Guest post from Witness

Recently I went out to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant and my mind couldn’t resist veering to my all time favorite Italian offering.
Much to my dismay it was not on the menu. Italian dishes are really so delectable and it seems they are always very satisfying!

While you might think my favorite is a flavorful Italian Antipasto, a saucy Italian Lasagna, a cold Italian Gelato, a thick Italian Pizza,
some spicy Italian Meatballs, or a sweet or oh so hot Italian Sausage - my favorite is none of those.

What Italian dish can I not resist?

Joseph Santangelo!

Put that dish on your table EVERY DAY and you’d still never get enough!

Since you probably can't get this in your favorite Italian restaurant either -
- I am here to make sure everyone gets a heaping helping of our favorite butcher:



Made to order?

Your heart? No its me with the palpating heart when I get a look at those arms!

Need I mention what the man can do with his thumb?

(For those of you who want this set to music here you go)

No substitutions are ever necessary!


  1. I'm waiting to meet Santangelo... and i must say that i'm particularly excited about this idea!!!!
    He seems to be so..... nice!

  2. None of the butchers I know look anything like this unfortunately...if they did I might develop more of an interest in 'meat' :-p

  3. OMG... my favourite Italian!!

    Where can I put in my order? I'd sure like to have an extra helping of that thumb and "what else he can put there"...

    Honestly, I think I have to rent that refrigerator, because just seeing those pictures I get all steamy...

  4. If there is ONE Vincent incarnation that can rival Burton Steckler for hottest sweat-drenched dude, it's Santangelo! He's delectable when he's drenched in his own perspiration! LOL

  5. Anonymous1:20 PM

    100% pure beef (cake) - yummy!!

  6. I love it when he's sweaty!

  7. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Anyone else think it was incredibly cute how he kept moving around in anticipation to her getting to the bed? I'm positive that was a personal add in and not written into the script.

  8. Oh those arms, that chest, that face... thud. Snark - YES he is delectable! Yum!

  9. @Witness

    He moves around? I recall him rather "unmoved" on the outside... but you could tell he was burning underneath...

  10. at least his thumb was very "moved".

  11. I'm very moved, too. I really want to sample that thumb, and whatever else he can use so enticingly.

  12. One order ala carte plez.

  13. I'd like to have a butcher like him!!!!

  14. *le sigh*

    loved the music one :)))))

  15. Oh sorry, is the world spinning or is it me?! THUD.....