A day ago we celebrated Vincent's Birthday.
And if we had our way we'd still be celebrating the big 5-0 when he turns 69!

Unfortunately, massive VDO-celebrating in vixen-style completely thrashes your brain and
body (sensitive body parts, damn it), not to mention puts you at risk of faint via fun overdose.
Right, you don't need me lecturing at you.

A nasty hangover can completely incapacitate you, giving you muscle pains, a huge headache and a guilty conscience.
Okay, as for the guilty consicience - that was a big fat lie!

So what I've constructed for you are some tips for easing the pain and curing that hangover.
I only expect you to use this article once. If you find that you need my help to cure your VDO-hangovers every damn morning
(no matter how happy all those page views will make us), I insist that you contact D'Onofrioholics Anonymous right away.
Oh wait, better stay with us - we don't offer therapy, oh well, at least we know how to party.
Vixens usually revel in binge d'onofing, but it really can be life-exhausting. Trust me on that.

You say a healthy breakfast refuels your body.
So let me tell you, not all "fruits" are ending up in cereals ...

... especially those who are that sexy as the one which is shown below.
It would be wasting talent, anyway.

What exactly happens the day after you ingested a dose of VDO?

See, your body breaks VDO down into LFM (Lust For More), before converting it into less harmful substances.
The LFM messes with your brain at the same time as a host of depleted minerals are short-circuiting your libido system,
and that's in addition to low blood sugar and the classic headache-and-dry-mouth symptoms caused by dehydration in due to
moan ecstatically- and/or blow out "candle"-marathons.

Translation: We need COFFEEEE!!!


Aaaw, thank you Bobby!


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I spent the evening watching 'Lady's Man' and loving every minute of it, so this morning, I'm still on a Vincent-High!! Even better, it's my day off and I'm meeting a friend for lunch :0)

    I always wondered if Alex liked coffee in her cup of sugar....

  2. Thank You for the coffee...I need it after a spot of early Bobby's too damn hot to do much else..thats my excuse anyway..although having a hangover from Vincent's birthday would do too :-)

  3. After partying Vincent with his vixens,especial with me*wink,wink..evil grin*,needs a long shower,lot's and lot's of coffee and good energy food,like a bananas..and a long walk in a park..of course I will help with all of that*gigle..evil grin*!!;)))

  4. I also spent the evening watching "Lady's Man" again. What a great title although it best descibes Vincent/Bobby not the victim.

    Thanks for the coffee, Jazzy but I don't take sugar in mine. LOL. I'm replenshing myself with a huge cup of coffee, vitamins, orange juice & yogurt, but I'd much prefer a double dose of Vincent.

  5. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I was wondering why I felt a little off today.

    Must be the low blood sugar, headache, dry-mouth, and dehydration, due to that birthday celebration!

    Flying back from New York sure is faster when you are dreaming then when you are awake!

  6. I watched "Lady's Man", too!!!

    I don't ever want to be "cured" of my D'Onofing addiction.

  7. This fabulous post made me think about how bananas are rich in potassium, so I thought a 'really large banana' (vixens, you know what I'm talking about here) would have an overload of potassium.

    I researched the Net, and here's the symptoms of one woman who had too much potassium: she woke up confused, said her legs hurt, couldn’t walk.

    Vincent, please, please, please give me an overload of potassium! (Just one night with your large banana would do it!)

  8. I would like more time to indulge my obsession. Forget the coffee, please, and just make me rich enough not to have to work any more.

  9. Binge D'onofing - Oh!!! a happy thought indeed !!!

    Mine's black with two sugars please Jazzy :)

  10. I wish I could think of something intelligent to say, but I'm still laughing at Jersey's comment!

  11. I feel a long night of potassium sucking coming on!

  12. HAHAHAHA, jersey and SnarkAngel!! I'm embarrased to admit I'd like some of that banana action myself. Heck, I'm really not embarrased, I'm proud!