Since she doesn't know who he is

it's time to introduce Burton Steckler to Snyder.

Let's start with some very important points: Uniform! Sweat! Gun! Cuffs!

I'm counting on you, Vixens! Please tell her about that sexy cop.


  1. He's a bad boy. He's ultra sexy. He's played by Vincent.

    And sadly he dies :(

    As usual.

  2. Yesssssss, Snyder!! You must watch this one! Vincent as an evil, bad-boy cop is ULTRA HOTTTTT! Instant wetness, guaranteed! LOL!

  3. Jazzy, wow, yummy! I wanna see it sooo bad now but...

    val!!! You would have to tell me he dies! I feel slightly depressed now!!!

    Snark - So he's a bad cop? *groans* It looks sooooo good.


  4. They are all dead on, he's SO BAD it's ALL GOOD! Evil, sexy deliciousness all rolled up in a uniform that works nicely on that body of his! Run don't walk to the video store near you!

    Just do what I do and don't think too much about him dying. Remember only the hotness!

  5. He's just...Steckler :-)

    No other way to describe him, Steckler should be a verb(?) used to describe sexy bad cops everywhere, although obviously none can compare to the original

  6. Anonymous9:51 AM

    What Val said!!!

  7. Steckler definitely should be a verb, Eliza. Then we could say: "Aaah look at that hottie, he's so utterly steckler!"

  8. It's the only once i wasn't sad to see his character die on screen. He died in a epic way! I'm sorry but i like this scene, Vincent is just excellent! I love to hate Steckler ;o)

    Snyder, you should watch this movie not only because Vincent is RRRrrrr! But also because the plot is good and Angela Bassett is a kick-ass girl! Girl Power! Yeah!