'Semi-Detached' Left Me Semi-Insane

I had to post a blog about this episode. I can honestly say it’s in my top 10 favorite episodes now. I’m sure all of you have seen this episode many times, but last night was my first. *blushes*

I’ll admit this entire weekend was just one big, giant Criminal Intent marathon for me. I don’t watch episodes when they air on TV, but I have them in my NetFlix instant queue and, well, I went hog-wild. For some reason I don’t watch Criminal Intent too much. I have all the seasons currently out, and I still haven’t even cracked season 4 open yet. Watching them makes me…agitated…anxious in a way I cannot explain nor will I try to. But this weekend I went at it and plunged head first into this Criminal Intent madness. I watched more episodes that I can actually list, but the last one I watched - at 5:30 in the morning mind you before I shut my Xbox off - was the one that had the most profound impact on me. It’s the one I will remember for a very long time.

Episode: Semi-Detached (Season 4, Episode 1):

Wow. I read about this episode where Eames is apparently jealous of a nurse. I’ve also seen screen caps of this episode before, but never actually watched it – until now. I seriously watched this episode for hours. I kept re-watching the good parts and pausing in the parts that literally had my jaw on the floor. I even had to pause in certain places to allow myself time to process what the hell had just happened. Am I the only one that thought this episode was amazing?

So, this entire episode was filled with many amazing scenes, but I’ll control myself and just point out a few…

The screen cap above is when Bobby willingly tells Nelda Carlson (played by actress Francie Swift) about his schizophrenic mother. They discuss medicine and then she starts to talk about his partner…

Nelda: “You don’t feel you carry more than your fair share of the work?”

Bobby: “No. We have…complimentary skills.”

And then, as I’m sure you remember, Bobby leaves the room when Alex comes back. Nelda speaks to Alex about Bobby:

Nelda: “He should be careful. And so should you. He told me about his mother. When there’s a predisposition to schizophrenia, it can manifest itself under stress. You should watch him.”

And, of course, Bobby and Alex’s conversation after Nelda leaves the room:

Eames: “I’m supposed to keep an eye on you.”

Bobby: “And I’m supposed to think you’re not carrying your weight.

Eames: (exasperated) “Ah.”

Bobby: Splitting. It’s how she forms alliances. It’s, um, splitting people against each other.”

Wow. I loved how Bobby described their partnership as complimentary. It was the perfect word. There’s something about this scene that, well, I had to watch it 100 times over. It was brilliant for so many reasons. What do you think? Am I just off my rocker here?

And then, oh yes, the souvenir badge Bobby gets for Nelda…and it has his badge number on it! I almost fell off my bed! Here’s the scene I’m talking about:

Holy hell. He almost looked...uncomfortable when she helped him – like no one else had tried to help him before and he didn't know how to handle it. Amazing stuff – it really made me think about his sad life.

And then…

She helps him with his jacket. I almost fainted right there. I was almost jealous because, as you know, I think he belongs to Eames and vise versa! Yes, that’s the shipper in me talking.

But then after she leaves, ah, he pulls out a picture of his academy photo that she slipped in to his breast pocket.

And back and 1PP, you could tell Eames wasn’t too pleased. Eames even made the comment, “This woman’s got it bad for you.”  I couldn't help but think: Was she referring to herself, too?

So when he goes over to warn Nelda that they’re coming with a search warrant, part of that scene still has me wondering. Nelda walks over to the door because Eames is on the other side of it saying: “This is the police. We have a warrant to search the premises.” Nelda opens the door and Alex says a few words and then…

Eames: “This is a copy of a warrant for…” And her voice halts because she finds Bobby leaning up against the wall.

Bobby: “Yeah, I explained to her what it…why you’re here.”

Eames: “Good. Then later you can explain to me why you’re here.”

So, what do you think? I know they come up with these deceitful plans all the time…but my gut tells me that Alex truly didn’t know Bobby would be there. So I believe her words are true, and not just to put on a good show to get a confession. The way she looked at him just adds to my belief.

And then this scene. Like my friend said, I too thought he was pretty damn close to her (and I’m not just talking about proximity). It looked like he was about to kiss her… Even more so, it almost looked like he wanted to. And then a line I will never forget:

Nelda: “Don’t you care about me at all? I know you do, I saw it.”

Bobby: “I didn’t mean for you to see it.”

Wow, such a strong, powerful ending. I could go on and decipher what Bobby’s last line meant, but I won’t here. I’m sure you guys did a good enough job of that. =) But I have to say, I wonder what Eames was thinking. Was she wondering the same as I was? Why did he show her that he cares, but never me? And by me, you know I am referring to Alex. Hmm. Just a thought that keeps multiplying itself...


  1. I love this episode too!!!! But I never thought that Eames wasn't in on the fact that he was going to be at Nelda's place. How often does Eames show up, on her own, w/o her partner, but w/ other cops in order to execute a search warrant? Never.

    I do think Bobby's character developed feelings for her, which were expressed in the final close up of his wistful, sad face at the end.

    BTW, you use the word 'shipper' and I've never heard that expression before. What's a shipper?

  2. Or actually I guess it was her ex-husband's place where they showed up.

  3. Congrats on losing your S4 virginity, Snyder.
    I'm not a B/A shipper and franky I don't care what Eames thinks. But I was quite surprised that Nelda is Bobby's type, I mean, she's a boring, old fashioned and 'traditional' woman so where's the challenge? Great eppy though. Bobby at his best!

  4. JoJo,
    Shipping is a term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. Just think of "shipping" as short for "relationSHIP".

  5. This was also one of my favorite episodes. Although some scenes are open to interpretation, I am 99% certain Eames knew Bobby would be at Zelda's boyfriend's apartment. It's all a part of their "good cop, bad cop" routine.

  6. there's no way bobby could be attracted to a perp. i refuse to believe it. totally don't believe it. he's pure, perfect, brilliant, and only attracted to good women, just like he'd never do cocaine. i think he was sad /c he'd like to have a real relationship with a woman who cared for him like she feigned but that murdering harlot could never really care for him or attract him. I, I think that he was sad that he acted her over so well. as a team g/e really got nelda zelda in this episode. she played and g/e played back. that's why it's such a good one. and the whole is he/isn't he attracted to her is really good tv too. maybe she'll come back for s10.

  7. Only attracted to good women?? Well, he'll change his mind when he meets me.

  8. JoJo - I know what you're talking about, but there was just something about that scene that told me she didn't know. Maybe I'm off but rocker, but it's just a thought. =) And I see Jazzy answered you're question about 'shipping.' I like them together, as a pair (or pairing), so I ship BA (Bobby/Alex). =)

    Jazzy - *Falls off bed* What?! *Dies* Those words...used in the same sentence. Wow, I'm met so many non-shippers out there in the past week. I'm gonna cry!!!

    Anyone actually ship them?! Someone out there, help me!!! =)

    Snark - It's an awesome episode. My mind is going around and around about writing a fanfic about it. =)

    Jean - I think you're giving Bobby too much credit. What about Nicole Wallace? He got under her skin and he was definitely affected by her, even attracted to her. I think there was something about Nelda that attracted Bobby as well. I don't by that he's only attracted to good women. Not for a second... Just my two cents.


  9. Bobby likes some part of why nelda was and could have been,but she was to "fluffy","quet" and not-chalenging for bobby..and bobby i think thinks that he dosen't deserves a woman just for him-a good powerful smart woman..eames..eh..hate her sometimes foe beeing bi**y to bobby;she is dosen't know what she want's..she married a tipcial cop-macho man why couldn't sing,dance..,and if he didn't die,there marrige would last,becauze eames is too tuff type..anyways i'm good enaf and bad enaf in a nice way for bobby..he is my requerd tate!!;)))-

  10. Great post, Snyder! Very thought-provoking. This is also one of my all-time top favorite episodes. I agree with most that Eames knew Bobby was there at the apartment -- all part of their plan to "split" Nelda. But I do think some part of Bobby was attracted to Nelda, or at least the idea of her and her...normalcy. No, she wasn't entirely normal, being a murderer and all, but she was a typical, if smothering, housewife type. Kind of what Bobby always wanted in a mother. And since boys are usually attracted to types that remind them of their mothers, Bobby was attracted to the life he always wished for. He WAS playing Nelda -- always -- but he also wanted some piece of that normal life, even if for a little while.

  11. OOOOH! So THAT's what it means! Thank you so much for letting me know. I thought perhaps 'shipper' was short for 'worshipper' (which I guess it could be too, since we do worship VDO!!!). :D

  12. Ruby, you said "typical, housewife type" that's what I meant by "boring, old fashioned and traditional". Just couldn't believe that Bobby is into these types. But your son/mother theory is interesting. You're probably right.

    Oh Snyder, I was thinking the same: what about Nicole Wallace? And remember the prostitute; he gave her his phone# and said something like: Let's stay in touch.

  13. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I'm the complete NON-shipper - I don't think Eames could turn Bobby on if he had a big switch on his back marked 'On'. They so do not 'fit' together as anything but work partners - BUT 'Semi Detached' is one of my favourite episodes, despite the fact poor Vincent looked beyond exhausted for most of it and I wanted to smack Nelda with a blunt instrument ;0)

  14. I think Bobby is human, with all the faults that come along with that. I do think He and Eames set up the end scene with Nelda. I also believe he did have feelings for Nelda, not romantic, but that Nelda cared enough about him to get that info for him. I believe he was genuinely sorry at the end that Nelda read too much into it. But he was stringing her along, on purpose, to gain her trust. Now Eames, she knew what he was doing, but I gathered she thought he was going a little on the deep end by giving Nelda his pin, but she went along with it.
    BTW, I know it's just TV, but IF Eames didn't know Bobby was going to the perp's place at the end, she never would have called him out on it like that, in public. She said what she did for Nelda's benefit. You know - splitting.

  15. I didn't remember about bobby giving her the pin. I need to watch this one again. But it's a lot more interesting that bobby is attracted to nelda than if he is just, strictly playing her. I think that's why its so good. But the fact this episode deals with the beginning feelings of finding love, giving little gifts to each other, the jacket scene and how loving a moment that is, it was wonderful to see bobby get that. Jeez, would I love to give it to him, no strings attached, well, I'd take a FEW strings I guess. Maybe s10 will have a couple good love stories-ish like this. That would be cool!

  16. I'm sure that scene was a set-up between G and E. And I really don't think they are each other's type. I do agree that he really had feelings for her. He's a bit of a sucker for deceitful women, it takes him a while to work it out.

  17. hi girls i´m back!! Oh god when i´ve seen this episode i´ve wanted to become a fu****g crazy murderer and have dt goren chasing me!!! What?! A girl can´t dream?!

  18. CJ!!!! Glad you're back. Hope you'll stay here.

  19. Gr8 episode as you know I love it. I really think they set up the last scene, cause if you remember in Purgatory when she didn't know he was there the shock and horror that comes on her face... anyway that's my reasoning but I think he was uncomfortable cause he liked the idea of being loved that way. That she was becoming devoted to him, Goren has no woman devoted to him like that and he longed for that cause he's human and wants what he never had genuine intimate affection. That's my thoughts, but as we all agree an eppy worth debating!