Which kind of fangirl/boy are you?

Recently I was talking to a friend about celebrities and their fans and we were joined by my daughters. Teenage girls 18 and 17 respectively and they said it all came down to what category of fan you are?
Fascinated by this we asked what were the categories and how did they qualify it and the girls said they are basically anywhere from 4 to 7 kinds of fangirls or fanboys depending on your grading scale. My girls are Anime fangirls to the tenth power and because they love me have had to see D'Onofrio in EVERYTHING and at my home he is called my boyfriend. He even has their respect because of VOG my 17 year old who LOVES YAOI and because of that movie our beloved earned her respect and she will sit through that movie without complaint because he is and I am quoting here..."As dedicated to kissing guys as he is girls.." Quite a compliment coming from her. (For those of you without Anime fanatics Yaoi means guy on guy action.)
Back to my subject my buddy, (fellow D'Onofrio fan I recruit for the one I obsess over) and I have taken their system and tweaked it to work for our enjoyment and I would like to inform you of our results and ask yourself which category you fit into.
We went with the 7 category theory and it goes a little like this:

Trendy, Fickle or Fleeting Fan

Comes and goes with the tide. Following the crowd. A for the moment fan, seen him in something everyone is talking about and proclaims to have been a fan all along but as soon as the next big thing hits will be gone with the bathwater.

Casual Fan

Probably has see him on TV or in a movie and enjoyed the performance or how he looked. Won't turn the channel if he is on something but won't go out of their way to see it if he is in it. Not against him but not truly for him either.

The Closet Fan

Is a fan but it is her or his dirty little secret. No one knows about their interest, they pass it off if someone notices them looking a little too long or hard. Pretends to merely be watching him because of being a fan of the show, or the movie sounded good, or enjoyed the direct but never about him. Looks at the web for info but never bookmarks it, doesn't save images etc. This fan is happy with being a closet junkie.

Dedicated Fan

These are the fans that enjoy his work, will pay attention and make a point of seeing him on purpose. Will weekly watch the show because of their devotion but have never done more than imdb them really. They don't lurk the sites looking for new images to add to the thousands they already have. Nothing that could be considered extreme or obsessed just a sincere fan that admires the actor.

The Borderline Fan

A fan riding the fence or edges of being a truly obsessed fan. Is more than dedicated, has seen all the movies and TV shows, maybe even bought a couple of them, has seen a web page or two maybe even a blog but not gone the last mile. Hasn't gushed about their actor to everyone they know including strangers waiting for the bus. He isn't their screensaver, wallpaper or an icon on any of their internet sites just a REALLY invested fan.

The Stalker Fan

Lurking everywhere, websites, events if possible, movies maybe been to his sisters restaurant and even watches trailers for a glimpse but has not gone the last step. He may be in their thoughts often but are not quite obsessed enough to write in a blog about him (guilty as charged) he may be their screensaver or wallpaper but the guy at the desk next to them doesn't know the extent of his/her obsession. May have occasionally posted a comment but not truly obsessed yet, maybe just waiting for the moment when it takes over their system but not a completely fanatical fan.

The Possessed

Nothing short of intense rehab and an exorcism is going to stop this fan from their obsession! They have a blog or website dedicated to the object of their desire or at least write on one (still guilty), he is their wallpaper, their screensaver, the wallpaper on their phone and they have their favorite picture of him somewhere at work along with their family (guilty of all of these offenses and unrepentant). They own over 4 of his movies and at least 2 seasons of his TV series. They made sure their dvd player plays both 1 and 2 because some of their dvds are imported. They have searched and googled him so many times if you type in V it comes up as a choice without having to type anything else. Website after website dedicated to him are bookmarked for easy access. He is the icon for your youtube page and the background (again guilty). Hounds people that have met him for details, had dreams, fantacies and daydreams all with the man in the lead role. Spends precious time out of their day just to get a glimpse of him or hear his voice and if this doesn't happen goes into withdrawl and becomes surly, aggressive and develops a twitch or itch that won't go away. It is known by everyone even your neighbor three houses or doors down that you are NOT to be disturbed while watching them. The final straw might be that you are such a fan that you are still reading this list cause it is on a blog about your obsession and the blithering blogger keeps putting in sexy pictures so you are forced to read on! (teehee)

So which kind of fan are you? All are welcome here and we don't bite, well most of the time anyway. Can't wait to hear which one you are. I am pretty sure you know which I am by now but if it is still unclear I am guilty of being THE POSSESSED, and I am pretty okay with that!


  1. Stalker,possesive,nuts,tottaly crazy horny fan!!Should I say or explane more??!;)))-

  2. Possessed, definitely!

  3. Possessed..which comes as no surprise to anyone, either here or in my home :-D

  4. Not quite possessed, but definitely in the stalker category. While I don't have a website, I do have (from my kids!) an apron with his pic, so everyone who comes in while I'm cooking see it, and I happily declare, "he's my boyfriend" when they look confused by it. I also have a Christmas ornament with his pic, and have dragged my husband along to meet him. That VDO of ours is something else...

  5. Love this post, very clever, Jennz!

  6. I admit it ... possessed. I just can't HELP myself! But then, I really don't WANT any help with this particular "possession." He's mine, I tell you! MINE!!!!

  7. Enjoyed your post, jenz. Guessing everyone here is way past rehab and exorcism. But I can picture some priests reciting the ritual of an unsuccessful exorcism of the vixens.

  8. POSSESSED, positively!

  9. Possessed and totally obsessed!

  10. Possessed is not quite extreme enough. Isn't there a category that goes further?

  11. ... obsessed :>) as only a true vixen can be

    have to confess he was my screensaver until i got grandchildren - yeah even this ol' wrinkly still feels the burn and the passion

  12. Well, I was feeling possessed at Joe's Pub last Thursday :)

  13. A dedicated fan and proud of it.

  14. Thanks everybody, i enjoyed making the system. There might be a category past possessed i guess but not sure what the specs are on it but i imagine that i am on this too!

  15. I would have to say dedicated! I'm in for the long haul...

  16. I'm probably closer to Dedicated than obsessed, but I see some Stalker qualities in me as well.

  17. The Possessed...and proud of it! =)
    Not that you all didn't know that already.

  18. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Possessed! Insanely possessed!