Vincent created an unique character:

Detective Robert "Bobby" Goren

Over the years, our Bobby had touched soooo many lives in various ways.
And, somehow, he'll continue to do it.

Right from the very first episode he worked with a fellow cast member.
"One" has Jake Weber as Carl Atwood, who also appeared in "The Cell" as a FBI agent.
But Mr. Weber was not the only guest.

A number of great actors walked through those Mayor Case Squad doors.

She was one of our fave guest-stars, wasn't she.

You know this guy?

Yeah, Lewis!

Oh, and we'll never forget the VERY special co-actor Max.
Can't see him?? Never mind!

I'm sure it was a huge honor to work with Det. Goren,
and a pleasure for him to work with 'guests' such as
Christopher Lloyd, Tom Arnold, Peter Coyote, Rosanna Arquette, Eric Roberts,
Dennis Christopher, Malcolm McDowell, etc.

Each one of them brought unforgettable moments ...


  1. Very nice post!!
    I still haven't made any kind of comments about CI dropping Bobby out, but I guess it's going to be pretty much the end of the show... at least for me *sigh*
    On the other hand, let's hope Vincent has got some new cool projects...

  2. Brilliant post. Love it. Thanks for the memories. Sunday night is going to be so lonely!

  3. ... Vincent always has new cool projects. After all he's the hardest working handsome and most creative Guy in showbiz. No doubt, there will be a lot of new VDO films in near future.

  4. ~~~~~sigh~~~~~

    ~~~~wiping away tears~~~~

    We WON'T forget TV's best detective or the great actor who brought him to life.

    As usual jazzy, beautiful and poignant post.

  5. Thank you for the reminders, but you made me even sadder cos I know now we went see Lewis again either..I've been hoping for a long time that they'd bring him back for Bobby :-(

  6. Great post! It really is amazing ... the number of outstanding stars to whom LOCI has played host over the years. Wonderful stuff!

  7. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Good lord, there have been OTHER PEOPLE in episodes with Vincent???! ;0)

  8. Thanks for the memories Jazzy! And 'Artist' is right...Sunday is going to be very lonely :(

  9. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Jazzy -

    You asked for an idea on what to say in an email...

    This is what someone posted on the LOCI-USA board - I thought it sounded great so I am reposting in case you wanted to use it for your email.

    Good luck!

    "I am completely dismayed with the recent news about Law & Order Criminal Intent.

    Over the years I have been taken for a great ride - the fabulous evolution of Robert Goren. He began as a precocious puppy and matured through adversity to a dignified mature man, all incarnations brilliantly and subtly portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio. Kathryn Erbe's Eames is his perfect fit. Yin to his Yang.

    I don't believe their stories are finished and know there is a huge need for intelligent scripting, acting and production. To my delight, Criminal Intent has always filled that role.

    I will mourn the loss of the Goren and Eames characters and celebrate the pleasure they have given me.

    When they are gone from Criminal Intent, so am I.


  10. Thanks for the beautiful post. I have to admit, I have shed a tear or two. Sunday's will never be the same and there is no way LO:CI is going to be good with out Bobby and Alex. I hope that they give hm a great exit - a happy life maybe! I am thrilled the Vincent will be working on films - since that is where he began his career. I look forward to seeing him on the big screen! I am sure that the networks will be playing LO:CI for a long time since it is franchise. Just keep those tivo's recording! Jazzy, thanks for keeping us up to date on VDO's happenings. Love you for it! Plus all the other vixens! (at least we all have each other!!! )

  11. Thank you a lot, charley!
    I'll use it.

  12. and thank you drl59 for your comment :)
    and all the other vixens too, of course.

  13. I'm not giving up that easily. These people have to either change their idiotic minds OR SUFFER!

  14. Just send them this (no matter I'm not a native english speaker,I'm here to fight not to talk/write!):

    Just to let you know:
    Great idea guys,getting rid of those actors who made the show what it is.
    You can be really proud of yourselves!
    But you definitely thought wrong,when you think WE will tolerate this affront-No Vincent/No Kathryn/No Eric:NO FANS!!!!!!!!!

  15. "I'm not a native english speaker, I'm here to fight not to talk/write!"
    Loving your line, GuidingLight!

    Okay, going to copy and paste your message and send it to these addies.

  16. I liked this post. My biggest sadness is not being able to see VDO do his thing. I hope that I will be able to see some more of his movies. I guess I still have my dvds and dvd episodes of LOCI...but Sunday nights will not be the same and now what will I look forward to each weekend??