Kisses For The Winners!

The competition (link) is over and we have TWO winners!

Sixtwosue and SnarkAngel

You were promised a romantic prize, and who could think of something more romantic than a kiss?

Some even believe that our souls live in our breath and that kissing brings your soul together.

This is a very romantic theory, but not really one that can be proven true.
So, we'd HAVE to perform extensive tests on Vincent!!

Actually there is no record of where and how kissing originally began,
but we do know that Europeans were already kissing during the Greek and Roman times.

It also appears that some form of kissing may have started in India as there are texts from around 1500 B.C.
that describe the custom of rubbing noses together, now commonly referred to as
'Eskimo Kissing'.

I think the reason why we kiss is simple: it just feels good.


  1. Especially when combined with a good bit of groin friction.

    Did I really say that?

  2. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Sounds like heaven to me...

  3. Lovely, now if he would just send some of those kisses my way.

  4. What a way to start the week. Kissing is my favorite sport, and doing it with him would be like ... well, two months ago I would have said "playing golf with Tiger Woods." You get the drift; thanks so much for the honor and the opportunity!

  5. A nice way to end Monday..images to take with me later I think :-)

  6. Val, you said it!!! And, I'd take ANY of those kisses - whichever way he wanted to kiss me and wherever he wanted to kiss me...Santa baby, slip VDO under my tree!!!

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  8. val, you tell the truth! ;D Mmmm!

  9. If he needs practice. I can make myself available.

  10. So honored to have tied with Sixtwosue! Her contest post was awesome! As awesome as your "prize," my dear! I suppose I could "start" with an Eskimo kiss, but I couldn't wait more than a few seconds before diving in for the main course! Lovely!

  11. You're welcome, sixtwosue. As Snark said, your comment was awesome. Both of you made me laugh, that's why the two of you won.

    Of course, all the other comments are great, too; thank you everyone!