Don't you just love, love, loveeeee him?!?!

No, I can't get enough of watching this!
(the vid is also posted at the Cats)

He is so charming, he even made the reporter blushed. When he talks about his future projects,
when he talks about spare ribs, and when he bits his lip ...

that just "d'onofing" me.

Hmmm... would it be bad to tell him that?

click on this for the Nashville Film Festival


  1. Saw that vid on and I have to admit:I fall for him more and more each day (as if it's possible to love someone more than 100%...)

  2. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Y'know, every single time I think I can't possibly love him any more than I already do, he proves me absolutely wrong :0)

    I'm feeling as giddy as a schoolgirl in the first throws of a GIGANTIC crush on someone *giggles*

  3. I don't know how that reporter kept her composure! I know she got a little breathless there, but if he told me I was a pretty girl I would have run around the room screaming!

  4. and when he leaned forward the mic to say "isn't it, guys?!" ...
    i mean his voice, his pronunciation ... and omg he is going to make a film about music ... sorry, i begin to stumble now ... but ... damn it, my admiration for him is boundless!!

  5. So I'm sitting here in my pj's on Saturday morning with my coffee, looking like something the cat just dragged in (if I had a cat) because my curly hair is all askew and not because I was having a good time and I hit play. Yes, Tess & Diane I 'm also screaming like a giddy little school girl, my screams of joy reaching a frightening decibel (my poor neighbors). Guidinglight, Jazzy, Judith – I too love him even more every time I see him. My heart is pounding, my pulse is racing and I have a smile on my face that won’t go away. I look in the hall mirror and try to manage my too curly hair and think I doubt he'd be calling me a pretty girl at this hour of the morning, but OMG I wish he would. The man can't help himself he oozes charm, sexuality and an aurora that just makes you want to melt at his feet. DAMN!! Sorry for pontificating so early in the morning Vixens. Jazzy thanks for the thrill – best roller coaster ride I’ve had in along time. Sunday get here already!!!

  6. Anonymous4:55 PM

    What a freaking tease he is but that is what we want to see isn't it! Yes, I agree, he just oozes sensuality, draws you in, and then you're lost in it all!

    My thought is that he doesn't mean to be a tease but that he really enjoys making women feel good. Mentally of course - which many guys don't seem to understand is important. You've got to make us think about it! So tell me who isn't thinking about it after that interview??

  7. artist, my bet you look great!

    have i already mentioned that i loveeee him?
    oh lord, today i used the L-word more often than i did in my whole life. love, love, love him. aaaahhh...!

  8. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Hey, VDO'O,

    Isn't that somewhere around your neck of the woods?

    Hope you knew about it and got the chance to see him. I know the Film Festivals are rather pricey so I hope you saw him around town somewhere - maybe at dinner!

  9. I'm sitting here trying to calm myself down after watching that and certainly not succeeding - OMG he's wonderful, I'm also trying to figure out how I can love this man more than I already do? He looks so refreshed and happy. *sigh*

  10. Jazzy - you're too kind. BTW great way to jump start the day!

  11. No such luck witness. Thanks to a busted jeep I can't make the 70 mile trip to Nashville this weekend. But I can't believe that I actually got giddy when I realized that not only was he in the same time zone as me, but in the same state!!!

    I can't believe how good he looks. Such a drastic change from the unshaven exhusted looking guy Nashville got to see last year.

    I've come to the conculsion that I'm not destined to see him when he's Nashville. Last year I couldn't get any time off from work to go and this year my only mode of transport is in the shop.

    Oh, well, I don't really feel like being on the news, which is what would end up happening. I can see the headline now: "Local woman passes out while meeting actor Vincent D'Onofrio"

    Wanna know what I really love?? The movie he's wanting to do here has Johnny Cash's music all in it and guess who's been playing on the stereo all morning? That's right I had Cash blaring when I saw the video.

    I guess it's the whole "great minds" thingy *LOL*

  12. *sigh* such a sweetie ♥

  13. Okay I rewatched the video time after time and I don't know if I heard right but did he say that he was going to make a film after a novel from a writer called Eric Bogosian?Does he mean our Captain Ross????Or did I get that name wrong??

  14. GREAT CATCH guiding light! Yes he did say a novel by Eric (Captain Ross) Bogosian! Wow, good for you.

  15. Gorgeous, charming, lovely.

  16. I still can't think of a way to say how that video makes me feel..just very very happy..and still smiling like it's Christmas and I got everything I wished for :-D

  17. Jazzy, I think he would love to hear you say all that to him. Don't forget that interview where he couldn't believe how many women thought he's gorgeous. As long as no one get all stalkerish with him, it must boost his confidence.

    Oh, and did I mention - HE'S EDIBLE!

  18. Anonymous11:04 PM

    VDO'O: Perhaps they will need a frequently fainting woman for the movie? Put your resume together. You know how he likes to impart his wisdom and give hands on experience in the trade so all you would have to do is keep telling him what he needs to do to make you faint!

    I think it would have to be a progressive thing though because you would after time build up some resistance. Oh who am I kidding - no you wouldn't! I can see that all he would have to do is look at you and start to walk in your direction!

    Guiding: Yes, Eric wrote a novel not sure if its the father daughter Cash thing or something different.

  19. He looks FANTASTIC! Well-rested and if I am not mistaken, he seems to have shed a few pounds, not that it matters, of course!

  20. I really am in the hell can I download this???arggghhhh

  21. I just saw this today!!I was stuned,and just melted!!:)
    OMG,IS THAT MAN CUTE OR WHAT!!???!I JUST WANT to EAT HIM UP..YUMM..YUMM..YUMMMMMM!!Vincent looks sooo rested and sooo FINEEEEEEE!!;)))OMG I can't belive my eyes still how this man still looks the way he does,at almoust to be the big 50!!*drool..drool..takes a BIGGG LONG breath..melts away*!!