his magic stick

somebody said: "bobby was like a little boy in a sweet shop".
i could not describe it better.

i like his 'magic stick'

and his cuddly belly,

also his sexy butt, of course

and who is not a fan of "six feet under" ?!


  1. Me want see it now.

  2. When my kids were small they used to play 'Bumping Bellies'..as the name suggests they used to come together,bump bellies and squeal...I think my belly almost matches Bobby's so could I play with him please??

  3. I really loved this episode, he was so happy and it was so contagious even Eames laughed. I could watch this one over and over...and I will.

    Nice caps.

  4. How long was that magic stick? 13" was it? Is it the size or the magic in it ... is the question. I would like to find out the answer to that age old guestion.

  5. good ques, judeey.
    would be great to test it on the living object (in the name of science)

  6. Such a wonderful episode. I could watch it over and over again. Love the caps!

  7. Yes ... in the name of science! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!

  8. I wanna play with his "magic stick!!!" And yes, that cuddly belly ... I wanna bury my face in it. Truly an enjoyable episode ... so much of the "old Bobby" was back, playful as ever. It makes him so irresistably cute, even with his "new look." I'd jump into one of those caskets for him ... if he promised to jump in on top of me!!!

  9. It really looked as if he had a great time making that episode, well I think they both did - KE looked as if she was giggling at him at one point.

    I loved the beard, the smiles, the cuddly belly ... oh! and how could I forget "his magic stick" ;)

  10. love all the smiles :)

    Of course the belly, the beard. Yum :)

  11. I was going to cap this episode but Jazzy, you have done it so much better than I could have. You've really captured the essence of the show.

    He can wave his magic wand in my direction any old day of the week, I tell ya ...

  12. You said it rigth Jazzy!!
    Vincent was sooo adorable beeing happy play with magic!!And that peavh butt..mmm!!
    I see a cute belly..tickle,tickle..
    Maybe Bobby can practice magic with his hands on me..he,he,he!!
    He sure those have a magic stick1!

  13. Anonymous8:23 PM

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  14. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Sorry, that was me, being unable to type (no changes there then!)

    I have the most incredible number of caps on my PC already, and I'm only half way through.

    I SO want to kiss his lovely little tummy...and while I'm at it, I may as well carry on with the rest of the delicious package *mwoah*