Damn, he looks amazing in shades!

He has beautiful eyes, I know. But sunglasses give him an aura of mystery and they give off a vibe that he may have a dangerous side.
And when he looks at you (don't you just wish), you can't know where EXACTLY he looks at.

Simply put: SEXY


  1. Oh yes, so sexy. He makes shades look so hot. But then again what doesn't look hot on him. Great post Jazzy.

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Damn, he's so cool...and he can look where he likes; as long as I get to return the favour ;0)

  3. Cool and hot. Sounds like our man.

  4. This proves he's superhuman: this man can be super HOT and super COOL at the same time!!

  5. I love him in shades!

  6. Hot, Cool, even lukewarm. I'll take him any way he comes. ;D

  7. Sexy is right....there is just something about him in shades that makes me all hot and bothered :-)

  8. I know! The one picture you have of him in your photobucket slide has always been one of my favorites. I growl and then proceed to drool all over my keyboard. It's the one where he's wearing a black coat and a black t-shirt with yummy bigger shades on and he's outside signing autographs in the sun! Oh. My. God!


  9. Anonymous6:43 AM

    How intriguing,
    Looks adore,
    eyes hidden behind sunglasses,
    I want to see more,
    Dark, mysterious, they compel,
    make me want to know more
    Now the climax has been swelled
    Those sunglasses that hide those eyes,
    Ohhh, those eyes
    Tantalize and allow to be scrutinized
    Thrill my heart
    VDO sunglasses that are dark

  10. Love the post ... and love Beverly's "comment" just as much! Bev, that should be a co-post!

  11. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Thank you Snark. ::blushes::

  12. As always jazzy you are brilliant and this post makes me want to see him in shades and NOTHING else!

  13. Shades and nothing else - oh your idea is priceless Jenz! WOOF!

  14. Well jazzy it's your brilliant post and the sexy man that make it easy for my muse! Again LOVE the post!