ORGASM 13 x 13

"The average man will take a couple of minutes to reach orgasm.
The average woman will take about 13 minutes."

(THIRTEEN, here we go again, Det. Shoesize)

The article was published in a women's magazine and I wonder how the heck they get the results.
Seriously, did they tell these candidates to watch a clock while having sex, and to take copious notes?

"Aaaah Baby it drives me crazy when you use your mouth... don't stop now... yeah that's it - Wait! Hold on a second!
We need to change position, I can't see your wrist watch anymore".
"Not a wrist watch I kept telling you it's a fuckin' Rolex!"

Or, when you have rough outdoor sex:
Shit! I've told you NOT to slam me against the station clock, bad ass! Now we have to start from scratch".

And how do these couples get paid anyway,
by orgasm or by minute?
Besides, does their tax decleration need to know about that salary?

What that article does not tell us is how long it takes between the 13th d'onofing and the 13 x 13th one.
See, that's exactly what a good Vixen just HAS to find out; without fun-killing timepieces of course!
With Vincent as sex - err - test object!

Don't you agree?

Have A Hot Sunday!


  1. With Vincent ... YES! I'd orgasm AT LEAST every 2 minutes ... but about 113 times, minimum! LOL

  2. 13 minutes, maybe if you're with an 'average' man, but with Vincent....13 seconds.

  3. Come on, Tess (er, bad choice of terms...) You know you'd come about a THIRTEENTH of a second after he just licked his lips at you. I know I would.

  4. That's a TEST none of us "wood" mind studying for. As a matter of fact, we'd all love making "pop" quizzes!

  5. Hi girls i'm happy to see that nobody of you had lost interest on the Man!! I'll be around in August to think about the question of the time i need with him but 13 years seems to be a good option lol!!

  6. It might take 13 minutes if your going for multiples I guess....I'm pretty sure I wouldn't take that long, given that just looking at him can cause a stirring :-D

  7. I'd rather not speculate, I need to put the theory to the test with the object of my desire, myself. After all this is important research.

  8. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Damn, I missed my daily V-fix while I was away :0)

  9. So did I, Diane.

  10. YEA..RIGHT!!I don't think they seen Vincent..13 min...WTF..HUH!!??
    One look at Vincent I get fired upright away,and if he just touches me..*drool..evil grin*I getting crazy heated..I need to stop now!!;)))