Vincent D’Onofrio Cologne

Just a short post for me this time (although I could easily write a novel). This is something that made me literally laugh out loud. And then, as usual, it had my mom proceeding to just roll her eyes at me. By the way, have I told you yet that I’m thinking about having her committed? She has no idea how I can see Vincent as being attractive. I mean, what the hell woman! Don’t get me started on the number of times I’ve told her that she’s blind, crazy, insane, just freaking stupid. Not kidding about any of those and then some as well. You should have seen the look on her face when I told her that my number one thing I have to do before I die is marry Vincent D’Onofrio. That's my life goal - I strive for excellence, perfection. She looked at me like, please, as if. Then I went on to explain to her that I might as well just die now. Ha Ha. Hmm. Okay, so it wasn’t as depressing as it sounds. It was actually quite funny.

I have many favorite pictures of him; this is one of them. Is it weird that I stare at his feet a lot in this picture?

So, on with my little story. I saw a picture of Derek Jeter in an Avon magazine. Before I go on, however, I’d just like to state right now that I do not 'do' the whole Avon thing. It’s so not me. But I was bored at the time, so I picked up one of their magazines. Anyway, he was advertising cologne and the first thing I said was, "Eww!" Lol. No, really, I did. He’s so not attractive (sorry if anyone here actually likes him). But then my thoughts quickly, very, very quickly changed to our yummy, Vincent. How fitting, right? I can’t even look at a damn Avon catalog without somehow bringing him into it! Actually, it's quite amusing now that I sit back and think about it. But the point being, my thoughts immediately turned to him and I thought, “Hmm, wouldn't it be yummy if Vincent had his own fragrance?!”

And aren't these just the perfect photo's for the photo-shoot or advertisement for it? By the way, these are my new favorite pictures of Vincent.

Why this man doesn't already have his own cologne is beyond me! So, what do you think? Good idea? Stupid idea? Undecided? Personally, I love it! I think we need to get him his own ‘suggestion box’ and then drop this little comment in there! I wonder what it would smell like…

The word 'masculine' comes to smell I mean. =)

So any ideas what you think it would smell like? God, how intoxicating would this cologne be? I'm sure there would need to be some sort of warning on it. And lastly...

This has truly always been one of my all-time favorite pictures of him. There's just something about him in the sun, the clothes he's wearing, and, oh god, those shades! I groan every time.


  1. Yep! The last picture 'does it' for me too :)

  2. Mmm, a very musky smell, with a hint of woodsmoke.

  3. It would smell like a night of wild sex.
    Advertising slogan of EAU D'E VINCENT: "Obey Your Obsession - Dress Your Body In VDO".
    He even could open Beauty Shops! Advertising slogan: "Satisfying Our Clients" or "Studio Thirteen. When Only The Best Will Do!"

  4. Vincnt is the preect example,what kind of man should sell cologne..big,tall,masculan,sexy and very tasty and sizzling hot!!And dear I get you my mom is exactly the same,she is just..she dosen't try to see it my way..just says stuff like-him the fat/old one,that when he plays goren he looks like a retard(???????)..too american for me,too far away for me(???????) life goal is the same marry him ;)- and..well it is to personal to say it here..well I'm just nuts as youfriend!!;)))-

  5. Snyder, I like the way you think! In fact, I like the way ALL of you think!! LOVE your ad slogan, Jazzy!! I'm not really a cologne fan, but I'd buy that scent in a heartbeat!

  6. My mom doesn't like him either. Crazy.

  7. I can see the commercials now! This is a brilliant idea, now all you have to do is market it.

  8. I don't ordinarily wear cologne of any kind, but I'd wear Eau de VDO in a millisecond!

  9. Anonymous6:17 PM

    First picture is on my list of All-Time Favourites (yes, it's a looooong list). I'd settle for just 'wearing' Vincent to be honest ;0)

  10. Anonymous7:27 PM

    my mom thought he was crazy at first, but now she's decided he's brilliant. anywhoo. i'd marry him. heck. for him, i'd consider changing my name. he is the most perfect, beautiful, stunning thing i've ever seen, or not really seen, jeez... one day i'll get to one of those jerky concerts. he must surely smell like cinnamon, cloves and allspice.

  11. I'm a Sox fan, so I'm admittedly biased, but I have no desire for my man to smell like Derek Jeter. Now Tino Martinez from back on the teams a decade ago, that's another story. Anyway, I think they should call Vincent's cologne "Thirteen."

  12. I'd like he wears Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior. I love this virile and sexy perfume. But Alain Delon is already the face of the brand.

    I imagine the commercials : Vincent wears a black shirt and two or three sexy girls open slowly his buttons. One of them slides her hand inside the shirt and caress his chest. Vincent looks intensely the camera and a sweet voice said : Eau de Vincent. For men. Not for boys.

  13. potzina, if he'll ever have his own cologne I seriously hope that they make YOU the boss of the marketing campaign!

  14. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Oh, Potzina! You kill ME! I just can't imagine him wearing cologne. I guess in my daydreams, I prefer him Totally naked. :)

  15. Tess - *big grin*

    val - Ohh, that's good.

    jazzy - Great idea! Gosh, if only this were true. Would it be weird to say that I'd buy it just because it has his name on the bottle? I so would, too!

    PurpleVixen7 - Thank you! I'm sick of seeing all these..."Eww" kind of guys. If ya know what I mean. But, damn, you're right. He's perfect. Big, tall, masculine, sexy..etc. *Groans* As far as your mom...ahh! We have to commit them both! LOL Yeah, my mom thinks he's old and fat, too. =(

    Ruby - Thanks. =) Sometimes I can't help where my mind takes me.

    JoJo - Damn! What is with our moms!!!

    jenz1011 - Oh, lord, the commercials! I would lose it every time I saw one! I wish I could market this stuff. Then I'd get to meet him, too. Oh, how great life would be...

    Snark - Ha Ha. Of course you would. =)

    Diane - *cracks up* I think we would all love to 'wear' Vincent. =)

    The one that signed anonymously - LOL! I've always said I was never going to change my last name. I love it too much, but if we were to marry, I'd freakin' proudly use his name!!! I mean, hello! =) And interesting idea with the smell, too. =)

    Sixtwosue - That name is a brilliant idea! OMG, and those true fans of him would completely understand, too. I love it!!!

    potzina - Oh. My. God. I almost fell off my bed reading that. I'm with need to be the boss of all this. But...can I be one of those girls caressing his chest? =) *hopeful look* Oh, hell, let's all be in it!


  16. OH YEAH! I'd be in THAT commercial!!!

  17. I really don't think it matters what it smells like..put Vincent in the ads and they'd sell out in seconds..even if only cos we all bought hundreds :-)

    Potzina: You're a very wicked girl..I like the way you think

  18. I personally love the fact that he doesn't wear a cologne. He smells fresh and clean - heavenly. Why mess with perfection.

  19. See, nobody want's to mess with him, dear Artist. But we would like to see him in cologne ads and commercials. Just for our viewing pleasure, you know.