Sunday Night sizzles with the new season of L&O:CI.

They're back and they're hot!

It's vintage Bobby back to his old wise cracking self and hotter than ever. The first show sported a stellar cast with a great plot twist. I don't want to reveal too much to those who still haven't watched it, but it's on par with what we have come to expect from L&O:CI. Some of the highlights - the French accent (oh la la), the way he mocks the evil congressman in the interrogation room with his simpering mamma comment, and of course his very presence, dressed all in black (oh yes) with that cashmere coat; to die for. Kate Erbe looks wonderful and the partnership seems to have weathered the bad times and is still strong and healthy. Speaking of healthy Bobby looks re-energized and ready to take on any crisis. It was worth the wait!

Welcome back and Whoo Hoo to a new season!


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Haven't seen it yet, but loving all the new screen caps; THANK YOU!

  2. I liked it. The story was predictable but that didn't bother me. Wasn't too sure about the shakey camera at the beginning but then it seemed to stop thank goodness ??

    It was really nice to have Bobby & Alex back. :)

  3. I thought it was a great episode! It's always difficult when you bring in a new showrunner and new writers, but it all came together beautifully :)

  4. OMG, the scene with the gun between his legs.......I'm sitting in a puddle. Damn you, artist!! LOL, xoxoxo

  5. Whoohoo! I saw the ep @ 9 last night, taped it, coerced my family into being quiet ("No talking while Goren speaks!") and enjoyed myself. I agree with VivB on the early camera movements; seemed like they were trying to create urgency when there was no need to. All in all, though, nice to see Goren and Eames back and doing what they do best. Now to wait for the ep to show up on iTunes so I can own and cap it. :)

  6. I thought it was a great episode too..almost a return to the good old days, with both Bobby & Alex doing what they do best, and being the perfect partnership. It was nice to see Ross working well with Bobby too..given last season.

    Oh, and the french accent just made the smile I had all the way through even bigger :-D

  7. Ooohh, I can't wait!!
    Awesome pics, he looks perfect :-)

  8. I think they started softening Ross' character last season, making him more sympathetic and caring towards his detectives. Hope it continues. They've made the "Chief of Detectives" the big, giant asshole in the room. LOL. Enjoyed this episode.

  9. OMG...... I can't wait!!!!

  10. I'm so high right now, it's a like a rush. I'm excited, thrilled, lusting for more... I guess I've been thoroughly d'onofed! ;)

  11. Oh, and lovely caps, Jazzy! I especially like 21 & 46!

  12. Good episode i want to see the next!!
    The French accent make me cry... i'm french and i've replay the end of the scene maybe 20 times and i haven't understand what he wants to say!!!
    Now i want to see another i can get enough of the new season!!

    Fuzzy: He always had a gun between his legs ;-))

  13. thanks for liking the caps. capping took me the whole day because of the neverending joy of vista.

    right on CJ! although i wouldn't mind him placing his gun between MY legs.

    german-speaking vixens, tell me:
    did you notice how he pronounced "Walter PPK"? tooo much!

  14. Damn, work gets in the way of my pleasure, this is the first chance I've had to get on and comment. First THANK YOU Jazzy for the beautiful screen caps. They are amazing. It's so nice to hear so many positive comments about last night's show. I loved it and for me it seems like a return to their old format. And how hot did Vincent look?! Last night was worth the wait, looking forward to Sunday night May 10 (Mother's Day - how appropriate) for the next Bobby/Alex epi. Of course I'll watch Jeff next Sunday, but it's just not the same, is it?

  15. Jazzy, thank you for all of your hard work doing the caps...I know they're time consuming. That last cap on the bottom, though...that's a Bobby Goren "I've got you in the interrogation room and I'm gonna kick your ass look" lol I've missed that look for the past year!

  16. It was very nice seeing him getting back to the old Bobby. I've missed that.

    Like VivB said, I found the epi predictable but very worth it just to see new Vincent stuff.

    Thanks alot for the screencaps jazzy!!!! We'd all go crazy without you! LOVE YA GIRL!!!

  17. Jazzy, thank you SO MUCH for the caps...MY GOD HE'S BEAUTIFUL!!

    Cuckoo, I'm with you, I HAD to watch it last night at 9, there was NO WAY I could wait another minute. I told my son and everyone else I know that I would NOT be available between 9 and 10 and not to bother me unless there's been a death! After thinking about that for a while I decided if they're dead they'll still be dead at 10pm so I'll deal with it then LOL.

    I do agree with VivB and VDO'obessed, it was predictable but still excellent! And well worth the wait!

  18. Anonymous9:10 AM


    Why is it that you and I always seem to agree on what scene we think is the "money shot"?

    I think I need some fire arms load and re-load lessons with Bobby - I'll sit across from him and manage to get my hands in there somehow! Just have to watch that clip I wouldn't want anyone getting pinched in the wrong place!


    "...if they're dead they'll still be dead at 10pm so I'll deal with it then LOL." A way big LOL - That was priceless!

  19. @Jazzy
    No, didn't notice! I'll be listening closely this afternoon!

    I so will be enjoying next weeks episode. My love for LOCI is seperate from my love from Vincent, if that makes any sense. I guess I like the format itself! So I can still enjoy the show, even if Vincent is not in it. I enjoy him every time I see him, but on occasion, I do watch other stuff too ;)

  20. VDO'obessed,
    I'd all go crazy without my fellow vixens!

    watching the sunday epi was like sex after a loooong time of abstinence (although i don't know much about abstinece).

  21. >The French accent make me cry... i'm french and i've replay the end of the scene maybe 20 times and i haven't understand what he wants to say!!!

    CJ, he says "A print out will do" and something I can't understand. He's talking about the councilman's purchases.

  22. Anonymous8:11 PM

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  23. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Apologies, that was me, unable to spell (as usual).

    May 10th? What happened to May 3rd, which is the Sunday after 'His Blum-ing-ness' first episode? Don't tell me USA are farting around with the schedule already *falls to floor sobbing in anguish*

  24. Anonymous5:21 AM

    I have to watch it a couple more times. I took the day off tomorrow for some other stuff so I will get in at least one more viewing.

    It was a little predicable but I think what made it that way was that we were with Bobby when he was connecting the dots. I agree with some of the others not the best epi but I am starting to see some of the old Bobby.

    I can't wait for the other epis to come out.

  25. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Just checked the USA schedule at their site, and they have 'Identity Crisis (G/E) listed for May 3rd - phew!!!!

  26. Sorry Diane - what I meant was that the next Bobby & ALex epi will be May 10; I'm assuming May 3 is a Jeff Goldblum/Wheeler epi.

  27. okay, sue me for this -
    i, personally would prefer to see the next b/a epi far in the future. that would protract S8, and we could drool even longer about bobby.
    (makes sense?)

  28. Anonymous1:05 PM

    May 3rd is a Bobby episode Artist, - at least according to the USA site; and they'd better not change it....*snarls*