Oh what a night! I had the unbridled pleasure of witnessing Vincent D’Onofrio perform Tuesday night. His movements were reminiscent of Jim Morrison that is if Jim Morrison sang in a country & western genre, of course. Let me tell you the man can move, OMG, to die for. He was so sexy, and completely irreverent! He was witty, political, open, honest and at times hilarious. He’s brilliant and clever; his agile mind was able to quickly come up with quips and smart remarks to various comments either from the band or the audience. He was very endearing and whimsical.

I must say I wish he had performed as himself, but I get the feeling that on stage he is more comfortable inside someone else’s skin. He seems more at ease in the persona of a fictitious person rather than as himself. Maybe that’s because he’s a shy guy. He intentionally made his voice gravely & deep, he almost spoke the lyrics rather than sing them. Yet when he sang with the band his voice was melodic and lovely. If I had to hazard a guess I think he did this show more as a lark. No matter, he was wonderful and I am so pleased he shared this evening with us.

I loved that the performance was in such a small venue, it gave everyone a feeling of being part of the experience. It also showcased his charm and magnetic personality. He’s almost bigger than life on the stage and he is totally captivating. His charisma radiated throughout the room. No one was immune to his hypnotic presence.

Check out that smile!

One of my favorite moments was when he sang “It’s Raining Men”, Damn!! Talk about getting all hot and bothered, my heart is racing just thinking about it. Towards the end of the show he asked the audience if they would like more evenings like this (or something to that effect) and everyone shouted yes & applauded. I would love it, only next time come as yourself and dazzle us. As many of you have already read on “the reel blog” he ended the evening by saying the following “A TV producer once said to me; Vincent, you wear your heart on your sleeve”and I said go f**k yourself”. An interesting and insightful moment; he then left the stage. After a lengthy applause he came back out and sang an encore song that was simply lovely.

Not to stray from Vincent, but I have to acknowledge Sam Bisbee, Laura Cantrell and the band, all were exceptional and I thank Vincent for introducing me to two great performers, I might for known about if not for this show. The song he sang with Laura was beautiful and heart breaking. Stunning!

The best part was actually meeting him. Although the people I was with did not consider merely speaking to him as meeting him; I did and do. As we were leaving my friend noticed him standing at the bar so she walked right up to him and said how much she had enjoyed the show, so did my other friend (obviously there were three of us). I stood there awestruck for several seconds (it felt like an eternity) gazing at him like a deer in the headlights. Yes, I know very attractive, what can I say. I finally found my voice and I said “it’s nice to meet you” and shook his hand. Rather pathetic isn't it but at least I didn’t faint and it was the only way I could think of to touch him without actually ravaging him right there in front of everyone. Blasted Catholic upbringing, I’m always afraid Sr. Mary Vestibule (intentional play on words here) is going to come around the corner and whack me with a ruler for having impure thoughts. And trust me all my thoughts Tuesday night were impure. I have heart palpations at the mere thought. And yes, he has lovely soft hands. And that my darling Vixens this is the end of tonight’s story for I fear what happened when I went home and closed my eyes isn’t the kind of thing one would share. I have to keep some things a secret.

I wish all the Vixens had been there. That would have been a hoot!



    I'm sorry, that's all I can think about right now.

  2. That was my reaction too. It was an OMG moment, I'll never forget.

  3. Woah. o_O

    *is jealous*

    *and extremely happy for you*


  4. Me again! When you shook his hand, did you look directly into his eyes? Are they chocolate brown or the color of cognac?

    Did you see any chest hair, did you lower your gaze...I'm getting flustered just thinking about it.

  5. Finally!Thanks for reporting your special night with Vincent.
    As I wrote before:Don't you dare to wash your hand untill I got the chance to shake it!*smile*
    It must have been a dream come true,right?!
    And uuuuuuuuuuh that smile!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Thank you SO much for sharing your wonderful experience!! We were ALL there in spirit, and who knows, maybe at some unspecified time in the future, we'll ALL actually BE there ;0)

  7. Tess, I did look into his eyes and to me they appeared to be chocolate brown but he seemed shy (or uncomfortable) and really didn't make eye contact. It was also very dark in there. So I could be wrong.

    As for chest hair, truthfully, I was so stunned that he was there and I was standing in front of him I could barely concentrate on anything. There was also a woman standing at the bar with him, I’m not sure if it was his wife or his daughter, so that made staring at him too long awkward.

    I will say (how do I say this politely?) that during the show it was obvious that he is well endowed. I hope that's not too rude.

  8. Artist, thank you so much for posting about this experience! It just makes such brilliant reading: I'm really thrilled that Vincent is just getting on with doing what he is good at doing - being himself, being someone else, being a grand mixture of the two .. the guy's just a freakin' inspiration. Your writing and the photographs just made me feel a tiny bit of me (and I'm not saying WHICH bit of me) was right there with you.

  9. I still can't believe that somebody of us finally touched him!!! *squeeee*

    Okay, I NEED to know: could you smell his scent?

  10. Guidinglight, I would love to tell you that I haven't washed my hand, but that would be a lie, after all it is flu season, sorry dear.

    Lozzie, I'm glad you liked the post, it was an amazing evening!

    Jazzy, I wasn't close enough to smell him and besides I afraid if I got too close to him someone might tackle me and drag me out of there.

  11. Thank You for both the post and the extra insights you left in your comments,Artist....

    I'm incredibly jealous still, but also incredibly glad you got to go :-)

  12. I think he enjoyed the perfomance a lot and loves to be on stage, working in smaller theaters - so close to his audience. Just take a look at his face! The photos alone make me feel his intense energy!

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  14. Yes, he really did seem to enjoy himself. He was so open about his political views that it surprised and delighted me. I have similar political views so that made me happy. I really hope he does another show!

  15. Sorry that was me, my secretary is on a real bitch fest this morning so I double clicked by mistake. It must be Halloween because she's on her broom!

    Me - I'm still in the clouds over Tuesday evening.

  16. Wow sounds like that was one hell of an evening. I'm so jealous - O.M.G. you touched him *sigh*
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us :)

  17. I wish I had been there. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your pictures. And yes i TOO AM SO JEALOUS YOU ACTUALLY TOUCHED HIM AND SUCH CONTROL TO LET HIM GO.

  18. artist - i think the air is green around these parts... LOL - makes a change, it's usually pretty blue round here ;>)

    thanks for sharing your awesome experience with those of us who couldn't be there - i know how much i'm enjoying the pics and clips alone, so can seriously imagine the 'awesomeness' of your amazing evening

  19. Artist, are his hands really big? Did you hand get lost in his?


  20. My dear, thanks so MUCH for being there and for capturing the spirit of the evening and of Vincent. It's great knowing that "one of our own" was there and actually got to meet him! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. Sounds like it was everything you (and us) hoped it would be! XOXO

  21. Val, yes his hands are big and my hand felt miniscule inside his.

    BASRIC - I really didn't want to let go but I was afraid if I didn't they would have called security.

    Thanks to everyone for your lovely messages. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all could meet him. Let's hope dreams come true.

  22. BTW guidinglight, I'm looking forward to meeting you when you come to NYC. Let's hope George Gerkie is performing while you are here.

  23. Awesome pics, sounds like you had an amazing experience, thanks for please send me the hand he touched! Ha!

    **turns green with jealousy**

  24. Were those leather pants that you got to see up close and personal? Oh my.

    I'm happy to hear that he's not one of those Howie Mandel/Donald Trump germaphobe types who is afraid to shake hands. How delightful for you!

  25. sixtwosue - the picture of Vincent in leather pants is an one from a play he was in entitled "Tooth of Crime". Goregous isn't he?

    Yes, thank God he's not a germaphobe. He seems very personable. I feel very lucky to have been able to attend the show.

  26. Anonymous12:58 AM

    So your wish came true my dear and you met him as I knew you would some day.

    You kind of get mesmerized in his presence don't you? You play it over in you head and it somehow doesn't seem like it really happened.

    Then comes the regret if only you had been more clever, said something he really hung on, something that suspended both of you in the moment.

    It sounds like it was an amazing venue. He is truly is a unique man with an amazing sense of humor (sans the beauty and sexuality - we all know he has that and will never lose it).

    Love the pics - thanks!

  27. Witness, I couldn't have said it better. Yes, to everything you said. I was totally mesmerized by him and I still can't believe I really met him. It was all I hoped for, well not all but pretty damn close.

  28. artist, is it possible to email and give me a run down of his political views? I don't want to start a debate here. I'm really interested about what he THINKS.