We are addicted to the hottest, most beautiful and most talented man of the world. And we are the wildest and most expressive group on the net: the Vixens! You can tell our taste in men (plural? There is only one man, no?!) and in films is excellent, so is Vincent.

Our man is the SEX GOD of the first order!

What a shame that a lot of VDO films are not available in some countries or hard to get.
So it is a very good thing that vixens never hesitate to share without any profit.
Packages flow through Europe, the USA, Australia; from one continent to another...

...and back again.

Post offices worldwide are busy...

...and file sharing sites, too.

Though - you might know that downloading, uploading, copying and sharing films is illegal by law in some countries. For example, in Germany, they can arrest you for that. It is even illegal to use/buy software that allows your player to switch between different region codes. (I'm a career criminal. A happy one. LOL!) So please understand that I never give thanks/credits in public to those who have mailed me copies and download links. I just don't want so see anyone get in trouble. Unless Bobby is the one who arrests us for our activities. Woof! This slide is a big THANK YOU ALL FOR SHARING!!! I have chosen the shoe shop-scene because I think it's one of our all time faves.


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    If the Feds decide to put us all in jail for the next 10,000 years, at least we'll be in good company - and have cells decorated with Vincent ;0)

  2. and thankyou my darling for sharing. without you blogers i would be lost!!
    have you noticed in the shoe-shop scene they both have wedding rings on?xx
    ps. i would gladly go to jail for vincent.x

  3. Vixens are the best - caring and sharing.

    Oh!! the shoe-shop scene, wonderful, I could watch this all day. :)

  4. Very true, Diane! It would be the best decorated cell ever. Can picture it in my head! Just wondering if they allow DVD players there?

    "Caring and sharing" - great line, Viv! And it's what we would like to do with Vince ;)

  5. It may sound odd, but he looks sexy wearing a wedding band. I love the shoe shop scene, he's so coy and sarcastic and HOT.

    I wonder if they'll let me paint my jail cell a nice sky blue color? Let's hope that it becomes easier to find our favorite Vincent films & TV DVD's so we don't have to go underground and our favorite man profits from our devotion.

  6. don't worry about colors, artist. the master question goes: are there men in that jail? if yes, do they look as good as vince?

  7. No, jazzy, I'm afraid the men in jail DO NOT look as good as Vincent...Luckily as we have all proven time and time again, each and every one of us has one hell of an imagination, so we'll make do. *LOL*

    The vixen fans do have to be one of the best groups I've ever encountered on-line. Not just with the sharing, but as VivB said, with the caring as well.

    I have yet to hear of any snide comments made about one another or someone's opinion about something, whether it be Vincent or something else, being ridiculed.

    That's what I'd like to thank everyone for. Yes, we share pictures and movies of the single sexiest man alive (now if only we can convince people magazine)but more importantly we share friendship and kindness with one another.


  8. I'll gladly, and proudly stand by any vixen should WE get into trouble. I couldn't meet nicer people!!!

    I love how "campy" he plays the guy!

  9. I'm sure if it came to it we'd all manage to 'imagine' very well...after all we've had lots of practice :-D

    You're so right about Vixens, they are some of the nicest, most generous people around!

  10. OK, I hold my hands up. I record the shows off my TV, I have a supply (thanks to our Number 1 Goddess of Vixenhood) of episodes that have NOT been on my TV yet, but I am forced into this by the eternity they take to put the official DVDs out in the shops. As soon as they do, like every other Vixen, I buy them. I like to think that our activities, far from cheating the legal copyright holders out of any fees, actually helps them to make more by increasing interest in Vincent, his show, and his films.

  11. Ah...But what would we do if we had to 'share' Vincent in the flesh. Would we share, or would the poor man be torn apart?!

    I like to think we'd be nice (in a down and dirty sort of way!)

  12. Yes, you Vixens are the absolute best!! And may I say "thank you," as well, for allowing me to be included with such an elite group. That shoe-shopping scene is one of my absolute favorite moments in LOCI history ... truly classic! I roar with laughter every time I see it!

  13. tjara, I saw the rings in the last rerun (last month) and jumped up and screamed one hour...I think, I wrote it down in my report about Anti Thesis.

    And I will thank too, the one who sent me something and was so excited as I sent something back...

  14. You are so welcomed all!!We the vixens try to share the love as much as we can!!I guess VDO brings the best in us!!:)