nicki, paulino & co.

Two of my sweeties, Nicki Wallace and Paulino De La Cruz.
Both of them were abused by their former owner.
Nicki dies in due to torture,
Paulino became a happy mice-hunter.

Why do i post this?

If you witness ANY pet/animal neglect, torture or abuse, PLEASE contact your local humane society, vet surgeron, animal shelter, or animal control agency immediately.
If you are concerned about a dog who is frequently tethered or otherwise left outside without proper shelter, food, or water, PLEASE contact your local humane society or animal control agency.

You can choose to remain anonymous!

You can find the name and number of your local humane society or animal control agency by looking in your phone book's yellow pages under
"animal shelter", "humane society," or "animal control" ("Tierschutz", "Tierheim", "Veterinäramt" for german), or by calling Information.
Often, public animal care and control agencies are also listed under the city and/or local police departments.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh, I wish the RSPCA took any notice of people. I've tried to get them to take notice many times of problems, but if there are no cameras, they don't want to know. Small voluntary organsations do better.

  2. All my respect to voluntary organisations; i know first hand, that they do hard work and they really need our support.
    Sadly, here in Germany they don't have ANY legal authority; to rescue Nicki/Paulino was against the law

  3. Thank goodness that animal protection laws and enforcement agencies have been on the rise in the U.S. There's even a cable television show now devoted to animal rescue. Thanks for reminding us all, Val!

  4. It's so sad ... but such an important message to get out.

    You're a good person to adopt pets that have been mistreated.

  5. It's a good thing you're doing here. My husband and I adopted an Old English Sheep dog who was one of 41 dogs at a puppy mill. Poor thing was the sweetest dog and she had some psychological problems but she was a great pet. She was so loving and she was the gentlest dog I've ever met despite being raised in rather horrible conditions.

    Sometimes I want to just slap those people who abuse animals.

  6. thank you droesey,
    my house/yard is big enough for that. and with help from organisations i found new homes for all the other pets.

    slapping is not hard enough!
    a lot of abused dogs are very gentle; i think they are thankful for a new home and our love.

  7. Sad and sickening what people do to animals, birds or even people as we know, I hope the people get what they deserve, beautiful dog sorry you lost him/her.

  8. yes jane, what they do to birds (like in france) is horrible!

    imo we need an united europe; same laws for every state.

  9. Nice, thoughtful post, bring awareness to this situation. I am not a "pet" person per se, but I don't like to see anyone or anything abused. I just don't understand how people can be so thoughtless and cruel and inhumane to other creatures. Thanks again for encouraging us all to be more aware and responsive.