Recently Jazzy posted a fabulous piece on "The Cell" which included an article titled "Killing us softly" written by Stephen (I'm blind as a bat) Lemons. While the article was insightful and respectful of Mr. D'Onofrio's skills as an actor and his craft the opening paragraph stunned me. "Vincent D'Onofrio doesn't look like a movie star. Slightly disheveled, in long-sleeved black shirt with the tails hanging out over gray pants, he looks more like some suburban dad who just rolled out of bed on a Sunday morning to fetch the paper in his socks. (In fact, he's married and has two young children.) With his DULL brown eyes, closely cropped gray-brown hair and Vandyke beard, D'Onofrio could be any guy in a crowd.There's NOT AN IOTA OF GLAMOUR IN HIS STOOPED, OUT OF SHAPE 6-foot-3 frame."
"But D'Onofrio is a movie star, though not as a result of GOOD LOOKS OR SEX APPEAL."
REALLY?!! EXCUSE ME? I take umbrage over the following description. Who were you looking at Quasimodo!!! I try not to use foul language but to you Mr. Lemons all I can is - who the hell were you looking at F**k-nuts! So this slide show is dedicated to one Stephen (hench forth to be known as I'm blind as a bat) Lemons (perfect last name). BTW - could we see a photo of you Mr. Lemons?
Enjoy the show Vixens.


  1. How it's possible to be so wonderful in every clothes!!!
    I'm sure if he plays a clown we're all going to think "OMG this guy is so damn SEXY"
    We're all mad but it's good sometimes!!lol

  2. Vince not sexy? WTF???

    I beg to differ!

  3. I had the same reaction to that article, Artist! I have to chalk it up to the fact that Mr. Lemons must be a straight man who has no idea how to judge male sex appeal. "Blind as a bat" is right! LOL. Thanks for the drool-inducing slideshow!

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  5. Hi Artist,

    I hope you don't mind - but I have to respectfully disagree. I actually choked at the description at first, but then I broke it down into single bits and thought about it.

    First off, it seems that Vincent showed up to that interview a little bit tired, which is understandable, he was very busy at the time. Acutally, the image of him "I-just-got-out-of-bed"-dishelved makes me drool. He'd look great like that... not that I know, but I sure would like to!!

    I think the author was trying to imply how "regular" Vincent seemed, something other interviewers have echoed. Kinda "Regular when he's actually very special" - you know? As for "the lack of glamour" and not "owning the career to sex appeal or good looks" - I think those were meant to compliment Vincent and his acting skills. Just think he'd written the opposite and implied that Vincent had no talent at all? We'd sure be on the barricades, too...

    I would also like to point out that while Vincent's looks certainly didn't hinder his career, he has built is career on characters, not on looks, or he'd chosen diffrent roles. While I can drool over pictures, the times when I run crazy is when I see him act. He's got a certain spark... it captivates me. I think his animated features are for more interesting than pictures. (Which doesn't mean I don't get my daily fix of them...)

    I hope I'm not offending anyone, and maybe it's my lack of understanding for the finesse of the english language (not being a native speaker, that might very well be the case) or I'm a hopeless optimist. I just felt the need to write... :)

  6. Vince not sexy?????
    Ok Mr.Lemon.... go to the ophtalmologist and wear a good pair of glasses!! :D

  7. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Two short words to Mr Lemons - and the second one is 'OFF!'

  8. diane, i just adore the way your mind works!

  9. Tjara - I appreciate and understand your point of view and I think it's gracious of you to give Mr. Lemons the benefit of the doubt. However, to say his eyes are dull, that he is stooped over, that he is not good looking and has no sex appeal for me is beyond the pale. I agree that he was trying to make the point that Vincent is a movie star because of his talents and that is great but one can do that without being insulting. Thank you for sharing your views, you laid out a great argument in Mr. Lemons defence. I really enjoy reading your comments.

  10. Here's another argument in Mr. Lemons' favor: Mr. Lemons is a very small man in stature (small hands and small feet, too!), so Vincent had to stoop over just to hear his squeaky little voice.

    And the Poindexter-thick lenses in front of Mr. Lemons' beady little eyes made Vincent's eyes look a little dull.

    One can only imagine how overwhelmed Mr. Lemons was by Vincent's manliness and sexual aura. And remember, he's a small man, so he was up-close to the Magnificent Python! He knew how insignificant his 'little worm' was, and he jealously lashed out at Vincent by calling him not sexy.

    If I'm wrong in my analysis, the only other reason Mr. Lemons did this is: he's nutty as a fruitcake.

  11. Thank you Jersey for your insightful views. That explains it; he's sufferring from penis envy. Being short of stature he looked down at those size 13 feet and shirveled. Poor dear it's HARD to MEASURE UP to Vincent.

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  13. @Artist

    Well, he did make comments that certainly could rub the wrong way. Even with the benefit of the doubt I think he worded it "clumsy".

    'nough for now. LOCI is on next. *jumps around all excited*

  14. don't jump too high, tjara...
    it's a mr.big eppy!

  15. I wish he'd just rolled out of bed in my direction...

    Just a tad jealous, maybe, this guy?

  16. @Jazzy

    sssssh - don't tell anyone, but we lucky Austrians have CI on our very own network. And it's a Goren-episode tonight :)

    Which I'm gonna have to watch on DVR a little later because dad fell asleep in the living room and I didn't wanna wake him... a girl's gotta have her privacy when she's "with" her man, you know ;)

  17. Strikes me that Mr Lemons is completely clueless about what makes a man attractive to intelligent women...his loss

  18. He is clueless, isn't he? And I would say more than a bit jealous.

  19. I think Mr Lemons is a sour-puss. We all have our differences, but to say that Mr. D is dull, is horseshit.

  20. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Jazzy, I'm grateful that you think I have some of my mind left after all these years of V-lust ;0)

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  22. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Obviously, Mr. Lemons did not get the treat of seeing the Joseph Santangelo clips you put into this post. Another character I find myself - very attracted to - and such a flirt. Plus look at those arms in that white t-shirt!

    il mio Dio, Lei è così bello. Fare l'amore a me.
    (My God you're so beautiful. Make love to me.)

    Oh, Santangelo, Santangelo, Santangelo! (as she says in the movie). What a lucky woman Tracy was during those moments she was saying that!

    Why does everything sound so much better in Italian than in English.

  23. Witness,
    perché la lingua italiana è la lingua della passione :)
    Vincent = passione!

  24. Clearly the man is blind, inept and without passion. Lemons - doesn't sound Italian to me.

  25. HUH???!!!I read that article before..why ever wrote it,has NO IDEA what are they talking about!!There blind as a bat or simply jelaous..I don't know!!NOT really must not have a brain,to find that human god Vincent NOT SEXY??!!
    I JUST DON'T GET IT!!I just try to ingnorwe those fools like that,and just show how much I can how HOT and SEXY Vincent is,everywhere I can!!
    ONE thing to say to that person(I'm beeeing bad..wink)-JELAOUS MUCH??!!?!

  26. Anonymous7:47 PM

    perché la lingua italiana è la lingua della passione :) - Vincent = passione!"

    Jazzy, this made me think of something very funny that I can't post here so I will post it somewhere else.

    I'm sure you will find it and hopefully get a kick out of it.

  27. Jazzy, I don't speak Italian, but I know lingua can refer to language or tongue. Could we also say 'la lingua de Vincent e la lingua della passione'?

    (Hopefully that made sense since my Italian is nonexistent - however, I could also say 'my Italian' lives in New York City!)

  28. jersey,
    i KNEW you'll get the idea ;)

    okay witness, i'll find that "somewhere else" (hopefully)