and then decided it would be better if I thought of a beach, a waterfall, something very unoriginal. I mean, hello! Look at those pictures. I figured picturing a waterfall would be best.

I conked out maybe 10 seconds later, but my last thoughts before I did were: “Oh, yes, this will make a great post for Team 13 Projects! I must share!!!”

How perfect, I thought later when I woke up. I was afraid I wouldn’t remember. Well, I did. It took all I had to not start laughing.

This story just goes to show you the trouble you may get into thinking about Vincent. Hmm. Maybe I worded that wrong. I mean, really, how can you get into trouble thinking about him? *grins*

So, I’m curious now. Any unusual places or situations you’ve thought of him before? As if there are any bad places or times to think about him. =)

On another little note: I’m having shoulder surgery November 5, so I will be out of commission for a little while (I don’t do so well typing one-handed). Let’s just hope I don’t turn red when I think about him - and I most definitely will be thinking about him this time I’m put out. I can't help it now and it's so not my fault! =)


  1. You really thought of T13 before you drifted away to dreamland? Now that's what I call commitment LOL!
    But yeah, there aren't any bad places or times to think about Vincent and his smokin' hot ass.
    Good Luck with your surgery, Snyder! Sending happy and healing thoughts your way so you'll feel better soon.

  2. I spent my time in the MRI scanner thinking hot thoughts about him. Well, there's not much else you can do in there, is there?

  3. First, good luck with your surgery!!!

    I concur with Jazzy, there's no inappropriate place to think about Vincent! Even if I believed in god and went to church, I think my mind would start wandering to the naughty place....maybe do some fantasizing about Father D'Onofrio and the Catholic School Girl alone in the confessional....

  4. Good luck tomorrow Snyder! I'll be sending good thoughts*** your way for a speedy recovery.

    *** just in case you run out of thoughts, I'll send some extra good VDO ones your way.

  5. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Naughty thoughts of VDO in church...yup been there, done that!

  6. JoJo! I was having a normal blood pressure until you said "Father D'Onofrio and the Catholic School Girl".

  7. Jazzy - I totally did (it was priceless) and I tried everything not to laugh! Lord, they'd commit me!!! And good to know there aren't any bad places to think of him. *innocent look* And thanks, I hope it's a quick recovery this time. I'm crossing my fingers!

    val - Why didn't I think of that!!! Hmm. I always drift into la la land and I end up getting an idea for a fanfic story out of it. LOL

    JoJo - Thanks for the luck. My last surgery didn't go so well. =( And omg, I am soooo glad I don't go to church now - because I may too be thinking about him!!! And then I'd leave feeling guilty!

    mauigirl - Thanks. Please send any good thoughts, images of VDO or just some hot pics of VDO my way. =) Hell, why don't you just send me the real thing? LOL


  8. Love that fantasy, JoJo. Will have to borrow it sometime. Now if I can only decide which of my Catholic grade school uniforms to use. LOL

    Good luck with the surgery, Snyder. Does this mean that Twitter will be quiet for a while? :P Hugs, girl.

  9. Ducky - What are you saying? You say I tweet a lot? Me? Never!!! LOL. =) No, no, no. I'll still be on Twitter. A full-body cast couldn't keep me away from Twitter!!! And thanks. =)


  10. Anonymous8:02 PM

    I think about him often....

  11. Wishing you a very successful surgery, my dear! Hopefully, it will be relatively pain-free. They should give you lots of drugs that will allow for plenty of Vincent-dreaming time ... wherever you might be!

  12. Good luck on your surgery, Snyder. Hope to see you back here soon, sharing one of your 'drug-induced' Vincent fantasies with us! Wouldn't it be nice if instead of Vicodin, they could give you some Vince-odin...a pill that takes you right into a fantasy where Vince takes away all your pain!

  13. Diane - Oh, me too.

    Has anyone ever been caught daydreaming before and those good friends that really know you just roll their eyes and tell you to quit thinking about him for a second?! LOL it's too funny.

    SnarkAngel - Thanks. I will definitely be in la la land thinking of Vincent! =)

    jersey - I wonder if I can ask that doctor for such a prescription!!! What a brilliant idea! I love it! I better request it before the surgery, however, for they may think it's the meds talking! LOL


  14. hope you are healing well!