my reasons for loving masquerade:

# 1
butt shot - always a top reason!

# 2
eames was sent away...

... by reason # 3

# 4
his pre-coital facial expression

# 5
(bobby without jeans would be a size 13)


aaaw... bobby cuddled (my) pink heart

the lean is # 8


  1. Jeans+Bobby bettwen stuffed toys..mmm..woof..

  2. The very same reasons I love that eppy. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Funnily enough, they're my reasons too!

    Liza Minnelli sat behind me (in a booth) at one of Elvis' shows I was at in Las Vegas in 1976, but I doubt she remembers that! Oooh, I'm just a little ol' name -dropper ;0)

  4. One of my favorite scenes. Thanks or the reminder

  5. Lovely reminders of what a terrific episode this was. Liza did an incredible job. Has everyone seen the interview where she talks about being a huge LOCI fan? It was too cute.

  6. Diane, I would like my little name-dropper to be "I slept with Vincent D'Onofrio last night".

  7. i know this one:

    she said: "i love loci, i have not missed one show. i have seen all the shows all over the world..."

  8. P.S.
    soooooo sorry for that misspelling "E"liza. hey, i haven't slept for 3 days when i made this post AND i took meds!! lol. i am as ashamed as possible OUCH
    i KNEW i made something wrong, but what???
    (i edited it now)

  9. lol @ his pre-coital facial expression ... :)

    That was a good episode, a sad one though.

  10. Face it were thinking about my awesome blog when you first did the post :p

    I think you got just about every reason I like the episode too,so thank you for that :-)

  11. I think Liza Minelli had more than a little bit of a crush on Vincent D'Onofrio.

    See, I know what signs to look for.

  12. eliza, haha
    one fine day, your hot blog will kill me, that's for sure!
    shit, i wanted to save this way to go for vincent!!

  13. That butt shot is just prime! I think I'm in the mood for "rump roast" tonight ...