The VERY Private Adult Photo Collection

(caps from fico di capo)

All I said to the Vixens was:
"Starter? You are kidding, aren't you? I don't need a starter!
Although I am a nibbler ... figs, peaches and cream..."

And then I said: "Okay, let's do it. Right here and now in the kitchen."

... I said KITCHEN!!!!

When I asked them to 'do it' in the kitchen, I wanted them to bake a pie for me.
And now see what happened.
No, that is NOT dough on my hand!!

Really, you'd be surprised what turns the Vixens on - my cute nose, my ears ...

... the sight of a blue shirt, my sunglasses,

... and that woman called Fuzzy - she can't get enough of my hands.

And then there is the private photo collection.
The worst of all is, the Vixens have taken the collection away from me!
NO! You will NOT make a slide show with those photos!

This is for the Blogger Gang, they are always asking what I smell like.
Thought I'd send this used tissue to them - a left over from the "Kitchen Happening".
I hope they will send me back my adult photo collection in return.

Apropos 'adult', Lozzie made it grow to size 14!

Usually I am not that wild, but one of the Vixens - I assume it was the bartender - slipped some blue pills into my drink and called it "SpecialAngel".

EAMES : Say, Bobby, do you want to take the glass down to the lab and have it tested? Speaking of wild, how are you feeling?
Still having any signs of an elevated level of testosterone?

Well, I feel like wall slamming but that's not new.

... I'm just glad that The Valentine Cats haven't taken away ALL of my badges

I wonder, it's not possible? They woundn't post the private photo collection on the team 13 projects would they? Yeah, they would. Shit, I am sooo in trouble!
Do YOU know their blog password? Nope, it isn't in Val's jewelry box.

Hey, folks! Do YOU know where they keep Bobby's private photo collection? Eliza? MusicWench? Anyone??
Eames, help, we need to find their password! Otherwise they will publish my photos! My good reputation is gone when that happens. On the other hand, who cares?! By the way, I have a huge appetite for pie and special cocktails now. Well, I have the Vixen's phone numbers somewhere in my pants...

We, the Vixens, still have that "VERY" private adult photo collection,
and yeah, we made a "VERY" private adult slide show with it.
Here cums - comes:


  1. I love that slide show soooooo much.

  2. I can only guess how the slideshow looked, because apparently PB decided that the images all violated their terms... *lol*

  3. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Fortunately, my imagination can fill in what the up-tight Bucket Censor won't let me see ;0)

    Cool post!

  4. I really wish I'd got here before the censor got to your album....but I can imagine what it was full of :-D

    Wonderful post!!

  5. don't worry, sweeties!
    you are not too late. i've used censored pix for the "very private adult slide show".
    (my weird sense of humor, you know)

  6. *lol*
    Then I guess none of us got the joke... except Lozzie Cap. ;P

  7. I have to confess to being in on the ruse, Tamara! :-D

  8. Well, then you fooled everyone. ;)

  9. Fab post! USA was kind enough to show this episode yesterday..

  10. AHEM..Jazzy I love the slideshow:)..very "sexy"!!
    Maybe that hunk can slam to the wallseveral times;*wink,wink*then maybe..JUST MAYBE I will give the password to my private collection of pics,slideshows,scrapbooks..!!I hope when that silver hunk sees it,dosen't run away blushing..or fainht!!;)))

  11. LOL. great post...but I missed the private photos...I guess Bobby and Eames figured out a way to intervene before too many people saw. ;)

  12. Very clever! I have lots of photos like that, too. Strange, sin't it?

  13. LOL He's crazy if he thinks any of us would give up the private photo collection!

    I am also a victim of the horrible censor. *sigh*

    Oh well, will have to go fill in images of my own. :-D

  14. Bobby and PB can be glad that we can't take photographs of our VDO-dreams :) guessing they are even better than the real ones.

  15. oh, almost forgot to ask:
    who of us put our phone numbers into bobby's pants?

  16. There are lots of things I'd like to put in Bobby's pants my phone number being one of them. However it's not #1 on the list!

  17. I must confess, I'd really like to see him in the suit, tie, and sunglasses look this upcoming season. So bummed to wait until March.

    BTW we all know he is "so fine" and he really seemed fine in Utah. Not the depressed person some of the other fan pages are making him out to be. Shallow nay sayers!

    My camera died but luckily I downloaded the pics to my computer. I was looking back at them today and remembered that in one my wrist on his back when we took the photo.

    In the other both my hands were down. One was inches away from ... sorry can't think about ... What would have happened if I accidently moved my hand? So embarrassed!

    Darn Adult Photo Collection post! Not sure which situation has the potential to frustrate me more - NO photos or if I saw the photos!

  18. Loving the post! Had my chuckles for the day!


  20. Jazzy, we HAVE to put these poor people out of their misery! Shall I tell them, or will you ..?

  21. Oh please wait, Lozzie. I am still hoping - anyone MUST "get it", no??
    Who ever this will be deserves a prize... perhaps a special post or something like that.

  22. Fellow Vixens the slide NEVER EXISTED it was all a ruse. Jazzy was being witty and put up the censored slide show to indicate that the photos were too provocative to view. After all, Vixens in the kitchen with Bobby, you can imagine how HOT that would be – pardon the pun. These photos are not for public viewing – LOL.

  23. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Ahhhahaha! This was a good one. Too bad PB is a biotch ;)

  24. What a hoot!!!! Too bad I was on vacation and couldn't respond sooner. I'll take his tongue and what's in his pants, too!!!!! Love all you guys.....great fun!! :0)