As we all know Vincent was recently in Nashville at the NaFF; the longest-running film festival in the South. The film festival has garnered praise and prestige over the years and they are damn lucky to have someone of Vincent's caliber as one of their supporters/ participants. The good news is that at last, finally, and too long in the coming (get your head out of the gutter Fuzzy) our favorite man has received the recognition he deserves.

The Nashville Film Festival awarded Mr. Vincent Philip D'Onofrio with a "Special Jury Prize for Acting" for the film "The Narrows".

Diane, Tess & Jazzy at jumping up and down with delight as I'm sure are all the Vixens. In fact in the article Vincent's name appears second right after William Shatner; personally they should have mentioned him FIRST.

"The Narrows" also won a "Special Jury Prize for Cinematography" awarded to Seamus Tierney. Overall a banner showing for a film that should have also been at the Tribeca Film Festival. Oh well their loss. So now all we need to make this an auspicious occasion is a release date for The Narrows.

So Vixens share your unbridled joy.


  1. Moi?????

    I love the gutter.....and so do most of you!!!!

    YES! YES! YES!

    We all know that he has deserved recognition many times before this. Congratulations Mr. D'Onofrio!!!

  2. I'd like to bestow a very special prize of my own on Vincent ... one of a more "physical" nature...

  3. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I too would like to personally demonstrate my unbounded 'joy' with him, indeed ON him ;0)

    I think 'The Narrows' has a June release date in the States? The 19th? Of course, it's almost 2 YEARS since Vincent made it - and 'Staten Island'! I can hardly bear the thought of the V-drought we'll have to endure when C.I''becomes an ex-show'.

  4. When I first read the news of V winning this award, I called a couple of V friends and I was babbling so incoherently they had no clue what I was talking about.
    And now, into the gutter I go because all I got out of this post on first reading was come and head.

  5. In aperfect world,Vincent would had a shelf filled with all kinds of awards from all kinds of film fetival!!:)
    Finally he got a award!!BRAVO,BRAVO..SOOO glad for you Vincent!!*claping loud..blowing kisses to the poster where he is..*

  6. and the award is... moi!
    *wishful thinking*

    so captain kirk has been mentioned first. well, i think i can live with that. and now beam me up scotty!

  7. Jumping up and down with delight...Oh, yes I am!!

  8. I mean Shatner is an institution, I don't begrudge him first mention.

    But an award for Vincent is GREAT news.

  9. Jazzy - very clever. I don't have a problem with Captain Kirk as long as he doesn't have Scotty beam Vincent out of this universe.