Lesson with Vincent

I have a simple question, but my grammar book (i really read such stuff) doesn't make it clear to me.
Well, I know that the words "this" and "that" are different in meaning and use.
I would much appreciate it if you could make the differences clear to me.

Please give me grammar lesson with using the word
and/or SEXY

It's easy to learn about something when you enjoy the subject matter!


  1. The words 'this' and 'that' are used to indicate specific persons or things. In the following examples, the words this, that, these and those are used independently, and can be referred to as demonstrative pronouns.

    e.g. This is Vincent D'Onofrio.
    That is one very sexy fellow.

    The words 'this' and 'that' can also be used immediately preceding a noun, in which case they can be referred to as demonstrative adjectives.

    e.g. This fellow is sexier than very hot hot things
    That sexiness seems to be without measure

    In the preceding examples, this and that both act as adjectives, modifying the nouns 'fellow' and 'sexiness' (which isn't really a very brilliant noun at all, but which will have to do for now because I am in a race against time as my brain turns to sludge thinking about Vincent playing blues riffs on one of his guitars ... my God, now I want to BE a guitar ... ) respectively.

    (Where was I?)

    'This' is used to indicate persons or things that are close to the speaker or writer. 'This' takes a singular verb, and is used when referring to a single person or thing.

    e.g. This is Mr. Vincent D'Onofrio.
    This love slave (points to Diane) belongs to him.

    That really should read THESE love slaveS (plural) belong to him - wild gesticulation at various hapless souls languishing (ha! who am I kidding???!!) at his feet.

    'That' is used to indicate a person or thing which is at a distance from the speaker or writer. 'That' takes a singular verb, and is used when referring to a single person or thing.

    e.g. That is a very sexy guy named Vincent'D'Onofrio.
    That man is a Sex God.

    I hope this helps. If it doesn't I'm going to have to kill myself because it has taken about 25 minutes to write. Now I'm going to go play one of my SIX GUITARS - SIX DID YOU HEAR ME? ONLY SIX!!!

  2. jesuschrist !!
    i am going to study this (ahmm... that).

  3. This is one sexy .

  4. I'll just say....I LOVE THAT MAN!!

  5. when it goes DIRECTLY to Vincent, you use THIS.
    When you want to describe how sexy he is, you use THAT.

    Have I got that right, so far?
    I fear I have not

  6. Talk about something near to you - say "this"

    Talk about something a little distance away - say "that".

  7. How about 'Vincent D'onofrio is a very sexy man,there is this aura about him that makes you want to rip his clothes off' :-D

  8. THIS size 13 shoe belongs to Vincent. THAT size 9 shoe belongs to Chris Noth.

  9. Hmmm..
    The name of VDO-Vincent is used to explain how should be a hot sexy man!!
    Sexy is a word to describe one man,wich is a naturally really only truly sexy man-Vincent

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  11. That man, (VDO ... of course) is gorgeous. This obsession we all have, is forever and binding!

  12. THIS simple formula says it all: VDO=SEXY(squared...no, cubed...no,to infinity!) How's THAT!

  13. Ohhhhh, you saved the best for last. Why is it that that little open collar drives me cRaZy! I think it's cause he keeps himself all buttoned-up all the time!

  14. THIS is our class. THESE sorts of lessons are very helpful and cool! I really enjoy THIS a ton.

    To rip his clothes off - THAT would work for me. HA!

    THAT Mr.Big is a 9 means, there will be no Logan/Goren Big-Kiss-Off (How sad is THAT?!).

    Passed the exams?