a bunch of pictures from a German TV Guide I would like to share. Frankly, I am quite surprised that they are aware of Vincent's existence!

You can tell I like it B I G


  1. Wow, what were these all in honour of? I HAVE to subscribe to you TV magazine!

  2. You are lucky! In France, Vince is practically unknown! French are so stupid!! Except I, of course!!

  3. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Germany IS 'blessed'. On the incredibly rare occasion there's a picture of Vincent in the UK TV Guides it's usually the same one (from C.I.) and so small a microscope is required. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Germany gets more pictures than we do!

  5. These guides are okay. The German TV, now that's another story. They broadcast the dubbing version of VoG all day long. The trouble is, that Valentino sounds like a teenie whose voice is changing, and MC "lost" her accent.

  6. Thank You so much for sharing!! Having happily looked at them all a few times I'm going to try and remember to save them :-)

  7. WHAT!?!?!?!?!
    it's never never never aired here

    as for the pics that are as long my arm, no vincent's arm, they are wundervoll

  8. Why don't you get VoG to see in the UK?
    We also have Hotel Paradise because it's a Regina Ziegler production (she's German), and 13th floor thanks Emmerich. Naked Tango is on every gay channel lately. I wish someone would play the original versions - after all Vince's voice is so sexy.

  9. erm... let me see ---

    no hotel paradise :>(

    yes 13th floor :>)

    no naked tango :>(


  11. I'm drooling, these pictures are outstanding. Pardon my ignorance but who is the woman with him in the first picture? Thanks for sharing.

  12. The lucky girl is Lili Taylor (Mystic Pizza)

  13. These pix are amazing jazzy baby! There are several I've never seen, WOW is all I can say. Beautiful, fantastic post!

  14. The fact that ALL THESE WONDERFUL CAPS came from ONE TV magazine tells me that you are truly blessed! Outstanding photos, my dear, and thanks so much for sharing! XOXOXO

  15. What really pisses me off about german TV is that right now they also promote J.G. like the new guy.Just saw the add yesterday,saying:J.G. is the new star of Criminal Intent.
    He'll be but it won't be Criminal Intent after all just some spin-off spin-off...Because LOCI died when the main brilliant characters left!

  16. I don't know if anyone of you have heard about this but there is a Letter Project to LOCI. Three binders will be sent to the actors leaving Criminal Intent, one to Vincent D’Onofrio, one to Kathryn Erbe and one to Eric Bogosian. We’d love to see you send us your simple thanks, or your artwork or your comments: how you found the show, what you liked about it and what kept you watching. And anything else you can think of!

    Here is the format:

    8-1/2 x 11” page, printed or decorated, *one side only*. European sizes pages are fine, but should be trimmed to 11” tall.
    Do not punch holes – each submission will go into a page protector and placed in the 3-ring binder.
    Please sign your pages with at least your first name! and it would be fun to add your approximate location.

    Your submissions will be handled with the utmost care by our group. We are fellow fans who know the meaning of your personal tributes and we will honor their significant value. We would never make anything you send public without your permission.

    Please send this format to:
    Susan Civitelli
    P.O. Box 397
    West Haven, CT 06516

    Email option: If you are just writing a simple text letter, we are happy to print and include it. Word Docs are preferred. Your words will be printed on an off white acid-free writing weight paper and included in the binder. Email: suzanne@quietfiredesign.com Please put CI Binder Project in the subject, pretty puleez!

    Deadline for submissions: currently February 28, 2010

    Delivery of Binders will be around the time of the final Goren & Eames episodes, which to our knowledge are the first and second episodes of Season 9, currently scheduled to be aired in March 2010

  17. Glad you like the pix! Just wish to add that there weren't in only one issue, but spread in 4 or maybe 5. Sorry if I expressed that incorrectly.
    BTW I LOVE the Mystic Pizza photo!

    Oh yes, gudinglight that's so true!! Have you EVER seen VOX promoting Vincent or Kathryn?? VOX will get better ratings now that JG is their "star". And their viewers are like: Oooh how cool, that's the guy from Jursassic Park!
    I, too hope the show'll die. The sooner the better.

  18. Thanks for the info Jazzy.

  19. Those were awesome! Thank you for sharing them, there were I few I didn't see before.