Your first D'Onofrio Moment

Can you remember the first time? No not that first Vixens! I mean the first time you saw our beloved Sex Machine? Can you remember the movie? Can you remember where you were? Who you were with and what it was about him that held your interest?

For me it was this guy. I saw this in the theatre with three of my friends. I fell totally in love with him. I remember talking about it later. Who was this sexy guy? No one knew who in the hell i was talking about days later! Those eyes, that body! The sexy way he had in a crap role! I was hooked. Then I didn't see a lot of him until this guy came around!


This movie did me in. I remember seeing it and falling in love. I cried my eyes out (still do when i see this movie) But the real deal breaker for me was this one...

It was this movie. I realized I was a true D'Onofrio addict when I wanted to nail a freaky serial rapist. That's when you know that you have a SERIOUS addict folks!

Since then there have been so many movies, television moments, interviews and everything else but I would like for you to remember back. When you barely remembered his name and share the movie or television show where our beloved stole your heart.


  1. Mmmh,let me think about it...I can remeber that I watched Mystic Pizza and The Cell many times without noticing him as a very attractive man,but as a very talented actor.
    The moment I was realising that he's a sexy hunk is a very crazy,don't know why it happened,private moment!Can't tell that in public

  2. my very first time was with gavin; it happened on a back row seat of a cinema theatre. gavin was just a hottie.
    then i saw vince in minnesota, and i was like WOW that man is also an outstanding talented actor!
    the combination of sexiness and talent really got me.

  3. I'm a Bobby convert. I almost didn't watch the new L&O franchise, but nothing else was on. And there was this huge bear of a man, talking knowledgably about art and literature. It was so incongruous, so striking. And so was he. I was hooked. I knew the name, but I really came to Vincent's films through Bobby and the blogs.

  4. btw
    jenz, i'm addicted to carl, too. and there is also that bug from outta space, and the bear without a nose. vince makes even freaks look hot!

  5. there was nothing on TV. so i started channel-hopping and found CI. and saw this man who was called bobby goren and i was hooked. this bobby turned out to be vincent d'onofrio and i just had to have anything and everything he had ever been in.

  6. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I MUST have seen 'Mystic Pizza', I used to go to the movies every single week, but the first thing I 'registered' Vincent in was LOCI....then the BBC very kindly showed 'The 13th Floor' one night, and 'Imposter' the next and that was it. There I was, hunting through Amazon, making 'googly-eyes' at him, blowing kisses and mumbling 'Hullooooo Vincent, I think I love you!' Several years later now, I KNOW I love him :0)

  7. FMJ......FULL....METAL....JACKET

    7-6-2 millimeter

    Hi Joe-ker.......

  8. Must be a Brit thing, but I found him through LOCI too :-)

    I'd watched CSI with a couple of my teenage kids and LOCI came on afterwards.As there was nothing else on we watched it, and the rest is history......

  9. I have been seriously in love with him ever since I saw Good Luck. I know it was a silly movie, but I just LOVED it, it really inspired me. I thought he did a perfect job acting blind. But I had no clue who he was until about 9 months ago when I watched my first episode of LOCI. I just knew I loved and admired the guy in Good Luck, I had no idea he had done other movies or that there was anyone else out there who loved him too. I am SO GLAD I found you guys!!

  10. I was watching LOCI i always love the talent of this man i were maybe 14 years old and with the years... just one night i was watching and i told myself "OMG why i never realized he is so cute" i fall in love with the season 3 Bobby and maybe 2 years ago i've seen Full Metal and for the first time i've realise that he is Private Pyle after that maybe half and a year i start to search new movies on Emule and i make a new friend who send me the movies i can't find---- Thanks Jazzy-----

  11. I think the first film I saw him in was MIB, but I'd only really notice him in CI :)
    Glad I did!

  12. I always knew Vincent D'onofrio was a good actor from all the praise he received in Full Metal Jacket (admittedly, I've never watched it). However, it wasn't until TWWW that I fell head or heels for him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him and I taped and watched the film until my retinas burned. When NBC announced that VDO was starring in L&O:CI I was thrilled & stunned.I kept thinking how did they get lucky enough to get VDO to do a TV series. Since then my affection for the man has grown, does it show?

  13. For me it was 'Homicide Life On The Streets'. Oddly enough I wasn't attracted to him physically! (What was wrong with me?) I just thought he was the most amazing actor I had ever seen. The physical part happened when I watched LOCI for the first time...

  14. Before LOCI, I (and my libido) "noticed" him in Mystic Pizza. But it wasn't until I was watching reruns of LOCI on Bravo, that I, at first, became "intrigued" by him. After a few more Sunday nights spent with Detective Goren, my "intrigue" turned to LUST! Big time! This was about 3 years ago. And I am now more obsessed than ever!

  15. P.S. Jenz, that pic you posted of him from "The Cell" is absolutely breathtaking! OMG! Nipple rings! 'Nuff said! LOL

  16. Awesome tales vixens. Glad Mr. Goren could recruit you to our cause!

    ps jazzy
    I know what you exactly what you mean, i saw Minnesota with my buddy who was so into Keanu and I kept thinking, what the ted guy, are you looking at what i'm looking at!

    ps SnarkAngel
    AMEN! Just makes you want to take a nibble of them doesn't it! Yeah i know i should censor that kind of thinking but i just can't help myself!

  17. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I have watched LOCI for years and was always enthralled by Detective Goren. Intelligent, beautiful in a sensual manly way (even with the constantly changing looks each season - that serves to makes him seem real), and what a sultry voice! This man pushed my buttons for sure - tears, laughter, the whole gambit!

    My MOMENT of no return however was this year after Season 7 was over when I was watching TWWW. The tenderness and depth he brought to the role of Robert E. Howard was amazing. I am sure Novalyn fell in love all over again when she saw the completed project!

    The blogs fed my interest which then became an addiction. Meeting him in person fed my addiction which has now become an obsession.

    One particular forum has helped me understand that I am not alone in this pursuit of all things D'Onofrio. It has also helped me to get control of my obsession and channel it in a productive manner so I can be a fully functioning member of society again. Just joking! (I'm not fully functional yet) again joking ... ha, ha!

    Seriously though, VDO's roles are always interesting to watch and most of his movies and LOCI make me like Bobby "I like to think about it" think...about the human condition and our motivations behind our intent!

    PS: Also can't ever thank him enough for introducing me to REH. He makes me think too!

    Thanks Jazzy for the behavior modification therapy!

  18. witness, i really hope that the behavior modification therapy was not 100% successful.

  19. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Jazzy darling, it has to be. I couldn't bear to have my invitation rescinded!

    My name is Witness and I am a VDO addict...(so please forgive me for what I am about to do) is the way I should start all my posts! Whadda ya think? ;)

  20. For me, the final thing that did it was when Goren announced that he was going to use the most powerful weapon he had to fight crime...his library card.

    Yup, I'm a librarian. Men who say things like that just make us swoon :)

    But I'm with you on the Cell. If I'm lusting after the serial killer, I must have it bad.

  21. I apologize up front for the length of this post, but this is my first time putting my introduction to VDO into words, and I want to say everything.


    The first role I ever saw Vincent in was Men in Black back when it came out in the 90s. I hadn't known who he was at the time, but I did remember seeing an article (in Starlog, I think) in which the special effects guys for MIB loved working with him because they got to do all sorts of torturous things to his face with makeup and he didn't mind.

    When The Cell came out later, I remember seeing the commercials on TV, liking the visuals, and quoting "Where you come from!?" with my brothers, but never going to see it.

    Later, I became an avid Monk fan, watched it religiously on USA, and bought the DVDs. As a result, I was exposed to plenty of commercials for Criminal Intent, most of which I didn't pay attention to because they made Goren out to be obnoxious (I'm talking about those ads where they string together every scene of him yelling at people, which really gave me a poor first impression because I had no idea how much more depth there was to him). However, I did see a commercial for "Untethered" that had caught my interest (because I'm sucker for plotlines about mental illness) but I never followed through and missed the episode.

    One day, when USA aired The Cell, I got to see most of it and really enjoyed it (well, the parts inside Carl Stargher's mind, anyway). Strangely enough, it was the scene where Vincent is disemboweling Vince Vaughn that I recognized him. He was smiling, all giddy with his bleached eyes, nasty little teeth, and twisted royal garb when I realized "Hey, that's that guy from Law & Order!" In another twist of lazy fate, though, I simply enjoyed my revelation for what it was and didn't pursue it any further.

    Finally, finally, I discovered iTunes this past December. When I learned that TV shows could be purchased by the episode, I prepared to download my favorite episode of Monk, "Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum" so that I could always have it at my fingertips on my computer. But I stopped at the last moment, deciding to use the chance to sample a show that I had never seen before. But what to watch? And then I remembered that commercial for "Untethered."

    "Untethered" was my first taste, quickly followed by more LOCI episodes. I started talking off the ears of my family and friends about Detective Goren ("He's based off Sherlock Holmes like Monk, but he's so much more confident!"). I rented The Break-Up. Then I bought The Cell. And The Thirteenth Floor. And Men in Black. And after that, I lost track. I've hunted Vincent on YouTube, IMDB, and Google. I stumbled across Miss Larson's wallpaper site, where I found the link to this blog. I take screenshots, I thirst to make music videos, and I think about drawing him but I'm afraid I won't do him justice. I watch his facial expressions and mannerisms and try to adopt his confidence into my own behavior. I want to see him, I want to be him, I want to touch his face. His ambition makes me want to be ambitious. I’m riding high on new energy and I have him to thank for that.

    So here I am. After all those years of casual sightings, I’ve finally arrived, and now I’ve come out. My name is Rebecca, and I’m a Vincent D’Onofrio addict.

  22. hi rebecca - no apology needed; just have fun and keep on sharing your thoughts about the hottest man ever!