Your Name!

Joint post from fuzzy & jazzy

I (fuzzy) had a teddy bear when I was little named Fuzzy Wuzzy.
It came from a little poem that my grandmother taught me:

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he!

It's on the order of Carl singing in the tub... Marezy doats and doezy doats.
Do you know that song? It's from the Big Band Era.
- fuzzytweetie -


When my stepsister Sharon saw the photo of Vince I use to keep in my purse she said to me
"Must be the genes, your taste in men is... hmmm... jazzy".
That's how I got my nickname.
- jazzy -

The names our dear Vixens are using here might be "actual" names or not;
we like them much.

However, if you don't mind telling us, is there a purpose or even a little story behind your name?


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Nope, it's what my parents gave me, but when I first started out in VDO-world, I was 'Valentino's Gal' for OBVIOUS reasons ;0)

  2. I was going to be Elizabeth Valerie, but as my sister was Margaret, my parents decided it would sound a bit too much like copying the royal family, so they watpped it round. The Valerie part comes from the actress Valerie Hobson, who played The Bride of Frankenstein (THE PROFESSOR NOT THE MONSTER) and she was later the innocent duped wife of the politician in the call girl scandal known as The Profumo Affair. She stuck with him till death.

    I have not lived up to my name.

  3. Lacking imagination, I've always used my real name (apart from the v.o.v thing, and that wasn't my idea originally either)

    My full name is Eliza-Jane, although I split it into two as soon as I was old enough.I'm named after my great-grandmother on my fathers side, so the name carried on I guess, and the only people to still call me by the full one are my dad and my uncle, and youtube :-)

  4. my best friend found her name"screen name" because of vincent

    one nite we were looking at a photo gallary of vincent.

    in one photo he was dressed in black, she said his face had a glow to it that made him look like an angel.

    95% of her wardrobe is black and she lives by an ethical spiritual rule of life,
    vince seems to favor the color as well.

    of course angels are known for their white robes, halos and wings but she looked at him, then looked at me and said "apparently angels wear black too"

    now she uses the name


  5. The second part of my name, tweetie, comes from a nephew of mine. He was just about 4 years old and really into "Tweetie Bird". He thought he heard my husband call me "tweetie" when he actually said, "sweetie". So, he ran around telling everyone what was said (in his mind). That was also around the time that he was really into telling on people when he heard some one fart.....

  6. Fuzzy, I like fuzzytweetie much better than fuzzyfart! lol

    Jersey is the name of my beloved cat that I had for 13 years. She was a tuxedo cat and was plump like a cow even when she was a kitty. We thought we were naming her after the black-and-white cows - Jersey cows - but friends from the country later told us Jersey cows were brown. You can tell we don't get out of the city much!

    Jersey died last year, and I was devastated, but I adopted two cats from the shelter, and they're the sweetest, most affectionate cats you'll ever find. (Jersey was a bit of a psycho cat...)

    I actually started out in VDO-world with "Jo," which is a nickname of mine, but people confused me with Jojo, another Vixen, so being unimaginative, I took my cat's name Jersey!

  7. Well, my full name is....Jane Tess McClure. As most of you know, I go by Tess. I don't have a problem with Jane (I'll answer to it) I just think Tess is a bit more 'romantic'.

  8. Purple is my favorite color,and I like the meaning of "vixen" for women,what it means;what it defines me.On facebook profile I use a name which I heard used for men and women,too;that is similar short version of mine or just call it a nick name-Billy.

  9. My blog name on a couple of forums is My Hearts Delight because Vincent and Billy are my hearts delight.

    My name is Vivian - with an 'a' purely because my Dad couldn't spell it. My Mum was a huge fan of Vivien Leigh and they are the only two people that use my full name. I'm Viv to everyone else.

  10. jersey.....the image....."fuzzyfart", yuck!! LOL

  11. Wow! Never thought this subject would turn out to be so interesting. I'm impressed by your stories.

    The Profumo Affair, cool!

  12. Mine are just my initials and the year I was born! My name is Diana. I just use my intials to cause I am just not that creative! lol!

    Tonight was a very depressing for me. Last episode with Bobby. It was a great epi. I won't spoil it. But he was stellar! But USA said "season finale" so...that means we must be having another glorious season...

  13. I joined a yahoo group years ago called "Hal's Angels" which was dedicated to actor/comedian/musician Hal Sparks. Everyone there had "angel" in their Yahoo Group names. Because I was known for my heavy sarcasm, I picked "SnarkAngel" and it just stuck.

  14. P.S. Jazzy, I don't blame you for keeping a pic of VDO in your purse. I keep several of him on my cell phone!

  15. Snark, I guess your cell phone is worth to be named vince-phone.
    So glad you left Hal for Vince, otherwise I would not have met you.

  16. Tess sounds romantic, indeed. Reminds me of the heroine of a Romance Fiction I did read.

  17. I thought I was the only one who had a few pictures of him on my cell phone!! Now, I don't feel like I am the only obsessed one!!!I am just in good company! Thanks SnarkAngel!

  18. was Hal Sparks in Queer as Folk?

  19. It was my last week in school the exam were done for most of my friend so we've decided to organize a party!! Late in the evening my best friend start to dance country for fun, she gave me a cowboy hat and i start to make rodeo on a garden chair...ok i was a little drunk... and she start to call me Calamity Jane!! It was done; all the person who were present call me CJ since then!!

  20. Rodeo on a garden chair, ha ha ha! CJ, you crack me up!!

    Yes, fuzzy, he was. Also in CSI and Louis&Clark. Never watched one of these shows. But I know that he wears a goatee from time to time.

  21. Jazzy...Any chance the book you read was, Tess of the d'ubervilles? She was indeed a heroine.

  22. Tess,
    You mean the novel of Angel Clare and Tess? I read "The Mezzotint" by M.R.James' ghost story first, wherein d'Urbervilles was mentioned. Since I loved the story I bought Thomas Hardy's book - hard to read to me ('cause it's the English edition), but it was worth!

  23. Yes, Fuzzy. Hal played "Michael Novotny" on QAF.

  24. Lovely shots. Enjoy them all