Happy Kisses' Day!

Germany is celebrating "Kisses' Day"
and voted for the top 3 screen kisses.

The master of kisses? Here he is:

Blow kisses for my beloved Vixens


  1. Why Vincent isn't at the top of their list, I don't know. BUT...He is at the top of ours :)

  2. Vincent kissing Thomas Jane in VOG should be number one!

  3. How can they have a vote for the top 5 screen kisses and NOT include at least one of Vincent's???

    Luckily he's at the top of every list I can think of in my mind :-D

  4. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Germany needs to get out more ;0)

  5. see:
    when vincent comes to germany he will be mine, because all the others are busy with swooning at their top 5 celebs.

  6. {sigh}

    I really did sigh, LOL

  7. Kisses and Vincent. Sigh. I hate lists I always have to wonder about what idiot left Vincent off of it.

    Do these people not watch independent movies? They are too buy trying to kiss to butts of the Hollywood powers that be

    Plus our Vincent won't go out and campaign. You must seek him out to admire him. And I do. Oh yes I do.

  8. I had always got the impression that Vincent's kiss with thingywotsername in "The Whole Wide World" had been voted one of the best screen kisses of all time.

    Did I dream that, then? Hmm.

    And Robert - yes, VDO and Thomas Jane in The Velocity of Gary - rawarrrrrrrr!

    (Did you know Thomas Jane was engaged to Olivia d'Abo?? How weird is that? LOL)

    Anyway, I just got off watching Val's "Gorgeous Guy" on YouTube, and now I need to go and drink about 12 pints of water to rehydrate FAST.

  9. Glad you enjoyed it, Lozzie. Making it had a very extreme effect on me...

    As for kisses, I have to agree with Snarkangel, VOG is the best. But no matter what movie it's in, hd always shows he knows exactly how to make those smackers excite.

  10. val, WATCHING it had a very extreme effect on me. yumm

    i have no "vdo number one-kiss".
    as long as his tongue is visible... aaaahhh!!!

  11. Vincent is not that list..HUH??Vincent is on top on my list,and I'm very,very picky about that king of list!!
    Vincent kiss is..AHHH..O MY SWEET HEAVEN..THAMMM..