(The boy from New York City, Ad Libs 1964)

He's kinda tall, he's really fine
Someday I hope to make him mine, all mine

And he's neat, and, oh so sweet
And just the way he looked at me
He swept me off my feet

You ought to come and see
How he walks and how he talks, yeah!

He's really down and he's no clown
He has the finest penthouse I've ever seen in town

And he's cute in his Mohair suit
And he keeps his pockets full of spending loot

You ought to come and see
His dueling scar and brand new car

Every time he says he loves me
Chills run down my spine
Every time he wants to kiss me
Oh, he makes me feel so fine, oh yeah!

Oh, he can dance and make romance
He can dance, take a chance with a little romance, baby
'Cause he's a looker
That's when I fell in love with just one glance

He was shy and so was I
And now I know I'll never, ever say goodbye

He's the most from coast to coast.

Tell us about the boy from New York City...


  1. Fabulous post. Oh yes, he's soooo fine!! Wish he was mine!

  2. I remember when I met Diane in New York I was humming this song as the plane landed. Love the song, Love the pictures...LOVE The Boy From New York City!

  3. Great post. This song so suits him.x

  4. Me again. What film is the pic. of him in the car from?x

  5. Best song ever for a VDO video too :-D

    Your choice of pictures fit perfectly with the lyrics.

    Judith: The pic of him in the car is a publicity shot from Guy

  6. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Oooh, baby you're singin my song :0)

  7. AAAAAA..that was so awsome!!YESSS..I would make him ALL MINE..ALL MINE..ONLY MINE*evil gigle..gigles..evil grin*!!

  8. He's the best.
    Beats the rest.