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Vincent D'Onofrio, Paul Sorvino Are Fightin' Irish
A trio of Italian actors—Vincent D'Onofrio, Paul Sorvino, and Linda Cardellini—are set to join Christopher Walken in The Irishman, a true crime saga about mobster Danny Greene.
The film was inspired by the book To Kill the Irishman: The War That Crippled the Mafia. The project is currently shooting in Detroit and stars Ray Stevenson as Greene. Details about D'Onofrio, Sorvino, and Cardellini's roles have not been specified.

—The ARTISTdirect Staff

I googled a bit more and found this:

The true story of fearless Irish-American racketeer Danny Green who takes on the mob in the 1970s. The end result is the fall of several Mafia families and the defection of high-ranking mobsters. Author Rick Porrello is a veteran cop who wrote about his mob roots in "The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia". To Kill the Irishman has been optioned for a major motion picture.
A police officer in suburban Cleveland, Lt. Rick Porrello serendipitously began his writing career when curiosity about the mysterious murder of his grandfather and several uncles led to penning his first true-crime saga, The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia. Porrello went on to write a second book, To Kill the Irishman, which recounts the story of Irish-American racketeer Danny Greene who took on the Cleveland Mafia and was murdered in 1977.
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Director: Jonathan Hensleigh
Writers: Jonathan Hensleigh (screenplay)
Rick Porrello (book)

Vincent D'Onofrio
Val Kilmer
Linda Cardellini
Christopher Walken ... Shondor Birns
Ray Stevenson ... Danny Greene
Vinnie Jones ... Keith Ritson
Laura Ramsey
Bob Gunton
Paul Sorvino
Fionnula Flanagan
Jason Butler Harner ... Art Sneperger
Steve Schirripa
Marcus Thomas ... Bill McDuffy
Richard Jewell ... Agent Malloy (rumored)
Nikolas Zilafro ... Little Leaguer (uncredited)

Can't wait to see the film!
I haven't read the book yet. Did you? Anyone?


  1. Never read the book, but I'm looking forward to the movie. Thanks for the details about the film.

  2. Do we know how big of a role Vincent has?

    I was just wondering because according to google alerts he started filming this like a week or two ago in Michigan and he's also supposed to start filming "Meskada" in New York on the 8th of this month.

  3. I just hope a certain 'Italian' doesn't die in this one!

  4. Anonymous6:23 PM

    My first thought was 'I wonder how he'll die in this one' followed by 'Will I blink and maybe miss him'

    I'd be delighted to be proved absolutely wrong on both counts by the way ;0)

  5. Oh, lord, Vinnie Jones.

    Somehow I think our Vinnie will do his role more justice.

  6. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I have not read the book but guess what? I was living in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio when this happened! Prior to that I lived in another Ohio town that was filled with these types of colorful characters skating on the edge of the law (controlling the law actually). As a matter of fact my aunt dated one who was blown up in his car as a vendetta against the family, his other brother and girlfriend were shot to death some years earlier - so I guess my aunt was lucky. I wonder why this is being filmed in Detroit and not Cleveland?

    I am currently reading "Heart of the Old Country" which is the novel "The Narrows" is based off of. I am at 140/216 so I am sure I will finish it this weekend. I got it so I can compare the book to the movie. Not really my kind of story though so far. Reads like a guy's book. I hope the movie is better than the book!

    I will start searching for the book which I am sure I will be able to find.

  7. Anonymous6:20 AM

    I will have no trouble believing Paul Sorvino as Licoveli (sp?) big Cleveland mob boss. Sorvino is just that kind of character. I wonder if Vincent will be on the mob side or the cop side. With Sorvino inviting him I would say the mob side which I would really like to see.

    I would love to see him play someone from my home town (Youngstown, Ohio). Charley Cavallaro (Cadillac Charlie). I can still remember my dad talk about these guys.

    Charley and his son (a child) were killed in a you guessed it - a car bombing in the 1960s. There were almost 100 car bombings in a ten year period.

    Really ticked off the Youngstowers as we had a soft spot for our local "family" or as we called them "la cosanostra". Nicest guys unless you pissed them off! I can see Vincent doing this - easy - but if he plays Charlie it will probably be a small part!

  8. Not read the book, but I might try to find it now, just to see what it's all about.

    To be honest, as long as Vincent is in it for more than 5 minutes I'll be happy..if he survives to the end I'll be ecstatic

  9. I suppose my first comment got "lost", so i try another one. very interesting and insightful post Witness. in my opinion vincent is focused on the projects he is developing or directing. therefore we must cope with his rather small roles. but i long desperately for a
    leading part :(

  10. comments will get published as soon as we get them. but please bear in mind we can't stay on line all day long.
    thanks for understanding.

    tess, it's against all odds that a certain italian has NOT to die. empirical probability, you know.
    but i sooooo wish he got the role of the man who is on the cover of the book ... naked chest!

  11. sorry, sorry, sorry! my fault! commented yesterday morning and maybe hit the wrong button. would never dare to imply that you stay online all day and night. Vincent takes up a lot of time ;)

  12. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Sorry to disappoint Jazzy but he will not be playing Danny Green(e).

  13. Any film of Vincent's will be a film of mine ... no matter how significant or insignificant the part. It's just great to know that he is continuing to appear in films as opposed to JUST directing.

  14. Vincent plays "John Nardi" which is one of the more important roles. Hard to say whether or not it's large in the movie. He is actually Italian, but on the side of The Irishman. And yes he does die ... but I think almost everyone does in this movie.